It’s been a while since we last got that manicure. It’s always about hairs and faces and clothes to compliment the hairs and faces and thus goes on the daily life. Buying new clothes for your office picnic; buying yourself a new hairstyle for the new season and getting a facial alongside just to hide the tiredness of the everyday busy schedule. It’s at times like this that you take a day off to relax and may be splurge your creativity in some happening nail art.  Today’s nail art topic is butterflies for all the preppy little beauties who love butterflies.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs:

1. The Plain Jane Look:

To start off apply a base coat on the nails before moving on to any decorations. This look is called the plain Jane because of its exuberance detailed through simplicity which makes the look soft and yet attractive. The base coat should be of a neutral color to bring forth the small little blue and black butterflies.

2. The Obsessive Flutters:

Here start the look of with a classic French manicure where the tips of the nails, the one protruding out is white with the rest being in its natural self. On top of the white, use a glossy blue color to draw butterfly wings on the tips. Use white as a base color to fill in bits and places and then maybe opt for a fine design in between the two wings,

3. The Ombre Project:

To start off you need to do ombre nails where the natural nail color slowly transcends to a soft natural color. This transition is not made in a strict straight line the reason why ombre is awesome. Now start with a soft nail base and apply blue on top. Now with black add on the butterfly and subsidiary design before locking the look with a clear polish.

4. The Perfect Dazzlers:

Now this nail art look is simply perfect for loud parties or girl’s night outs when you can use all the glitters and sparkles to dazzle yourself up. The look here is made from with silver glitters along with blue and pink for designing. Black forms the outer line and the two middle fingers each sport a wing while the two outer ones have full butterflies on them.

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5. The Color Splashes:

This look is much of the sober kind but who said sober can’t be fun? Colors are fun and here is a bundle of color mixed in together to form these beautiful butterfly pieces. The base starts with pink and then using sea green, matte canary yellow and a bit of a blue butterflies are created.

6. The Pretty in Pink:

For this look you don’t have to work much and with easy results your nails will simply look awesome. Start with soft pink done in an ombre shade fashion with the tips sporting the pink and the rest being natural. Now with a defined brush draw on the flowers with a butterfly in white.

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7. The Soft Blues:

This is another of the cute butterfly nail patterns where the tips of the nails show blue with white polka dots. The index and the ring finger however has beautiful blue butterflies with soft black floral.

8. Fusion Mixes:

This is a classic fusion mix in soft red and white where different patterns adorn each nail. The primary ingredient is butterfly which can be seen in small amounts fluttering across the nail bed in red against white.

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9. Paint Me High Butterfly Nails:

The look for this deal is colourful in sparkly blues and blacks with a white nail showing the butterfly in the middle. In and around the nail there is white polka dots against black.

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