Brown shoes! While shoes as a footwear option are always timeless, if you talk about that one colour that fits it all, pairs with different outfits on different occasions, it’s brown. The brown shoes for men and women are one-of-a-kind, never go out of trend, can never disappoint you, and always will stay to match with different outfits seamlessly. So today, we have the most trending types of brown shoes in the fashion market. These will impress you, from boots to casual shoes to sneakers and more. So, let’s check them out.

What To Wear With Brown Shoes?

Before checking the latest trends in brown shoes, let us also get an idea of how to wear and style them right. Brown shoes are among the most contemporary choice for youth today to spice up the entire look and leave looking elegant. While black is always bold, brown is considered to compliment most outfits. In addition, there are several options in versatility to pair brown shoes with across occasions and seasons in the year.

For Men:

  • Brown shoes are best with formal suits and blazers. Pair with a black or white suit and formal pants, and look handsome and dignified.
  • Brown shoes are perfect with light colour suits too. If you want to experiment with contemporary colours, pastel colour suits such as blue and yellow also look great with brown shoes.
  • Go with an informal look in brown shoes with denim and tees. Try out sweaters, long or short sleeve t-shirts and more!
  • Try out semiformal to formal shirts even without a suit in brown shoes. Remember the office work professionals? It’s their favourite!
  • Go with shorts and casual tees like camouflages, polos and more in brown shoes. They look cool and seamless.
  • Try informal jackets such as denim jackets, sweatshirts and hoodies with brown shoes, pairing with casual tees, denim or shorts.
  • Look all classy with brown shoes paired with black casual trousers and a turtleneck t-shirt/sweater.
  • It is ideal for wearing similar matching colour socks that contrast entirely.
  • Ideally, belts and shoes in matching colours can make you look classy and stylish. You can try this out by wearing a brown belt. Then, pick an option as per your choice: leather belt, textured belt, and more!

For Women:

  • Shoes are versatile for women too, and we have ample options for you.
  • Jeans are always the first thing that comes to our minds. Lovely skinny jeans with a tee and brown sneakers are the best.
  • Alternatively, you can wear brown boots with jeans in winter and a long coat for an extra added style statement.
  • A single knee-length or midi dress with brown boots or sneakers can look amazing if you love a light and modern look. Imagine a shift dress or flared/ruffle dress with brown boots; isn’t it cool?
  • Skirts are also an excellent option for wearing brown shoes, especially the design of the boot. Pair a pencil or bodycon skirt with a tucked t-shirt or white shirt and brown boots for a formal and elegant appearance.
  • Wrap dress with flat shoes, loafers, and even sneakers are ideal in contemporary trends.
  • The other options are leather pants or trousers, casual joggers, and flared jeans with brown boots or shoes.
  • The formal look deserves attention with a layer of contemporary style. Pair your blazer and shirt with a brown skirt, formal trousers, and brown boots.

Comfortable and Durable Designs of Brown Shoes for Gents in Trend:

We will now go through the top and trending brown colour shoes for men.

1. Adidas Brown Sports Shoes:


The sports shoes have a different charm and unique look. We have the new, trending Adidas sports brown shoes in the market. These shoes are inspired by art and urban culture, bringing out the contemporary outlook with boho style and a puffy look. You’ll love them; check them out!

  • Design: Brown Sports Shoes From Adidas
  • Material: Textile
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Sportswear
  • Style Tip: Pair with sports shorts or trousers with t-shirts and shoes.

2. Brown Monk Strap Shoes For Wedding:


This decade, the monk strap shoes are among the latest variety in men’s footwear. They certainly have taken the limelight after their entrance, with a stylish, sleek, and chic feel. They have a very plush and rich feel with a soft texture, adding to the high-end fashionista feel and touch. Try them out, and you will fall in love with them!

  • Design: Brown PU Monk Strap Shoes For Men
  • Material: PU
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Wedding, Festivities
  • Style Tip: Wear with designer wear outfits such as blazers, with a watch and sunglasses.

