Long hairs are often not too easy to handle, especially during the summers!! As the heat, sweat and pollution can damage your strands. Mostly girls focus on updo hairstyles during that period, which can be time-consuming and may crop up the need for a parlour visit too!! But below is the list of nine carefully selected, unique and trending easy bun hairstyles for long hairs, which does not require extraordinary efforts and is easy to make. You can try these bun hairstyles for almost every occasion, including college functions, get-togethers, concerts, family functions, corporate meetings and so on.

9 Fast and Simple Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Here’s a list of 9 latest and trending buns for long hairs, which can try without any extraordinary efforts. These hairstyles will not only enhance your look but will also keep you sweat-free and tangle free almost all day long!!

1. The Prom Look:

It is one of the latest and trending easy bun hairstyles for long hair!! It is also effortless and easy to make. You have to tie a pony, place your doughnut bun and precisely take small portions of hair to pleat them along with the rest hair, after using all the streaks, wrap the pony around your bun and tuck it with bobby pins!! For more safety, you can also use more bobby pins around the circumference to stabilise it!!

  • This style is suitable for all face types!!
  • Suitable occasions or parties are prom nights, but suit you well during family functions too!!
  • Recommended for teens and girls below 30 years!!
  • Ideal for this style is summer, but winters will work too!!
  • Both Indian and western dresses will go well with this very bun hairstyle. But for the traditional or ethnic wear, do decorate your bun hairstyle with golden, pearl or sparkling hair accessories.

2. The Casual Bun Look:

This different bun style for long hair is right for college girls or working professionals working in something creative field!! As it is a piece of creativity to highlight your talent of making a perfect bun hairstyle in minutes!! It is easy to make and does not require any hairpins or accessories. You have to tie your hairs upwards and roll it around quickly to make it a giant doughnut. Tuck it with a bobby pin at last to assure the tight grip!! If your hair volume is low, you can do this with a large-sized doughnut bun, which is readily available in the market!

  • Suitable for all types of the face of this style!!
  • It will suit more during the daylight functions, so plan your hairstyle accordingly.
  • Recommended for girls below 30 years!!
  • Best season to wear this style is summer and autumn!!
  • It is better if you carry this bun hairstyle to your college or office only!!

3. The High Fashion Look:

This is a ramp style look that can be sport quite easily. If there is a party to go to then these can be done with the help of parlours. These can be done with some stick accessories and then this can also look quite classy and traditional. If a person wants then these can be the sport for parties which are formal. These are also good for regular wear. This is quite easily done when the sections are long and thick. If a person wants then false sections can be clipped to give more volume and then this can be done.

  • For round face girls or women, it’s a must try one!! But will suit heart faced and oval-shaped face too!!
  • Adoptable for marriages, reception functions, corporate parties, and college functions.
  • Age doesn’t matter for this one piece of updo bun hairstyle!!
  • Best season to try this style is summer and autumn!!
  • Irrespective to traditional or western dresses, both will suit well!!

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4. Rolled Glamorous Girl:

This is a vintage look that can be sport quite easily. For more glamour, a person can use floral pins which can be stuck at the sides. Often these can be done at home with some help from friends. This type of hair design is quite essentially done for any casual friends gathering. For the day shopping out with friends, a person can easily sport these. These are also done with some accessories and can be worn as casual clothes or with kurtis. This vintage hairstyle can be teamed with saree sarees for traditional attire.

  • Acceptable face shape type for this style is slim oval faced females should try this one!!
  • It is ideal for traditional functions, including engagement parties, receptions, marriages, birthday parties, etc.
  • Ideal for all age group of females!!
  • Best season to wear this style is summer and autumn!!
  • It is recommended to have traditional or ethnic wear while trying this bun hairstyle!

5. Horizontal Bun:

This is another formal type of bun. This is quite classy and can be sport easily. A person, who has shoulder length sections, can brush those out and then clip these at the back in a horizontal pattern. These are easily sported for casual days and also for formal occasions. These are also quite showy and can be done easily.

  • Suitable for all types of the face of this style!!
  • No special occasion to try this bun!! It can be carried daily as well as on special events. But don’t forget to decorate your hairstyle with pins or other hair accessories while trying this bun during special occasions!!
  • The girls below 30 years recommend this style!!
  • Best season to wear this style is summer and autumn!!
  • For the daily purpose, it can team with any attire, but for special occasions, it is recommended to wear ethnic clothing to flaunt your style!!

