Butterfly looks beautiful with large scaly wings which can be represented well in a mehandi design. Butterfly mehndi design gives an adorable look. As a tattoo design it is on high demand. Such tattoos and designs are quite accepted as new trend. Compared to other structures it is much sensual as well as graceful.

Mesmerizing Butterfly Mehndi Designs with Pictures:

1. Butterfly Mehandi Design For Hand:

People are much acquainted with colorful mehendi designs on hands. But with the change of time henna designs like butterfly are in a trend. This design is inspired by butterfly with a heavy spiral pattern and a beaded chain is attached from middle. The intricate strokes and heavily worked design is ideal to adorn the back of the hand.

2. Mehndi Design Butterfly for Shoulder:

Tattoo on shoulder has become fashion these days. Conventionally, henna was meant only for the hands. Now tattoo Mehandi design have come for shoulders. People who are passionate about tattoos, this can be done temporarily on shoulder or leg as per the choice.

3. Butterfly Mehendi Design For Ankle:

This is a floral and butterfly design for ankle. Flower with a leaf pattern and a butterfly right next to the flower pattern is a unique design. People who prefer to wear short, ankle length outfits can opt for this design. It will expose the design and gives an appealing look for the feet. More tattoo on ankle.

4. Butterfly Mehndi Art for Neck:

Everyone would prefer to be more fashionable. A simple and elegant butterfly move was done by using a black mehendi with a bold stroke on the neck. This design will go with bun hair and deep back neck dress. More over the structure of it is very sober and adorable. It hardly takes few minute to get it done.

5. Black Colour Butterfly Mehndi Designs:

This flawless combo can be tried by everyone. Two huge beautiful butterflies with a bold outline and thinner inline were given. This can also be tried with different color that matches to the outfits. Single butterfly also can be used on the hip or arm as per the choice. This design can be done at home in couple of minutes.

6. Blue Color Butterfly Henna Design:

The tattoo lovers will be more excited to hear that henna designs are now in colors. Everyone has got a scope to choose a color design that matches to their outfits dress. This is a blue color henna butterfly design given a thick edge of black and spotted white dots. This is something very attractive on the hand.

7. Fascinating Mehndi Butterfly Designs:

Instead of going with larger butterfly mehendi designs on hand. Butterfly with two large scaly wings are given with two different designs with spiral pattern inside and thick bold stroke was give for the outline. This simple and classy henna design will be perfect for regular days as well as for occasions.

8. Bridal Butterfly Mehandi Designs for Hands:

Many people will wish to opt for a design that gives complete coverage to the back of the hand with a butterfly and circular design rest of the hand is covered with flowers and net pattern. Each finger is given a different design one includes of net pattern other is dots pattern. This butterfly design will be eye-catching for everyone.

9. Arabic Butterfly Mehendi Patterns:

This design is bit different from the other designs. It has given a thick outline with a dark black color and slightly shaded inside. Two flowers were given near the butterfly to make it look adorable. People who would prefer being simple can try this design it will definitely give a good look.

Above beautiful butterfly mehndi designs can be tried based on the choice and occasions. It will give an elegant look along with the outfits that was chosen. It may give incomplete look without a stylish butterfly mehandi design. Besides these designs are much intricate and are most trending designs.

Image Source: 9.