3. Jordan Brown Shoes:


Nike’s Jordan shoes are their best-selling variant. The shoes are perfect for your adventurous outdoor outings and look stylish without a doubt at all your appearances. They look sleek, handcrafted with heavy texture and design, and are comfortable and long-lasting. In addition, they support your feet without causing discomfort and are perfect for men across age groups.

  • Design: Brown Jordan Shoes For Men
  • Material: Textured
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Outdoor
  • Style Tip: Pair with shorts and t-shirts for a stylish look.

4. Levis Brown Shoes:


The brown shoes from levis are another perfect choice for men who are always on the go. They accompany you everywhere and stand with you in comfort and style, from casual outings to outdoor trips, hiking and long walks. The shoes have a very good grip, give you support, and become essential to be a part of your daily life.

  • Design: Brown Men’s Shoes From Levis
  • Material: Polyurethane&Synthetic Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with trousers, jeans, and t-shirts for a casual yet handsome look.

5. Cole Haan Brown Shoes:


You might have come across several designs in regular styling shoes. But did you ever see such cool men’s brogues shoes? These brown brogues are perfect and dignified, and give a clean look yet filled with a plush and rich appearance and intricate texture for men. They are perfect multipurpose wear, accompany you to your office outings to parties!

  • Design: Brown Men’s Leather Brogues
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: EVA
  • Occasion: Office Gatherings, Parties, Cocktails
  • Style Tip: Pair with a formal shirt, trousers, blazers, and a tie.

6. Brown Chelsea Suede Boots:


Talk about plush looks and manly style statements with an elite, sophisticated appearance; suede boots can top the game. These men’s suede boots in solid brown are a must-have for men with an eye for fashion. They instantly deliver a top-notch appearance and give a dignified, elegant, and clean look. Do you think so?

  • Design: Brown Mid-Top Suede Boots For Men
  • Material: Suede
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Office Wear
  • Style Tip: Pair with formals and suits/blazers for best looks.

7. Skechers Lace Up Brown Shoes:


Skechers shoes are among the best-selling designs in the market, and we always can never skip them from our eyesight. They are plush, sporty, casual, yet chic. We have the brown textured men’s lace-up shoes from Skechers this time, which are versatile. Team them up from casual outings to dinners and parties, and you can see the difference!

  • Design: Brown Lace-Up Skechers Textured Shoes
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: EVA
  • Occasion: Parties, Outings, Dinners
  • Style Tip: Casual outfits such as jeans and Skechers shoes are perfect.

8. Brown Leather Formal Shoes:


Formal shoes are a must-have for all working men. It is a basic to possess if you are regularly on the go. We have brown leather formal oxfords for men. This stylish footwear choice perfectly matches all your occasions and stays upright for several coming seasons. It is durable, comfortable, extremely long-lasting, and gives a huge scope to match different outfits.

  • Design: Brown Formal Oxford Shoes For Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Formal
  • Style Tip: Pair with formal wear and suits to look good.

9. Brown Ankle Slip-On Boots:


The slip-on style shoes are practical, easy to wear and always deliver a statement look. We have the tan brown men’s ankle-length slip-on boots. The brown boots are the perfect choice if you want to upgrade your wardrobe and give in to timeless elegance; this won’t disappoint you!

  • Design: Brown Flat Slip-On Ankle Length Boots
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Cocktails, Formal Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Suits and blazers with plush formal wear and a suitable watch.

10. Red Tape Brown Oxford Shoes:


Oxfords never disappoint us, and Red Tape shoes are the newfound love of contemporary youth. How about we blend them both and have the perfect plush oxfords? These brown solid leather men’s oxford shoes are among the season’s best sellers. There are never less formal shoes if you are a working man, and these comfortable and edgy picks will escalate your overall professional attire.

