One of the angels to the Victoria’s secret, Candice Swanepoel earned the 10th position on Forbes top earning model list. Starting her journey as a Victoria secret angel, this African bombshell has earned quite a reputation of the classic girl next door filling up all the clichés to the neighborhood hot girl, blond hair and light eyes. We all know models, especially the senior batches are always put under a constant restraint of having to go through every detail that makes them stand out amongst the others. However, these models still have days when they let their hair down and enjoy the day. Catching her at some of those days, in this article today we shall decide whether this woman is really all that beautiful even without makeup.

Pictures Of Candice Swanepoel Without Makeup:

1. Fresh Face:

Here we see Candice posing for a photo where her face devoid of makeup still looks admirably good. The hair parted from the middle rolls down softly to her sides as she rested her chin in her hands and curled her lip up in a smile. Even without makeup, this woman did shine like a bright new penny. The light eyes matching up to the peach soft lips added to the look.

2. On Set:

This picture was snapped during one of her events or rather prior to her taking the stage where she was seen preoccupied getting herself sorted out for the stage look. As her stylists worked on the hair, her bare face sans makeup portrayed a calm and collected look. As she posed for the photo, she looked mesmerizing.

3. Take Off Look:

JFK airport is one of the busiest hub of the world and spotting a beauty amongst so many indeed is hard work. You need to stand out in the crowd for you to get noticed and that is exactly what Candice Swanepoel did. Pairing her lacy white crop with a black side slit skirt, Candice looked gorgeous even though her face showed no signs of possible makeup. Going all-natural this is the third time this woman has impressed us without professional studio help.

4. Causal Day Out:

Even the busiest of the angels need days off to themselves and here is a picture of Candice enjoying her day off in a casual way. Slipping into a low cut tank and some high waist shorts, Candice walked about the streets. Her shades have covered up her eyes as she strutted her walk looking absolutely gorgeous.

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5. Beach Day:

Beach look is the best way to deduce a no makeup zone and here we have caught the beautiful Candice in the right place. A black two piece and a makeup less Candice was seen spending some quality time with her loved one and even without any makeup we could tell she looked quite pretty.

6. Car Selfie:

We have all had those days when the light inside the car was just too perfect for a selfie and looks like Candice here is no exception to that. This photo surfaced on her social media page where she stunned her fans with this Barbie doll selfie and we were amazed at her no makeup beauty.

7. The Perfect Dresser:

Wowing her fans with the perfect 80s get up, Candice looked beautiful in this picture. With minimal or no makeup evident on her face, this woman was truly a stunner.

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8. Comparison:

Here we see a comparison between the decked up Candice and the no makeup Candice and fortunately like every time, she has passed with flying colors showing the media how her beauty is not contained simply within her dolled up photoshoots.


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