Brown trousers or khaki trousers have always been the choice of Britishers. When they ruled over India, every officer used to wear simple brown trousers. The origin of brown pants is Rome. Moreover, the different new styles made their existence in the 1990s. New patterns and designs with the fabric start developing at a rapid rate. This marked the beginning of the new generation of brown pants. Now, people with a high population are wearing the new collection. Although brown trousers were first developed in the US, they rapidly spread worldwide. So, this made a chance to evolve as the best trousers. Even you can make a good choice regarding brown trousers.

Features of Brown Trousers:

The different features of brown pants are,

  • The brown is the most-wanted colour because it doesn’t get ruined easily. Even if it is light brown pants, they would also look great.
  • Several fabrics are used for making brown trousers, like cotton, linen, canvas, velvet, etc. Each one of them has a different role to play.
  • These trousers are light-weighted and don’t create much burden on the person. So, these are the top features of the same.

Which Fabric is Best for Brown Trousers?

If the fabric is considered, linen fabric is termed the best. This is because it has some superior features in comparison to others. It is a light-weighted fabric which would provide a high level of comfort. It gets dry more easily and at a fast rate than cotton. It is also a strong fabric that will provide a quality, assured product. So, one can choose from the varied collection of brown linen trousers.

Different Shades of Brown Trousers for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Here are the best brown colour pants with images for any occasion.

Brown Colour Pants For Men:

1. Brown Formal Pants:

The brown colour pants are one of the most advanced and worn pants by men. They usually want to look different, and brown would give them a different shade. The formal brown pants are designed most simply because of their formal nature. The overall pattern is kept simple so men can wear it as an employee. It would be a great choice to wear it for an office.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton fabric used for these pants.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers up with a blue coloured t-shirt and a pair of white and black coloured sneakers.

2. Brown Linen Trousers:

The main focus is on the fabric here, i.e. linen. The linen fabric is considered one of the strongest fabrics needed for trousers. This is a varied collection of the same. The brown colour would look good on linen and can also be worn for a party. The image shows good-looking light brown trousers made up of linen fabric. A clear pattern with an extra design at the bottom can be seen here.

  • Fabric Used: Pure linen is also used as the fabric.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear these trousers with a dark blue coloured shirt along with a brown coloured pair of sneakers.

3. Brown Skinny Trousers:

The skinny brown trousers for men are generally meant for parties. The skinny nature gets attached to the leg. It gives a different look and is suitable for fat legs. Also, the brown colour pants look great in a skinny design. Here, the design is also simple and can judge the skinny nature of the pant. One can wear such good pants for parties and all.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton fabric would be a good choice for this match.
  • Matching Outfits: These would help you look enhanced and different at the party. Moreover, the matching outfits would also let you know some more designs.

4. Brown Corduroy Trousers:

The brown corduroy pants are generally making use of canvas fabric. Men would also love to wear the same for formal looks. The design of the image is blinking with fashionable corduroy trousers. The bottom of the trouser is enhanced with a new look.

  • Fabric Used: Canvas is also the strongest fabric after linen and is good in quality. The brown colour gives a different look to this match.
  • Matching Outfits: You can pair these brown coloured pants with a full-sleeved grey coloured t-shirt along with a brown coloured pair of running shoes.

5. Brown Straight Leg Trousers:

Men’s brown pants always come up with several well-defined designs. Now, here are straight-leg trousers. Moreover, it will be a good choice for tall men with handsome looks. The design in the image is long straight-leg trousers for men in linen. The length of the same is quite big.

  • Fabric Used: Cotton or linen will be used as the main fabric.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear these beautiful-looking trousers with a white coloured half-sleeved T-shirt combined with a pair of brown coloured oxford shoes too.

Women’s Brown Colour Trousers:

6. Brown Slim Fit Trousers:

The brown trousers for women are now bringing up a fine and astonishing collection. The first one includes slim-fit trousers. The brown slim-fit pants fit the best for women and look pretty cool on them. Women generally love to wear the same slim fit trousers, but here brown colour is popular. The design in the image is completely plain with slim fit properties. The completely slim nature gives a different look to women.

  • Fabric Used: Cotton is used as the main fabric here.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers up with a full-sleeved black coloured lace top and a pair of nude-coloured pump heels.

7. Brown Cotton Trousers:

Cotton fabric is widely popular and used fabric for trousers. The brown cotton trousers are best for women in summer and spring. This type of trousers would let them find comfort in hot weather. It is too good for kids also. The design of the cotton trouser is also plain with no extra pattern applied. The plain brown colour completely suits trousers better.

  • Fabric Used: The fabric used for these pants is Cotton.
  • Matching Outfits: You can wear these comfortable cotton brown coloured pants with a sleeveless white coloured vertical striped t-shirt along with a pair of nude-coloured heels.

8. Brown Chino Trousers:

The ladies brown pants have a different collection every time. Now, this is a fashionable collection generally meant for functions and parties. Women can style on foot by themselves according to their actual needs with these chino trousers. It is generally Western wear and suits best for pretty women. The brown chino trousers are fashionable, as shown in the picture. This pretty cool design would also provide comfort, as cotton is the main fabric.

  • Fabric Used: The cotton fabric is used for these pants.
  • Matching Outfits: Wearing these trousers with black-coloured heels and a black-coloured sleeveless T-shirt will look perfect.

9. Brown Cropped Trousers:

The cropped trousers are also adding a new sort of fashionable design. Most women have already tried brown cropped trousers for daily use. However, brown-cropped trousers would be a great choice for parties or functions. The design in the image tends to the cropped trousers. The crops are applied at the bottom of the trousers, which gives them a fashionable look.

  • Fabric Used: Strong linen is used as the fabric for making these trousers complete without any other thing.
  • Matching Outfits: Pair these trousers with a loosely fitted white coloured top and a pair of tiger-skinned sandals.

10. Brown Checked Trousers:

The ladies brown trouser is now bringing the brown checked trousers. The checked trousers will provide the check pattern with no extra design added. This pattern has a different style, and it generally remains in demand. Women would love to care about the same in a general way. The checked nature of the trouser is quite different from others.

  • Fabric Used: The velvet fabric is used to make such beautiful trousers.
  • Matching Outfits: The perfect outfit will be to wear a maroon-coloured full-sleeved ruffle top and a pair of tiger-skinned black loafer shoes.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Brown Trousers:

The do’s and don’ts of wearing brown trousers are,


  • Try to match up with the regular fit size of the trouser. Don’t make it too loose for yourself.
  • Also, try to catch up with the appropriate design shoes after wearing brown trousers.


  • Don’t try to fold the brown trousers until necessary.
  • Don’t try to tighten the trouser for yourself; otherwise, it will create problems.
  • Don’t wash the brown trousers otherwise; the colour will get ruined.

How to Style Brown Trousers?

  • The styling of brown trousers is just simple. First, make sure that the seller provides the regular fit size, and don’t try to make it loose for you.
  • If the folding is required, then only try for the same otherwise, not. For formal looks, the trousers should be well-pressed and furnished.
  • Some more styles can be tried based on Western culture. Moreover, matching shoes like brown shoes would look great over brown trousers.

The trousers are the ultimate choice for wearing as pants in summer and winter. Different colours would provide a different look, and so brown would. The brown colour trousers are turning out to be the most-wanted choice by men and women. The brown colour pants are worn for both casual and party looks. The regular fit size is also needed without any extra consideration. The girl’s brown trousers have a varied collection, and it may be difficult for them to choose one. Still, the best choice for both men and women can be made for brown cotton trousers.

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