Earrings are one of the first items of jewellery that a girl will buy. It fills up the face and gives it brightness. Several varieties of earrings are available now. The shapes and styles are so unique and many that it is quite difficult to choose.

Latest and Beautiful Earrings in Butterfly Designs for Womens:

Here, we give you a list of butterfly-shaped earrings that are exquisite and stylish.

1. Gold Butterfly Earrings:

This awesome piece of craftsmanship is just a beauty. Choose this gold butterfly earring that has a hollow finish. The earrings have tiny diamonds encrusted on the edges. This gives it more richness. The pattern of this particular gold butterfly earring is very pretty and will look lovely on your ears.

2. Sterling Silver Butterfly Earrings:

Go exquisite with these sterling silver butterfly earrings that have a very unique design. The butterfly shape is achieved by joining together heart shapes for the wings. This gives it a fantastic look, and the sterling silver metal shines through. The lovely antenna of the butterfly is also depicted well in this pair of earrings.

3. Paper Butterfly Earrings:

Doesn’t this pair of earrings look real? That is because of the two-layer paper effect. The gorgeous paper butterfly earrings are teal, and the illusion of a real butterfly is wonderfully captured. Wear this to stun people around you. The paper earrings are clamped together with metal hooks.

4. Tiny Butterfly Earrings:

These are precious little pairs of earrings that are made of silver with screw backs. Adults and kids can wear the little butterfly stud earrings. It is made in 14K white gold, with tiny diamonds. This dense earring is tiny in size and so can be worn daily.

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5. Closed View Butterfly Earrings:

This is another take on the butterfly earrings. Here, the earrings depict the butterfly in a closed or almost closed position. This butterfly earring is made in silver with turquoise used inside to give it colour. The result is a stunning piece of jewellery that you must own.

6. Diamond Butterfly Earrings:

This dangler diamond butterfly earring is to die for. The dazzling earrings are 14K white gold and have tiny diamonds attached. The strand of the dangler has diamonds added to it to up its sale value. The earrings are perfect for occasion wear and should be on your to-buy list.

7. Tassel Butterfly Earrings:

Choose these completely amazing hollow three butterfly earrings with tassel endings. The earrings are made of gold and are very light to wear. The intricate detailing on the three butterfly shapes is quite stunning. This makes it a very eye-catching piece. Wear this with your fashion outfits for a party and make heads turn to the swing of your earrings.

8. Half Butterfly Earrings:

This is one of the latest trends in earrings. Each of the earrings has one side of the whole butterfly shape. The exquisite detailing of the colours and stripes of the butterfly wing is wonderfully captured here. The earrings look like a whole when placed together. The earrings are again broken into two, with the top and bottom halves of the wings joined together with loops.

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9. Multi-Stone Butterfly Earrings:

Choose this multi-stone butterfly earring for a regal look. The various colours of the gemstones used in this earring are stunning. The butterfly earring has diamonds, too, to add value to it. This is sure to be worn for occasions and ceremonies and can be paired with any colour outfit owing to its colours.

Butterfly earrings give you a child-like feel while at the same time making you look stunning. The wonderful contours of the butterfly are captured wonderfully in these designs and make the earrings stand out.


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