The Saturn planets of the Capricorn born people who have birth in January have the garnet stone as their birthstone. But they can also wear the emerald and ruby as they are considered as lucky stones for them. The goat as the zodiac symbol of Capricorn has black as the luck color. When we talk about the birthstone of Capricorn it’s only the garnet gemstones. The garnet gemstones are incredible in color and shades. There are many shades in garnets. The almandine garnet is the most used garnet in industries and in fashion jewelry.

Latest and Beautiful Capricorn Birthstones Jewellery Designs:

Here are the best designs of Capricorn birthstones Jewellery.

1. Capricorn Birthstone Crystal Pendant:

The beautiful Capricorn birthstone has wonderful dark shaded diamond crystal that can create beautiful jewelry pieces looking marvelous when worn. A beautiful garnet crystal pendant looks magnificent when worn on any outfit in regular days.

2. Andradite Garnet Melanite Black Garnet Necklace:

As the birthstone of Capricorn is garnet, there comes a variety of colors and stones in garnet too. The black Capricorn birthstone color garnet is rare and looks impressive when turned and molded into beautiful jewelry pieces. A black Andradite garnet also known as the melanite garnet looks statement creating piece as a necklace.

3. Uvarovite Green Garnet Necklace:

Capricorn birthstone color of the garnet stone also comes in the name known as the Uvarovite green garnet. The lovely olive green or bright olive green stone looks beautiful in any shape. The craftsmen turn beautiful ornaments from the green garnet for the people born in January.

4. Rhodolite Garnet Stud Earrings:

January birthstone Capricorn garnet gemstones are very rare yet can be found easily from the special dealers. Especially some of the types of garnets are available. The rhodolite garnets can be hence found normally from the jewelers. A square shape cut rhodolite garnet earrings look stunning enough to shine.

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5. Garnet Waterfall Necklace:

January born people have the birthstone of Capricorn as of the garnet stones. They can wear the garnet stud jewelry always and also casually at celebrations. A beautiful garnet stud Capricorn birthstone necklace looks incredible when worn on night outing sand parties. The garnet waterfall necklace is surly a statement jewelry.

6. Almandine Garnet Gemstone Ring:

Capricorn birthstone rings, which have garnets stud in them looks marvelous. The beautiful dark red Almandine garnet ring looks impressive when worn alone in the fingers. Capricorn birthstone colour of the Almandine garnet is darker than the rest garnet gemstones.

7. Pyrope Garnet Jewelry:

January born people usually wear their Capricorn birthstone jewelry all the time. In fact all the people who believe in birthstones effects wear their birthstone jewelry. The pyrope garnet diamond stud as a pendant looks fantastic. The dark maroon color looks fabulous for the red carpet events as well.

8. Spessartite Garnet Diamond Ring:

The spessarite garnet diamonds are a form of the garnet also. The garnet stones are the birthstone of Capricorn, people born in January. The color of the spessarite garnet is a kind of orange-red tone that looks fabulous for designer wedding rings.

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9. Grossular Garnet Gemstone:

Grossular beads of the garnet type beads. The green olive shades uneven strokes in the beads look marvelous. A beaded necklace of the grossular garnet beads look great for the Capricorn birthstone lovers. The beads are polished and also can be stud raw for a natural and beautiful look.

There are six main types of garnet stones that are the almandine, andradite, uvarovite, pyrope, spessartite, grossular. There are other sub garnets also in these main types. The main color is dark maroon but we also have the uvarovite and glossular garnets in greens. Otherwise the darker maroons and black too are the colors of garnets. One of which the spessartite garnet is has alight red orange type color of stone.


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