If you are looking for coloring pages for your kids, we’ve got you covered. Below, you will find 15 butterfly coloring pages that work for the taste of kids and adults. Butterflies’ striking coloration and beauty make them the best option for coloring sheets. In addition, kids are fascinated by butterflies and roam around the garden to catch them. This is why butterfly colouring pages are high in demand among young kids.

Let us go through this article for various butterfly coloring sheets that help you engage your child productively.

15 Best Butterfly Coloring Pages:

Please scroll down for the best butterfly coloring pages, along with some tips on how to color them correctly.

1. Cute Butterfly Coloring Page:

If you are looking for a cute butterfly coloring page to engage your kids in their free time, this sheet is an excellent option. The remarkable thing about this coloring page is that you can use multiple colors that brighten the picture beautifully. Suitable for kids above four to six, so you can choose crayons or sketch pens at your kid’s convenience.

2. Simple Butterfly Coloring Page:

This simple butterfly tattoo works well for preschool kids just learning to color. You can use just three colors to finish the page, not making it too complicated. Purple, pink, yellow, orange are some colors to fill up the page. For mess-free work, it is best to use crayons or color pencils. If the kids are too small, you can offer guidance.

3. Beautiful Butterfly Colouring Page:

This is yet another gorgeous butterfly tattoo with many details filled inside the butterfly. In addition, you can fill it with various colors that brighten up the page beautifully. Since there are too many details in this coloring sheet, it is suitable for kids above seven years. Sketch pens or brush pens are the best-suited tools for filling this page.

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4. Butterfly Mandala Coloring Sheet:

Mandala art is quickly gaining popularity among teens and adults all the same. This beautiful butterfly coloring page in mandala art can be an excellent option for adults because the detailing is pretty intrinsic. Sketch pens or brush pens can be the best tools to color these pages. But kids might feel too confusing to color these pages and might need adult assistance.

5. Monarch Butterfly Coloring Page:

Monarch butterflies are commonly found in many gardens; therefore, coloring these pages becomes much more manageable. If you want to replicate the original colors, use orange color for the body, and the corners can be done in black with spots in white. But you can also use different colors if you want to experiment as per your artistic taste.

6. Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Page:

This coloring sheet of the life cycle of a butterfly is a colorful way to incorporate learning among kids. You can take inspiration from real life to fill colors into the different stages of the butterfly. This coloring page is suitable for kids above eight years because they already know the butterfly’s life cycle.

7. Star Butterfly Coloring Page:

Star butterfly is a star protagonist in a Disney TV series and is quite popular among kids. You can let your kid choose the dress color and use golden yellow for the hair to retain the authenticity of the character. If your kid is a fan of this TV character, then you will see the same surprise replicating in your kid’s eyes. Crayons or sketch pens can be the tools used to color this page.

8. Butterfly Wings Coloring Page:

This is yet another butterfly wings coloring page that can be used to express your love for art. This coloring sheet is best suited for kids above five years because kids can use multiple colors to beautify the simple butterfly. For example, you can use one color for the butterfly’s body and a contrasting color for the small patterns inside the wings.

9. Easy Butterfly Coloring Page:

This butterfly coloring page is a perfect choice for preschoolers because the design is pretty simple and doesn’t confuse the kids. However, if you want mess-free work on paper, it is best to use crayons or color pencils. Also, it is best to use bright colors like red, pink, and light colors like yellow and blue to make the page more attractive.

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10. Detailed Butterfly Coloring Picture:

This detailed butterfly tattoo is an excellent option for adults and kids above ten years because the details inside the butterfly’s wings are too small and can confuse younger kids. Sketch pens or brush pens are the perfect tools to fill color on this page. Using multiple colors instead of a single color for the butterfly coloring page to look more attractive.

11. Flower Butterfly Coloring Page:

This is a coloring page where the gorgeous butterfly is holding a cute little flower with a kind smile on its face. These coloring sheets are typically preferred for kids from 4 to 7 years. Use a combination of bright and light colors for the butterfly and fill the leaves and bushes with different shades of green to bring life into the page.

12. Realistic Butterfly Coloring Image:

This butterfly coloring sheet is pretty detail-oriented and is best suited for adults. The intrinsic designs inside the wings are pretty small. They require attention to detail which can be difficult for kids to achieve. Brush pens and sketch pens are the perfect tools to fill colors in the butterfly coloring page, and the colors can be decided as per your preference.

13. Butterfly Coloring Pages For Adults:

This is yet another adult butterfly coloring page filled with detailed pictures. The butterflies are highlighted on the entire page, which can be done in different colors to differentiate between each other. The flowers in the background can be done in shades of orange, yellow, or any pale colors. In addition, you can use different shades of green to bring life into the leaves.

14. Butterfly Coloring Pages For Preschool:

This butterfly coloring page is ideal for preschoolers because kids can quickly. Since preschoolers are too small, use crayons or color pencils instead of watercolors or sketch pens for mess-free work. The best color combination for coloring this page is light pink for the body and light color for the spots.

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15. Coloring Pages Of Butterflies And Flowers:

If you want to engage your child for more time, this coloring page with multiple butterflies can be an excellent option. Let the kids use colors of their choice letting their creativity take the front seat. Then, sit back and watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes. Crayons can be ideal for small kids, whereas sketch pens and brush pens are the perfect options for kids above five years.

Butterflies are beautiful insects that attract kids and adults all the same. We have presented you with varied coloring sheet options from simple to intricate designs that make your kid’s coloring experience a memorable one. Let the kids experiment with colors and improve their creative skills. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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