Animals represent certain symbols and traits. Some animals represent courage, some strength. Similarly, butterflies represent transformation. Butterflies are like free souls, flittering around, starting their lives as caterpillars initially and turning into fully grown beautiful butterflies. Therefore, butterfly necklaces are worn or given as presents to mark the beginning of some important phase in one’s life or others. Butterfly charm necklaces are worn for that purpose, out of faith and to mark an important event in life.

Latest and Beautiful Butterfly Necklaces for Ladies in Trend:

Let we have got the top 9 butterfly necklaces Design for you, as follows.

1. 18K Gold Butterfly Necklace:

This 18K gold butterfly necklace is a perfect gift for your friend who has started some new business or has changed drastically and in a good way or you can get it for yourself if you happen to notice changes in your life. This delicate piece of jewellery looks absolutely pretty, isn’t it?

2. Dainty Silver Butterfly Charm Necklace:

Get this stunning silver butterfly necklace and charm to your life. This charm necklace acts as a symbol for goodwill and good luck. If you happen to witness some positive changes in your life for a while, it’s time to great yourself with this pretty butterfly silver necklace.

3. Opal Butterfly Pendant Charm Necklace:

This butterfly pendant necklace with a silver chain looks so pretty and will look good on you alongside bringing good luck. Also it can be a cute little present for your friend. Its eye catching look will never go unnoticed.

4. Rose Gold Butterfly Necklace:

This piece of jewellery in rose gold is simple yet has an appealing look to it. The minimal design of this Butterfly pendant necklace makes it simple to wear on everyday basis. If you have noticed some beautiful things happening with you, do get this charm necklace for yourself.

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5. Stainless Steel Butterfly Necklace:

The above crystal stainless steel butterfly necklace is something that catch everyone’s attention. Such charm necklaces can be worn as a statement jewellery too and will look good in dresses and gowns, adorning the entire look.

6. Blue Sterling Steel Butterfly Charm Necklace:

Isn’t it something you’d get compliments for? This blue butterfly necklace is again a jewellery you’d love to own. Made of sterling silver it looks absolutely lovely. It is a great option in jewellery for personal adornment and will go well with summer dresses.

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7. Pink Butterfly Necklace with Swarovski Crystals:

Another crystal necklace you’d love to have in your jewellery wardrobe. This pink butterfly necklace made of swarovski crystals with sterling steel is classy and adds more feminine to your looks. Sure it’s a dainty piece of necklace.

8. Diamond Butterfly Necklace:

Now this piece of charm necklace is super gorgeous and elegant. Studded with diamonds, this butterfly necklace will give you a rich feel along with bringing you good luck. This piece of jewellery gives a reflective look and attractive finish and will suit your dark coloured outfits well.

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9. Sapphire Butterfly Charm Necklace:

This beautiful sapphire blue butterfly necklace looks super elegant and will go well with evening gowns and dresses. Go ahead with this necklace and make a statement.
The white cold chain combination makes the piece of charm necklace look more gorgeous while still retaining simplicity.

Butterfly-themed jewellery are in demand for butterflies signify change and transformation. Fragile they are yet they imply freedom, joy and happiness. So, if you or any of your friends is embarking on a new journey or has changed for good, you can give them one of the butterfly charm necklaces or treat yourself with one. These charm necklaces will enhance your look and bring good luck too.


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