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6. Funky Girl Look:

This is for those who want to occasionally sport something that is punkish and also slightly funky. It’s quite fashionable if the person wants to add more colours to this then headgears can be teamed with this. This funky hairstyle is quite showy and also funky colours for lips and eyes can be done with this.

  • This style is suitable for all face type!!
  • Preferred occasion or party is the only college or school functions!!
  • The girls below 25 years recommend this style!!
  • Summer is the only best season to wear!!
  • The fitting dress is college wears, jeans, short dresses!!

7. The Messed College Look:

This stylish bun for long hair is suitable for girls who are bored with their routine hairstyles. It is also quite famous among a particular category of “latecomers”, who are always late to college or their work!! This funky bun hairstyle is effortless to make and can complete in 5 minutes. Just hold your hairs upwards and start twisting them. Once all the strands are twisted, roll them along to make a bun!! This hairstyle does not require any cushioning or doughnut bun!!

  • Suitable for all types of the face of this style!!
  • The girls below 25 years recommend this style!!
  • Best season to wear this style is summer.
  • The fitting dress is any western wear will work!!
  • It is recommended to carry it to your workspace or college only!! However, it also is taken in informal parties too!!

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8. The Low Pin Rolls Look:

It’s another quick trending bun hairstyle for long hair!! But it is recommended to get it done by a professional to enhance your look in perfect party attire!! The bun can is easy to make but may require some cushioning to improve the bouncy look of your hair!! However, the curls can be caused by regular curlers or curling tools available in the market. You can also decorate it with trending hair accessories!!

  • It will suit better for long or oval faced females. But the girls with a round face can also try this bun style!!
  • Perfect for this style is family functions or informal events, including marriages, engagements, etc.
  • Recommended for females below 35 years of age!!
  • Summer is the only best season to wear!!
  • Suitable dress for this style is traditional or ethnic wear should club with this one!!

9. Casual Low Clipped Look:

This bun hairstyle is suitable for daily wear college or office!! However, if done precisely and neatly, you can carry this hairstyle on special occasions too!! It is also effortless to make and can complete in less than 10 minutes. You have to brush, spray, roll and fix!! And you are good to go!! This effortless hair bun style for long hairs is also quite famous for special dates!! And it can also be decorated with numerous kinds of hair accessories, including colourful bobby pins, spring pins, etc.

  • Suitable for all types of the face of this style!!
  • Suitable occasion or party for this style is corporate meetings, casual dates and parties and college functions.
  • The female below 40 years recommends this style!!
  • Best season to go this style is anytime!!
  • Suitable dress for this style is western dresses will suit this bun style better!

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Additional Tips:

  1. If the volume or density of your hairs is low, then try making these buns with the help of artificial hair cushions or doughnut buns available in the market.
  2. These handpicked bun hairstyles are suitable for almost all occasions, but before making these buns, it is okay if you clean your hairs with shampoo.
  3. It is also recommended to use good quality hair spray before and after making these hair bun styles for long hairs.
  4. Applying a hair spray before will allow easy brushing of your hairs. And it will also make your hairs frizz-free, which is good for these hairstyles!!
  5. Using a hair spray after the completion of the hairstyle will assure you with the more extended stay of style; it will also safeguard the locking of hairstreaks!!

The bun hairstyles for long hairs mentioned above are effortless to make, without any extraordinary efforts or unnecessary expenditure. All that is required is a will to make, your hairs, brush and a few bobby pins!! You can also decorate these hairstyles with different kind of hair accessories available in the market. Last but not least, do pamper your hairs after the styling process to maintain the hair quality and to enhance their volume. It may be in terms of oiling, nourishing them with hair spa or other such relevant home remedies!! Also, do not forget to mention your comments about the list of styles described above.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer:

Q1. My hairs are long, but they have a very volume. How can I try these bun hairstyles perfectly?

Ans: In the case of low-density hair, it is generally recommended to make a bun after cushioning it with artificial hairs or doughnut buns. But you can also try these simple hairstyles after using hair extensions too!! But make sure that the hair extension you are using, matched the shade of your natural hairs.

Q2. How to be sure about the locking of hairs??

Ans: In order to be sure about your hair locking, or to safeguard the safety of your hairstyle for a more extended period, make sure to involve the use of a good quality hair spray!! The spray will accurately maintain the hairstyle but will also avoid the unnecessary or short length streak to come out from the bun!!

Q3. Does these hair bun styles for long hairs require special care before or after making this style?

Ans: No, it does not require any special care. However, it is recommended to wash your hairs before and after making these hair bun styles. Washing hairs before will ease the hairstyle making process, whereas, cleaning it after will assure the smooth brushing of your hairs on the very next day!!


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