Top 9 Benefits of Cabbage During Pregnancy

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The green leafy and cruciferous cabbage is a common ingredient in salads, coleslaw, mixed veggies and pickles. Also known as Brassica oleracea, cabbages are close relatives of broccoli, Brussels and cauliflowers. This entire vegetable is edible and you can have it both as raw and in cooked forms.  Cabbage is loaded with health benefits, such as- loss of excess weight, antioxidant properties, protection against skin, eye and hair problems, boosting up the immune system, fighting against infections caused by germs and viruses, prevention of ulcers and digestive issues.


Cabbage contains a plethora of nutrients, like- vitamins B, K and C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, panthothenic acid, folates, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc. It is also rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibers. Indole-3-carbinol is another compound in cabbage, which can be the reason for minimizing the occurrence of several types of cancers.

Is Cabbage Good for Pregnancy?

A healthy expecting mother should never compromise on her diet plan. Can pregnant women eat cabbage? To give the perfect answer to this recurring question and to understand whether this green veggie can provide the required nutritious components, let us have a look at its various benefits:

Cabbage Benefits During Pregnancy :

1. Cabbage is rich in high quantities of dietary fibers. This helps in healthy bowel movements and also controls constipation disorders. In pregnancy, digestive issues are very common; so don’t forget to include cabbages in your daily diet.

2. Pregnancy demands adequate amounts of food. This will obviously lead to an increase of calories. Eating cabbage during pregnancy will ensure that you gain minimum weight by still maintaining a wholesome diet. Stir fry chunks of cabbage with mushrooms or carrots, and you will be ensured of a highly nutritious and protein rich diet.

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3. Folate in cabbage helps in a healthy and strong DNA development of the fetus in the womb. It also aids in the prevention of several birth defects.

4. High fibers in cabbages keep the blood sugar and pressure levels under control. This ensures prevention of gestational diabetes in pregnant women

5. Anthocyanin in this vegetable is also known to provide protection against several types of cancers both for the mother and the child

6. Another recurrent problem in pregnancy is swollen legs. Intake of cabbage in pregnancy or wrapping cabbage leaves around the legs provides a great deal of relief from the same.

7. As per research, phytonutrients, antioxidants and Vitamin C play a vital role in boosting the immune system of both mother and child during pregnancy.

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8. Vitamins C and K in cabbage aid in the prevention of inflammation and infections in an expecting mother. Vitamin K protects against osteoporosis and ensures that your bones remain strong and healthy.

9. Adequate amounts of iron in cabbage helps in increasing the hemoglobin count and in formation of red blood cells. Since Anemia is dominant in many pregnant women, consider making this a routine ingredient in your diet chart.

So now it is evident that cabbages are a must include in the diet plan of a pregnant women. But, as an expecting mother, you need to be extra careful while consuming any food. Prefer cooking or stir frying cabbage before intake. Raw cabbage might be infested with germs and chemicals; and a single wash might not be sufficient to remove all of them.

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Listeria is a common food borne disease, resulting from contaminated food which can lead to serious complications. Also, if you are sensitive or allergic to this family of vegetables, consider taking advice from your healthcare provider.