Gone are the days when looking feminine and beautiful with long hair and gorgeous waves are defined as fashionable. Today, with the fashion world ever-evolving fast, women’s choices aren’t limited. There is the freedom to try out new alternatives and looks. That’s how buzz cuts for women evolved! Well, you might be wondering – what are buzz cuts for women exactly? How do they look? Are they different from men’s buzz?

Worry not, we get you! We are here to take you through the bold and ultra-modern buzz haircut for women. They symbolize strength, confidence and personify the style statement seamlessly. Let’s learn more about them!

15 Best Celeb-Inspired Buzz Haircut Styles for Women:

Well, how exactly does a buzz haircut for ladies look? Are there different styles and variants within them? We have all the answers for you. Our favorite celebs and actresses also tried out similar cuts and stood tall as inspiration redefining the mainstream beauty standards. So here we go taking you through the buzz cut styles for females.

1. Kristen Stewart Buzz Cut:

Did you ever imagine Kristen Stewart, known for her wavy hair and feminine looks, could shift to a buzz haircut? Well, here it is! This blonde buzz cut is made famous by our favorite celebrity. She followed the platinum buzz cut style, and it looks gorgeous on her. If you love the bold and statement looks, you must try this one. Especially, women with oval face shapes and diamond faces can try it for a perfect look.

2. Demi Moore Buzz Cut:

Demi Moore has got popular for her several action movies, and this particular buzz haircut style is done in Mad Max: Fury Road movie. Well, the film not only gained several fans, but she did too. She looks breathtaking and owns the style personally. What do you think of it? Check this out, and we bet it is eye-catchy!

3. Amber Rose Buzz Cut:

Amber Rose is here with her bleach blonde buzz cut. If you haven’t come across this cut yet, well, here it is. This unique look looks super stylish and fascinating on her. Especially if you have a thick dense hair texture, then this suits you the best. She opted for very short hair trimmed to buzz without any large textures. How do you like it? Women with diamond and round faces, besides oval faces, can try it too!

4. Lupita Nyong Buzz Cut:

If you are looking for some inspiration to go for the afro buzz cut variant in women, well, we have this one. We fell in love with Lupita Nyong nailing this style statement so boldly and seamlessly. The effortless look is very easy to maintain and is breathtaking. Women with square or round face shapes can check it out for bold and contemporary trends.

5. Anne Hathway Buzz Cut:

Wondering how, to begin with, a short buzz cut trend directly? If so, you can start slow with this long-trimmed look too! Anne Hathway recently appeared in this buzz cut style, and the fashion world went a fan of the style statement. She carries it off so well, and we can’t take our eyes off her. Women with long and oval face shapes must check this unique and exquisite look!

6. Amandla Stenberg Buzz Cut:

Do you have curly hair texture? Are you fascinated by buzz cut style yet wondering how to incorporate it into your looks? Well, this is such a great example. We have Amandla Stenberg, nailing her trend flawlessly. This curly hair long buzz looks wonderful and unique. We can’t take our eyes off this beautiful style. If you have a round or oval face shape, this can go very well!

7. Iris law Buzz Cut:

Iris Law has worked on this beautiful blonde buzz haircut and began redefining the beauty standards so boldly. We fell in love with this eye-catchy and bold, mesmerizing style statement. The blonde buzz cut is really in trend right now, and we see many celebs flaunting the style so effortlessly. What’s your take on it?

8. Tallulah Willis Buzz Cut:

you prefer to go experimental, this shaved short buzz cut can be it! Tallulah Willis appeared with this shaved buzz haircut trend, and the fashion world went into shock. Yet, we can’t stop appreciating such guts and standing tall for inspiration. It is minimal in maintenance, and nothing like it to stay comfortable on warm days!

9. Natalie Portman Buzz Cut:

Did you ever expect the gorgeous Natalie Portman flaunting a buzz cut? Well, here it is! This lovely strong buzz cut from her is fantastic. It is perfect for women across face shapes and hair textures. The buzz hairstyle is wonderful for women across age groups too. It is ideal for someone to get started with, and we bet you will be mesmerized!

10. Keke Palmer Buzz Cut:

The colored buzz cut is the new trend in fashion town. The ultra-modern and bold contemporary look is now trending around, and we have Keke Palmer flaunting this purple-colored buzz cut hairstyle. Women with either round, square, or oval face shapes can experiment with this hairstyle. And we can promise that you will be the center of attraction and attention!

11. Orange Buzz Cut:

This is one of the best buzz cut hairstyles. If you can’t imagine, here it is. And she has pulled it off so flawlessly and effortlessly. This buzz cut is perfectly suitable for women with thick hair and dense texture and gives you a look quickly. What do you think of it? Those with long and oval faces can check it out!

12. Cara Delevingne Buzz Cut:

Cara Delevingne styled this very short buzz cut, and we are in awe! Such a bold move was unexpected by many. But, doesn’t it look amazing? This style is perfect for making you feel free and strong and dwell around with confidence. If you are ready to go with the bold style statement, think about this choice. There is nothing like it if you pull it off!

13. Katy Perry Buzz Cut:

Even the singer and celebrity Katy Perry has worked on buzz cuts too. She flaunted this perfect blonde buzz cut with the crop, and we can’t express how beautiful this suits her. So, what do you have to say? This style is also versatile and goes very well with across any face shapes. So, try this buzz cut for girls and women,on the summer months or on those perfect special strong occasions to make you feel edgy and sleek!

14. Rose McGowan Buzz Buzz Cut:

Women’s buzz cut haircuts also have a variant with fade. If you are wondering how this may look, here is an example. Our favorite, Rose McGowan, is spotted with this buzz haircut with fade, and we can’t believe how well it suits her facial features. If you are bold enough to check out such strong buzzcut variants for women, this is the best choice to try out too. It is very short and looks perfect for women with round and oval faces.

15. Jessie J Buzz Cut:

The celebrity singer, Jessie J, flaunted this short hairstyle buzz cut too. It looks very smart, stylish, impressive with contemporary and vibrant hues. These women’s buzz-cut hairstyles are perfect for diamond and oval face shapes easily and give a charming appearance.

The buzz cuts for women look equally mesmerizing and bold, just like the other men’s variants. These haircuts are super sleek, edgy and give an ultra-modern bold style statement seamlessly. If you are willing to try it out, pick up one perfect style according to your choice and check it out. We bet you will look equally gorgeous. What do you think?


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