Clothing is one of the three basic living requirements of a human being and therefore it carries a great significance in all of our lives. Be it a male or a female, we all are quite choosy and at times even fussy about our clothing options and preferences. As a consequence, the clothing industry has constantly been evolving drastically and there are currently a huge number of clothing varieties available for men and women such as T-shirts, Shirts, Pants, etc. for men and Dress, Kurtis, Saree, Tops, etc. for Women. But one interesting clothing apparel which both men and women prefer widely and which has faced a subtle yet drastic evolution is the Sweater. The Sweater is no more the simple buttoned old-fashioned woollen clothing garment anymore. It has many varieties for men and women. One such variety of Sweaters is the Cardigan Sweater. The Cardigan Sweaters resembles the oldest form of a sweater but the original one is no more in fashion. Currently, there are many different modernized concepts in Cardigan Sweaters.

Stylish and Comfortable Cardigan Sweaters For Gents and Ladies:

Following these Top 9 designs of Cardigan Sweaters collection for you:

1. Cropped Cardigan Sweater for Women:

A Cropped Sweater is the shorter and more sophisticated version of the original Cardigan Sweater. The Original Sweater is characterized by tying option at the front in the form of buttons and the conventional length standardized at waist length. But the Cropped is only up to the length of the midrib and is accompanied by a waist-length top or T-shirt dress on the inside. Therefore these are Cardigan Sweaters for Women.

2. Printed Cardigan Sweater:

Prints are always quite favourite among youngsters. Both girls and boys at their teenage phase like apparels having some of the other interesting stuff printed on them such as famous or funny quotes, artistic figures, popular celebrities, floral prints, cute animals, etc. Therefore, the prints trend has also left its marks on the Sweater industry and as a result, Printed Sweaters have become widely popular among both girls and boys. The above image is a Printed White Cardigan Sweater.

3. Turtleneck Cardigan Sweater:

The name itself suggests, Turtle-neck kind of clothing is aimed at devising the neck design in such a manner that it makes your head appear like a turtle is putting its head out of the shell. This appearance of your head looking like a turtle neck is surprisingly very appealing and cute. As a result, the Turtle-neck Sweaters, created as solely men’s cardigan sweaters, are now gaining wild popularity among both men and women.

4. Cardigan Jacket Style Sweater:

Another modern concept incorporated in the conventional Cardigan Sweater design is the Jacket Style Sweater. The Jacket style refers to the design which is essentially open front clothing apparel which covers the upper body only. While most of the Cardigan Jacket Sweaters have the button or zip-tying option, some of them also have an open front design. The above image is a Jacket Style black cardigan sweater.

5. V Neck Cardigan Sweater:

The Neck design of any clothing apparel is as significant as its sleeves and structure. Therefore there are many varieties of clothing apparels on the basis of neck designs such as crew neck, v neck, turtle-neck, etc. We have already seen how the turtle-neck design is relatively new and famous. But one more famous sweater style is the V Neck design. The above image is a V Neck red cardigan sweater.

6. Cardigan Chunky Sweater:

Any Chunky clothing garment is basically heavy and thick layered. Therefore a chunky cardigan sweater is essentially a blended sweater consisting of thick fabrics in its built. Such heavy sweaters are beneficial for you when the weather outside is pretty cold and chilly winds are blowing.

7. Cardigan Duster Women’s Sweater:

Essentially being a women’s sweater, a Duster Cardigan Sweater is a very long cardigan sweater, extending up to your knees and appears just like a long cape. But unlike a Cape Sweater, this sweater is open from the front side and therefore you can throw in a few style combinations to go with this sweater.

8. Cardigan Hooded Sweater:

If you want a Cardigan Sweater revamped in an urbanized fashion, you can go for a hooded Cardigan Sweater. A Hood is basically an extension of the top of the sweater in such a manner that it is sufficient to cover the whole of your head. It is useful to cover your head from harmful ultraviolet sun rays in summer and also to protect your ears from chilly winds in the winter. The Above image is a hooded pink cardigan sweater.

9. Cardigan Embroidered Sweater:

As you already know, embroidery improves the appearance of any women’s clothing apparel, be it a simple dress or a designer Saree. The embroidery work is mostly done using a different superior quality thread to give a royal look to any mediocre dressing apparel. Thus, embroidered ladies cardigan sweaters are therefore gaining popularity over time.

Thus, you have now become aware of how important sweaters are in your life and how many different varieties of sweaters exist in today’s time. Out of those varieties, a Cardigan sweater is considered to be the safest yet the most redefined style of Cardigan sweaters as of now.

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