  • Design: Brown Solid Oxford Shoes For Men
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Formals, Meetings
  • Style Tip: Pair with a White or blue blazer, formal trousers, and a handheld laptop bag.

11. Brown Nike Running Shoes:


The Nike sports shoes in brown colour are a perfect choice if you are an active person. These running shoes with a lace-up design are ideal matches that stay cordial to your requirements, get going for a longer duration, and stay comfortable throughout. They also look stylish besides functionality. Check them out!

  • Design: Brown Mesh Nike Lace-Up Training Shoes
  • Material: Mesh
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Sports/Training
  • Style Tip: Pair with training shorts and a t-shirt with these shoes.

12. Red Chief Brown Boat Shoes:


The Red Chief men’s casual shoes in brown colour are another perfect choice for your regular wear. While most casual shoes have gotten out of trend, these boat shoes give a new look and perspective to the entire fashion sense. They are unique, edgy, modern and perfect for escalating your statement style.

  • Design: Brown Men’s Boat Shoes
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Regular, Casual Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with denim and a casual shirt with these shoes.

13. Tommy Hilfiger Brown Loafer Shoes:


Men’s loafers are definitely among the understated elegance wear. These brown loafer flat shoes for men are a must-have for those who love comfort with edgy looks. The brown loafers look stylish and versatile for formal and semi-formal wear, come in handy on various occasions, and go perfectly with both formal and ethnic wear.

  • Design: Brown Men’s Loafers
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties, Formal
  • Style Tip: Wear with either ethnic, festive wear or formal wear to look stylish.

14. Woodland Brown Derby Shoes:


Casual shoes are perfect for accompanying you with all your regular outings and chores. They are comfortable and give you an excellent sleek look in a variety of outfits all across the seasons. We have all-new woodland men’s brown casual leather shoes. These shoes accentuate the entire silhouette and add to your clean and smart appearance.

  • Design: Brown Woodland Men Leather Casual Shoes
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Casual
  • Style Tip: Pair with jeans and t-shirts for a cool, relaxed look.

15. Mochi Brown Shoes:


There is another option with us if you are bored with the regular casual shoe design. These brown solid shoes for men from Mochi come with a distinct and unique appearance. They have a polished and plush appearance, take the style level up and give you a sophisticated, fashionable look. Check them out!

  • Design: Brown Low Top Men’s Casual Shoes
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties, Dinners, Clubbing
  • Style Tip: Pair with jeans or trousers with casual shirts.

Trendy and Fashionable Models of Brown Colour Shoes for Ladies:

Here are the top and new models of shoes in brown colour with images.

1. Brown Casual Knee High Boots:


Women’s high boots have been in trend for quite some years, and they never seem to get down in the style quotient. We have the tan brown casual knee-high-length women’s boots with us. The high boots are pretty to give a high-end fashion sense, ideal for chillier months that don’t compromise the comfort of delivering fashion.

  • Design: Tan-Brown Knee-Length Heel Boots
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Vacations, Outings
  • Style Tip: pair with a long coat, jeans and dainty accessories.

2. Aldo Brown Flat Shoes:


We have the perfect flat textured boots for women too. The textured design with an intricate look adds to the peppy and glam quotient and instantly gives an unimaginable, edgy, sleek look. Check out your upcoming outings and occasions to set you apart from the crowd!

  • Design: Brown Flat Leather-Textured Shoes
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Parties, Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with denim or skirt with T-shirt and dainty accessories. Add on a jacket for an extra look.

3. Brown Brogue Shoes With Tassels:


If you are a working woman and are looking for alternatives for your professional attire, these brown brogue shoes will impress you. The beautiful shoes come with intricate design and detailing, add to the timeless elegance, and seamlessly enhance your office look. They are incredibly long-lasting and durable, comfortable for a longer stay too!

  • Design: Brown Brogue Shoes For Women
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Office Wear, Professional Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Wear with a shirt and skirt, and blazer for a stylish look.

