Candle tattoos are considered the most creative and one of the ancient origin tattoo designs or art. These tattoos can be applied to both men and women, irrespective of religion and culture. Candle tattoo designs are self-inspirational tattoos. They can be based on religion, theme, dramatic and many more ideas.

There are unlimited candle tattoo meanings. Sometimes it means to light up your life or Christian culture or to lighten the darkness or a romantic moment or birthday, etc. These are the sort of tattoos that give you the capacity to include your imaginative twist that perfects your identity or style.

Stylish and Amazing Candle Tattoos With Images:

Here are many such candle tattoo designs mentioned in brief:

1. Traditional Candle Tattoos for Men:

These tattoo designs have their specific design with a deep meaning within. There are many traditional candle tattoos with skull, flowers, double-headed candles, etc. These kinds of tattoo candles are very expressive. It depends on the bearer what he wants to apply.

2. Dramatic Candle Tattoos:

These candle tattoos flash stories. These are so designed in a compact manner that they can say many hidden stories and relate to some memorable incident of the bearer or something to motivate.

3. Colorful Candle Light Tattoos:

Colourful candle tattoos are beautiful, and most liked. Preferred Colors for the candle tattoos are red, purple, blue, green, orange, pink, white and yellow. Each color of the candlelight tattoo has a different meaning.  Once applied, it will give its meaning.

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4. Black and White Candle Tattoos:

Black and white candle tattoos are the most ancient and most preferred among all candle tattoos. As it never looks overcrowded and gives a very gentle look with a simple meaning. These are everlasting patterns.

5. Candle Tattoo Designs with Flower:

These floral candle designs are mostly liked and have numerous meanings. They can be drawn in the memory of a passed person, for love and faith. It looks beautiful in both colorless and colourful forms.

6. Fashionable Candle Tattoo Designs:

These arm tattoo designs are mostly preferred by youngsters for fashion purposes.  These patterns are short and stylish. They can be sometimes expressive too or meaningless too. Young fashion designers or college girls prefer these styles.

7. Candle Tattoos with Skull:

A lightning candle with a skull is the commonest choice for men. These are very traditional and have many meanings. Numerous patterns of skull with candles are chosen. Many of its forms are like melting candle, burnt off candle, double-headed candles, candle flame tattoos, etc. Men’s who are creative-minded like to prefer this style or pattern.

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8. Candle Tattoo with Quotation:

If you have a good quote, you can use your personalized quote to motivate yourself. Candle tattoos themselves express many things. Adding the favourite quote or one-liner to a candle tattoo makes it look more expressive and can motivate the bearer.

9. Double Headed Candle Tattoos:

These are some of the unique and most liked tattoos of candle designs. Double-headed candle tattoos mean a candle is burning on both sides. It refers to the most critical situation, or sometimes to both husband and wife as spendthrifts.


There are unlimited beautiful candles, tattoo designs and patterns. For first-time tattoo holders, candle tattoos are the best idea. As it can fit for everyone and can represent emotion, fashion or even thoughts. While choosing your candle tattoo design, that time gets some simple but stylish patterns in a wide collection of candle tattoos.

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