The brown colour is a favourite in the shoe world. This colour goes well with most trousers, and you can pair them well. The brown loafers are a common and stylish way to look dressed up. You can have the brown loafers in leather or suede. Even velvet is a good option to choose from. The designs also include tassels and other elements. Brown loafers are always formal as well as casual wear items.

Top 15 Best Brown Loafers in Different Designs:

Here we present you with an exhaustive list of brown loafers to choose from.

1. Brown Calf Loafers:

A classic pair of brown loafers are calf loafers. These loafers come in simple design and style. They are extremely comfortable and can last you a long time. The loafers can be worn for casual wear as well as office wear.

2. Tassel Brown Loafers:

Try out these cool men’s loafer shoes that have tassels on them in the front. The loafers have a nice shade of brown that can go very well with any trousers or jeans. These loafers have a nice strap around them that adds to the character of the shoes.

3. Suede Brown Loafers:

Get a pair of these exotic brown suede loafer shoes, and you will look dapper in them. The suede is a muted tone that does not have any shine. This makes the shoe look sophisticated and stylish. You can wear this for casual as well as formal wear.

4. Logo Brown Loafers:

The brown leather loafers are a smart buy as you can wear them with any trousers. This loafer with the logo on the top is a style statement. The logo is in the form of a metal piece. This contrast in colour looks quite amazing.

5. Brown Penny Loafers:

A brown penny loafer is a classic piece that you can have in your collection. The loafer is shiny and bright and stands out. The penny loafer is a wonderful piece that does not let you down. You can wear this for formal occasions as well as high-level meetings and look important.

6. Brown Driver Loafers:

The men’s brown leather loafers come with spikes underneath that give you the cushion needed while driving. The driver loafers are perfect for long-distance driving. They give your feet the comfort it needs. It is easy to wear and remove as well.

7. Slip-On Loafers:

One of the most comfortable loafers that you can own is the dark brown loafers that are slip-on. These loafers come in a variety of styles but are the slip-on kind. You can easily wear them and remove them as well. The slip-on loafers are made in simple design too.

8. Woven Brown Loafers:

A designer man’s brown loafer shoe is the best way to go. These loafers have a woven design on them. They are crisscross in nature and look very attractive. You can wear these for formal as well as casual wear. Try these out for night parties, and you will be the talk of the town.

9. Synthetic Loafers:

Apart from the leather loafers, you can also buy synthetic loafers. These brown slip-on loafers are made synthetically. The colour is perfect, and the fit is very comfortable. You can easily wear these shoes for casual wear. The shoes come with the lower back portion.

10. Fringe Loafers:

Another kind of leather loafer is the dark brown loafer men’s wear. These leather loafers have a fringe in the front. The fringe is broad and covers the top of the loafer. You can wear these for formal as well as semi-casual outings. The fringe loafer is something preferred by some people.

11. Deer Skin Loafers:

Leather loafers can be made from different hides. The deerskin loafers are a class apart. They are extremely comfortable and can be used for a variety of purposes. The brown loafers come with a clean design and look great on any person. You can find these loafers to be used for formal meetings as well.

12. Brown Oxford Loafers:

The oxford shoes are the classic and quintessential pair that most men own. These brown oxford leather loafers are a wonderful pair to have. They are simple in design and look very proper for an occasion. You can wear these over trousers and go in for a meeting.

13. Cutwork Brown Loafer:

The cutwork brown loafer is another quite stylish pair. These loafers have a leather cut in the front in a particular design. You can choose the ones that have minute designs or ones with larger holes. They are casual wear shoes and can be great for parties as well.

14. Brown Bow Loafers:

The formal bow tie events can be made classy with these brown bow loafers. The patent loafers have a brown velvet patch in the front, and the bow is also made from velvet material. The loafers come in great design and are sleek and stylish.

15. Brown Crocodile Loafers:

The crocodile skin is widely used for many items like bags, shoes, etc. This crocodile skin brown loafer is a great pair to own. The stylish brown loafer is statement wear. It has tassels at the top of the shoe that add to its character.

Brown loafers for men and women come in a variety of styles. You can look dapper in these formal wear shoes that bring out the best in you. The casual wear brown loafers are another cool addition to your collection. The women’s brown loafers are also a great option for women to wear with trousers or skirts. You will find the loafers in leather with crocodiles and deerskin also a choice to make. The other options are velvet, suede and patent.

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