Out of the 5 elements of Nature- Earth or Bhumi is most significant, which is represented by the color-Brown. Brown is a neutral shade which is close to the tone of earth and has various symbolic meanings associated with it. The color is often used to symbolise friendliness, soft-spoken and faithful nature. This is why it is one of the most widely opted shades in sarees. Brown sarees are quite popular with women who wish to try a sober look using a dark shade in the color palette. In this article, we shall discuss more about the importance of Brown colour sarees and explore some latest designs in them.

Significance Of Brown Sarees:

Brown colour sarees come in many shades to suit the mood and taste of a person. From the range of dark shades available, brown is the only colour which can give a sober yet sensational look at the same time. The warmth of a brown color saree is sure to leave a lasting impression on the guests. Chocolate brown sarees are known to give the illusion of a lighter complexion, while light brown sarees can brighten the skin tone. This sarees are also quite versatile and can be matched with other colors to create a whole new design!

Features of Brown Sarees:

Here are some of the noteworthy features of Brown sarees:

  • Brown sarees are generally opted for day time events to sport an earthy look.
  • They come in a variety of shades ranging from the darkest chocolate brown to pale brown.
  • Brown dye is made by mixing red and yellow dyes in different proportions to achieve a different shade of brown.
  • These sarees come in a variety of prints and works for every occasion.
  • Brown is often matched with black or other warm tones like orange and yellow

Preferred Age group For Brown Sarees:

Brown sarees are loved and embraced by women of all generations. The warmth of this colour can never be attained with other shade. This sarees are quite neutral and are perfect for everyday wear. This is why most elder women choose brown sarees for their wardrobe. These modern versions of brown sarees are chosen by the younger generation.

Gorgeous Brown Sarees Collection With Images:

Brown color saree is one the most attractive and colorful sarees for all Indian women. Here a list of collection about the top 15 beautiful color of brown saris that we think you should have on your wardrobe.

1. Brown Silk Saree:

This traditional chocolate brown silk saree can make you look like a Desi Diva! The rich looking saree comes with an intricate weave influenced by the Persian designs. One can wear this saree for Weddings and Religious events. It is recommended to pair this elegant drape with traditional temple jewellery.

Saree Design: Chocolate Brown Silk Saree With Rich Weave

Material: Silk

Preferred Occasions: Weddings, Religious Events and Occasional Wear

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

2. Brown Cotton Saree:

This simple, yet elegant Brown cotton saree is perfect for everyday or work wear. The saree has an unspoken grace and is one of the most-sought after designs in cotton wear. It has simple motifs woven on the body and the border. Best matched with a brown cotton blouse.

Saree Design: Deep Brown Cotton Saree With Simple Motifs

Material: Cotton

Preferred Occasions: Work Wear and Suitable for everyday wear as well

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

3. Brown Velvet Saree:

Velvet sarees preferred for weddings and other grand occasions. This Brown velvet sari comes in a half and half model with a beige net fabric. The regal look of the velvet material is complemented well with the delicateness of the net. It also has an dainty brown and white border to add more charm.

Saree Design: Dark Brown Velvet Saree With Beige Net

Material: Velvet and Net

Preferred Occasions: Weddings and Large Scale Events

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

4. Brown Kanchipuram Saree:

If you are looking for a traditional saree that complements your dusky skin tone, check this Brown Kanchipuram Silk Saree With Black Pallu. The saree is simple gold dots embellished in random places, while the pallu come with a geometrical pattern. One can match this saree with a black or beige colored blouse to make heads turn!

Saree Design: Brown Kanchipuram Silk Saree With Black Border

Material: Silk

Preferred Occasions: Weddings and Traditional Events

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

5. Pink and Brown Saree:

The ethereal combination of pink and brown has gained massive following in the last few years. The dark hue of Brown is perfectly contrasted with the pale pink shade in half-half saree model. This Coffee Brown Saree With pink Pallu is ideal for Sangeeth and get-togethers. Can be teamed with a brown color blouse to sizzle.

Saree Design: Brown and Pink Saree In Half and Half Style

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Sangeeth and Anniversary Dinners

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

6. Brown Georgette Saree:

This chocolate brown georgette saree is a stunner! The lower part of the saree is adorned with white yarn embroidery, while the upper half is kept plain. The saree gives the illusion of a walking Jasmine garden on a patch of dark brown slime! You can match it with a brown printed blouse to look amazing!

Saree Design: Chocolate Brown Georgette Shari With White Yarn Work

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Casual Wear and Date Nights

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

7. Brown Saree With Zari Work:

This one is one of the essential must haves on your list. It is midway the extremely normal and the super heavy sarees. Ideal for all festivals and gala occasions, this sari is a beautiful choice when it comes to women who can’t get enough of the color brown, because even the design work on the saree is mud brown in color.

