Animals are commonly used as symbols, and it is universally known that butterflies represent huge transformation; they are a wonder of nature, starting as one thing and turning into something else. Different cultures affix different meanings to butterflies. Though one cannot carry a real butterfly, a butterfly pendant can. These can be found in precious and plated metal, crystal, acrylic and more. A pendant butterfly added to it brings a smile to one’s face, lifts their spirit and spreads joy. It’s a feel-good way to find accessories. So many designs of butterfly pendants confuse you; here are some best designs to clear your confusion.

Beautiful and Trendy Models of Butterfly Pendants for Chains:

Here are the top and best collection of butterfly pattern pendants.

1. Double Butterfly Pendant in Silver:

In a double butterfly pendant, two butterflies are either attached horizontally or vertically, making the pendant look long. The sizes of the butterflies are different when placed vertically, which makes them look beautiful. When attached to a thin chain, the double butterfly pendant makes it look even prettier.

2. Butterfly Wing Pendant Design:

The Butterfly wing pendant only composes the butterfly’s wings or the butterfly’s side view. It comes in various colours and even has artistic designs on it. A coloured pendant with matching outfits will make one look elegant.

3. Designer Beaded Butterfly Pendant:

The beaded butterfly pendant will give a funky look. It has strings of beads present in the wings of the butterfly. They can be either multi-coloured or one single colour. They are very delicate and should be handled with care.

4. Multi-Stone Butterfly Pendant:

As so many coloured still present, when they are cased in butterfly pendants, they look very pretty. Having different coloured stones in different wings will make them look adorable.

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5. Butterfly in Heart Pendant:

Only a butterfly as a pendant will not make it look that cool, but when added with a heart, it will add colours to the look 100 times. All can wear a butterfly in heart pendant for a simple and cool look.

6. Vintage Butterfly Pendant:

Old is gold; this phrase suits it a lot. The vintage butterfly pendants are dull coloured but look beautiful when small stones are cased. They can be accessorized at traditional events.

7. Multiple Butterflies Pendant:

When a single butterfly can make the look awesome, and then just think of multiple butterflies. Butterflies attached to one another make look more pretty. They look like butterfly pendant necklaces.

8. Gold Butterfly Pendant Design:

This gold butterfly pendant gives a very royal look. They can be worn with any outfit and colour, but when adorned with black, a graceful look is obtained.

9. Silver Butterfly Pendant Design:

The butterfly pendant in silver metal is a class in itself. This white metal will definitely make the beauty appreciate. Diamonds, when added to it, make it look more dazzling and radiant. They can be adorned on any outfit. This is more known in young girls for everyday life.

The butterfly is a symbol of new life and letting go of old cycles, and finding one’s true inner self. The butterfly calls on us to expand our wings and move forward with joy, and find our own place in life. Apart from these, it is also a fashion symbol. Butterfly pendants are worn with bracelets and necklaces to add style and look stunning. They are attention grabber that makes it vibrant. The butterfly pendants are available in different designs and patterns to fly in one fashion. It can be worn by any age group and anywhere.


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