When diagnosed with cancer, one of the important things the person needs to attend to is his/her diet. It is essential for the body to get enough and the right nutrients to be able to fight against cancer. It is believed that the right diet and exercise can improve the chances of survival after cancer and also prevent it from coming back.

9 Best Cancer Fighting Foods:

Here we Have The Top Nine Foods For Cancer:

1. Red & Yellow Peppers:

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Red & Yellow peppers are a popular source of Vitamin C for the body. Vitamin C is known to improve the immune system of the body and keep away the toxins. They are also rich in carotenoids. These carotenoids have anti-cancer properties, and thereby protects your body from developing cancer cells.

2. Sunflower Seeds:

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Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E and Zinc. Zinc helps Vitamin C perform the way it is supposed to and quickens the healing time. This food will lead your way to a healthy prostate, and no prostate cancer.

3. Carrots:

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  • Carrots are very rich in beta-carotene. This beta carotene in carrots has anti-cancer properties.
  • The beta carotene when consumed, converts itself to Vitamin A inside the body, whenever as required by the body.
  • Along with the cancer-fighting properties, carrots also help to improve your skin, eyesight and hair.

4. Mushroom:

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Mushrooms have been established to improve the overall immune system of the body and to fight against cancer.

Certain medicinal mushrooms should be consumed in the right amount and manner to fight cancer.

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5. Tomatoes:

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Tomatoes, preferably cooked, should be consumed 7-10 times every week. This level of consumption of tomatoes can help the body fight against lung, breast, and cervix cancer. Tomatoes contain Lycopene, which makes the tomatoes a good anti-oxidant. It also helps protect the body against the unhealthy fats that interfere with its blood flow. Tomatoes help to stop the growth of the endometrial cancer cell within the body, protecting it against cancer or from it coming back.

6. Nuts:

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Nuts are rich in Selenium, which has really good anti-cancer properties in it. Among all nuts, almonds and walnuts are supposed to work the best for a healthy and well-functioning body. Almonds and Walnuts provide healthy oils and fiber to the body.

However, it is necessary to keep track of the quantity of nuts taken in. Consumption of almonds and walnuts in the right amount can do wonders for the health of your body.

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7. Garlic:

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Garlic contains Aliicin, which stops the cancer from spreading inside the body, by various means and ways. This food is also known to kill yeasts and microbes, which the body usually becomes susceptible to after intake of antibiotics. Garlic also has anti-inflammatory properties in it, and contains Tryptophan, Selenium and other agents, which directly attack the cancer cells inside the body.

People who consume garlic have lower chances of developing cancer, especially in the colon, stomach or esophagus.

8. Green Leafy Vegetables:

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Green Leafy Vegetables, like lettuce and spinach, are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and folic acids. These folic acids assist your DNA to replicate effectively and protect it at the time of radiotherapy. These vegetables also contain Sulforaphanes, which benefit the body against cancer.

All in all, green vegetables improve the immunity of the body, which is basically the ability of the body to fight against pathogens.

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9. Beetroot:

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Beetroot, like many other purple coloured foods, contains Anthocyanin, which is known to destroy cancer cells inside the body. This food is sometimes, also believed to contain Resveratrol, which is known to fight against brain cancer and blood cancer.


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