Saree Design: Dark Brown Saree With Heavy Embroidery Work

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Large Gatherings and Weddings

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

8. Plain Brown Colour Saree:

When you want to embrace your curves in simple brown color sarees, take a look at this one. The simplest out here or in any list, it is a synthetic saree ideal for daily wear. A plain white blouse will bring out the best in the saree for a plain look.

Saree Design: Chocolate Brown Plain Georgette Saree

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Daily wear and Suitable For Work As Well

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

9. Deep Brown Embroidery Saree:

The embroidery on this thick brown saree is literally everywhere. The coffee bean or thick brown colored saree that you see here is a beautiful rendition that brings together the traditional touch on a modern net saree. It is ideal for small parties, but it can get uncomfortable in the summers.

Saree Design: Dark Brown Georgette Saree With Stone Work

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Sangeeth, Weddings and Occasional Events

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

10. Floral Glossy Brown Saree:

This is one of the most eye catching in this brown saree collection. From the start, the saree with its glossy silk clothing grabs your attention and then the embroidery done along in the floral design keeps you enthralled for longer. The best way to go with the saree is wear a matching blouse along.

Saree Design: Floss Brown Silk Saree With Thread Work Border

Material: Silk

Preferred Occasions: Ethnic Wear and Social Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

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11. Designer Brown Saree:

The designer saree that you see here is dark and chocolate colored. It features golden and silver floral embroidery as laces. Apart from that though, the saree is very plain Jane in itself and hence ideal for simple family gatherings. This is one of the simplest brown colour sarees for young age women.

Saree Design: Dark Brown Designer Saree With Rich Stone Work Border

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Night Parties

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim and Tall Body Types

12. Brown Net Saree With Golden Lace:

Here you see a brown net saree with golden laces all around as a border. The inner clothing as you notice has many tiny stones to brag of. Besides, it also has a very neat pallu, and is ideal for party wear.

Saree Design: Walnut Brown Jacquard Crepe Saree With Designer Border

Material: Crepe

Preferred Occasions: Evening Parties and Small Gatherings

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

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13. Gorgeous Brown Saree:

This brown pattu saree that you see here is downright perfect no matter what the occasion. Even the bride can choose this on her reception day owing to the beautiful design of intricate stonework all around the lace.

Saree Design: Tawny Brown Designer Crepe Saree With Metallic Border

Material: Crepe

Preferred Occasions: Engagements and Small Parties

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

14. Floral Print Brown Saree:

This brown is a little different in shade than the other ones you saw before on the list. It is more like the milk chocolate colored and has an essence of simplicity, despite being a perfect wear for office parties.

Saree Design: Tortilla Brown Satin Crepe Saree With Floral Design

Material: Satin Crepe

Preferred Occasions: Brunches, Parties

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For All Body Types

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15. Simple Saree With Black Border:

For this saree, notice how you can choose the same color blouse as the pallu and the border and still pull the saree off well. The saree is a georgette one and a designer one at that, which will make you look impressive the second you put it on.

Saree Design: Light Brown Georgette Saree With Black Designer Border

Material: Georgette

Preferred Occasions: Anniversary Dinners and Get Togethers

Suitable Body Shape: Suitable For Slim Body Types

Suitable Blouse For Brown Saree:

Depending on the shade of Brown in your saree, you can opt for lighter or darker color blouse. The common rule is that lighter shades are teamed with dark colored blouses, while darker shades go well with light hues. Some of the popular blouse styles include:

  • Mirror Work Blouses
  • Benaras Brocades
  • Pure Silk blouse
  • Raw Silk and Cotton Silk
  • Black Plain fabric
  • Yellow Checks Fabric
  • Light Pink Floral Blouse
  • Mint green Spaghetti Blouse

How To Style Brown saree?

These styling tips can help you get the perfect look with your Brown saree:

  • Darker shades of Brown sarees are perfect for day parties and are best styled with ethnic jewellery.
  • Try picking sarees with flowing fabrics for a sensuous look
  • If you want to try a night party look with your brown saree, pick a lighter shade and opt for shiny accessories.
  • Go for pure silk shawl in cream color on your saree to look aristocratic.
  • Pair your plain brown saree with yellow tassel earrings to look ultra-chic
  • Get your high heels on and flaunt your brown saree like a professional model

Aren’t these sarees simply superb? Brown is often considered to be a replacement for Black. Especially in traditional events, where wearing black is believed to be a bad omen, many women opt for brown colored sarees. The mysteriously dark shade of Brown elevates the innate beauty of a woman and gives the illusion of a fairer and lighter skin tone. With so many shades to choose from, Brown sarees can cater to all your fashion needs!