Where the fashion and beauty industry is concerned, Calvin Klein is one of the top notch brands that are famous globally. There is hardly any fashion freak that must not have something from Calvin Klein in their collection. Also, known as CK this brand does not only deal in accessories and clothing for men and women but also in a range of fragrances and perfumes. It might be a little hefty on the pocket but then owning a Calvin Klein perfume is definitely worth it.

To know about the top picks that you can make among the variety of CK perfumes available in the market, check this top notch guide below. It will surely help you out in making the right decision:

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes:

1. Eternity:

Eternity is one perfume that was made with the inspiration of the marriage of Calvin Klein and so the name. It is one of the most feminine perfumes that you will ever come across. The tribute to family, peace and love is what is reflected through this fragrance. It is one of the best choices to make.

2. Calvin Klein:

This is the very first perfume that was launched by CK and that makes it one of the classy options to opt for. The softness of the fragrance is the first thing you will notice about it. The notes of raspberry, gardenia, peach and hydracinth makes it a great option for those who love the unique combination of flowers and fruits. Rose, lily, carnation and jasmine notes can also be experienced.

3. Escape:

The marine scents of CK Escape along with notes like lychee, apple, sandalwood, plum and peach makes it a perfect fragrance for feminine women. It was launched in 1991 and is perfect for the romantic side of you.

4. Beauty Calvin Klein:

It is one perfume launched in the year 2010 and it reflects sophistication and elegance of a woman. The ambrette seed, cedar and jasmine notes make a rare and perfect combination for the fragrance lovers.

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5. Contradiction:

This is one trendy perfume launched by CK for all its loyal customers who loves its fragrances. It is one perfume that an urban woman can easily connect her with. The floral notes of rose is the opening of the fragrance leading to peony, jasmine and lily as the bases followed by tonga bean and sandal smell. It was launched in the year 1998.

6. CK IN2U:

The young generation will love this perfume from CK and the juicy flavour with a wooden floral as the base is packed in an attractive bottle for an ideal finish. The notes of cedar, grapefruit, vanilla, bergamot, orchid, red currant and cactus is uniquely blended to form IN2U.

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7. CK One Shock:

CK One Shock was introduced in the market in the year 2012 and is one of the perfumes for youngsters. The gourmand flavour of the perfume makes it stand out from the rest. The blend of bergamot, plum and mandarin along with a woody base gives a good fragrance. Amber, patchouli, sandalwood and musk flavour is also a part of the fragrance.

8. CK IN2U Heat for Her:

It is a perfume that helps in complimenting the nights of the summer and has erotic compositions for women in the form of cedar, apple and martini, red apple, ginger and orchids. Musk and sandalwood is present as base notes.

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9. CK IN2U Pop:

This perfume was launched in the year 2008 and was a limited edition by CK available for both women and men. It is a floral smell for women and with notes of lime, wood, vanilla and papaya.

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