Proms are no doubt among the glamorous and much-awaited occasions for many girls. Don’t we all want to look gorgeous on those special nights? These bun hairstyles for prom events can set you unique and attractive from the crowd. The glamorous bun hairdos are all about sleek, edgy, hot, and gorgeous style statements for girls across face shapes and hair textures.

9 Trendy Bun Hairstyles for Prom Night Dinner and Dancing:

Watch this space and continue reading to know which among these beautiful bun hairstyles for a prom dress can suit you the best!

1. The Elastic Look Bun:

A section can also be taken out from the hair and then that can be used like a band over the elastic. This gives a more fashionable style. This can be good for college and other casual functions or day out shopping with friends. If a person has a gathering or family function to attend, then also this can be something that they can sport. Accessories are quite good for these. These can be worn for colleges and the whole of the sections can be clipped with rolling at the top of the head.

2. Rolled Conch shell:

This is a very salon finish look that can be tried out. This can also be sported for parties and casual day-outs. For teaming this up with sarees, some accessories can also be used.

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3. The Undone Top look:

This is good when a person wants to sport something on un-washed sections. The whole of the length can be flipped upwards to create a puff which can be clipped with some pins. This simple and easy hairstyle can be a sport for summers as well.

4. The Back to Front Roll Hairdo:

This is a funky type of look and also this is quite a ramp like. A person who has dry texture and also product build up can sport this type of a stylish attire easily.

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5. The Hive Top Look:

This can be done with a puffed-up back and also some padded insertions can be inserted to make this look more voluminous. This messy bun hairstyle can be done with some frontal sections as fringes.

6. The Afro Frontal Stylish Look:

This is a popular afro hairstyle look that can be tried out with some frontal symmetrical fringes. These can be done from a good salon which can give this type of cut. Also, these are quite easy to wear and also good for parties. These can be the sport for casual friend outs and also can be the sport for various gatherings.

7. Side Shifted Look:

This is a puffed look that can be done with some crunching. This can be done horizontally a side that can be a funky thing to do. This can be sport for parties and also can be done with some accessories. If a person wants then they can use some sprays to make this more stylish. Shine sprays can also be used for added shine and boost.

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8. Fringed Girly Prom Look:

This fringe hairstyle is a very girl-type hair look that can be quite easy to sport. The rest of the sections can be shifted to the top in a clipped pattern. This is a good thing for summers and other friend gatherings. This is also good for regular college wear as this can be done even when a person does not have time to wash or cleanse the product build-up.

9. The Ramp Model Look:

This is a look that is ramp-like and also has a proper salon finish to it. This can be good for prom and any other type of party as this is trendy.

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However, if a person wants to sport bun looks? These are the best hair bun looks that a person can make depending on the length of the sections and also the hair thickness.


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