4. Hush Puppies Brown Shoes:


The Hush Puppies premium shoes always impress us, and these women’s brown leather loafers are a catch! They are mesmerizing and elegant, giving a high-end look with plush and sophisticated vibes. These loafers are good versatile use shoes, ideal for occasions such as offices, parties, cocktails and more!

  • Design: Brown Women’s Leather Loafers
  • Material: Leather
  • Sole Type: Rubber
  • Occasion: Office, Cocktails, Dinners
  • Style Tip: Pair trousers and shirts with blazers or suits. Style with a handheld bag.

5. Brown Canvas Printed Shoes:


We have the best-selling canvas printed shoes for women too. You can try these casual printed canvas shoes on the perfect right and easy, relaxed days for a relaxed and cool, laidback look. It seamlessly gives a street-style inspired fashion and accentuates your overall look with a distinct feel. Try them out!

  • Design: Brown Canvas Printed Shoes
  • Material: Canvas
  • Sole Type: PVC
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with denim and dainty accessories with a sling bag.

6. Liberty Brown Sneaker Shoes:


Looking for more basic shoes? Well, we have lovely sneakers! These slip-on sneakers shoes for women in brown colour are edgy and lightweight. They remind us of vintage fashion and give out feminine vibes with casual and sleek feels. Try them out on your casual day-outs or errands, and you can see how instantly it takes your overall appearance to look gorgeous!

  • Design: Brown Sneaker Slip-On Shoes
  • Material: Mesh
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Casual, Brunches
  • Style Tip: Pair with jeans and a t-shirt with minimal styling and sunglasses.

7. Lee Cooper Brown Shoes:


The Lee Cooper brown women’s shoes also deserve your attention. These lovely boots and shoes are perfect for myriad ways of styling. They take a sneak peek into contemporary fashion games and accentuate the style without effort. The shoes are ideal for your casual workwear to outings and parties and give you a shiny and peppy feel.

  • Design: Lee Cooper Brown Shoes For Women
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Outings
  • Style Tip: Pair with trousers or jeans and casual shirts/tops.

8. Brown Mules Shoes:


Mules always have our hearts. They are eye-catchy and magical. We have the classy brown mules for you! These mules shoes blend in very well with modern style and new look designs, yet do not fail to deliver you an unmistakable style statement whenever you wear them. If you love minimal style of fashion, they are indeed for you!

  • Design: Brown Women’s Mules
  • Material: TPR
  • Sole Type: PU
  • Occasion: Outings, Lunches, Parties
  • Style Tip: Pair with both ethnic and western casual outfits with simple accessories.

9. Brown Designer High Heel Shoes:


Floral heels are a distinct piece of fashion trend currently. We have designer floral high-heel shoes for women. These stilettos will give you the limelight with an instantly stylish and effortless glam quotient. They are perfect to step up your silhouette and add on a peppy and diva-inspired look. Are you ready?!

  • Design: Floral Brown Designer Women’s Stiletto Pumps
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: High-End Parties And Gatherings
  • Style Tip: Pair it with a knee-length dress or maxi with a clutch.

10. Brown Velvet Shoes:


A pair of flat boots are a must for everyone. These women’s textured flat boots with velvet fabric are indeed a perfect choice to check out if you still do not own one! These velvet shoes have the shine and glammed-up look and add to the comfort and utility. They are perfect for your winter day’s outing and give you a high-end dose of fashionable look without fail!

  • Design: Brown Velvet Flat Shoes For Women
  • Material: Velvet
  • Sole Type: TPR
  • Occasion: Outings, Vacations, And Dinners
  • Style Tip: Pair jeans and tops with a long blazer/suit/jacket for a stylish look.

One must invest time to buy a good pair of shoes that become one’s prized possession. Shoes are like a treasure, and one needs to take care of them so that they last long. Brown shoes for both men and women reflect class, fashion sense and style with attitude. One needs to carry off that attitude in style and these stylish brown shoes.

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