Obesity is a rampant problem that we are all trying to deal in our own way. We all are trying to fit in and therefore we have decided to take a step against obesity. Now obesity has some major consequences many of which surrounds the heart and its working where too much fat pressurizing the heart and its blood vessels lead to shortage of its functioning which might lead to an attack. Even without the obesity staying fit is the mantra and certain cardio exercises when practiced on a regular term can help our body prepare better for these unseen attacks. Here are some of the worthy cardiovascular exercises that you can opt for to keep your heart young and beating.

The Ultimate List of Cardiovascular Exercises for a Healthier Lifestyle:

Cardiovascular exercises, also known as aerobic exercises, are physical activities that increase your heart rate and breathing rate for an extended period. They are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health and fitness, burn calories, and maintain a healthy weight. Some examples of cardiovascular exercises include:

  1. Running/Jogging
  2. Swimming
  3. Dancing
  4. Jumping Rope
  5. Walking
  6. High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  7. Cross-Country Skiing:
  8. Stair Climbing
  9. Elliptical Training
  10. Kickboxing
  11. Circuit Training
  12. Hiking

13. Sun Salutation:

This is primarily a sequence of yoga pose which has been turned to a workout routine through hurried spaces and without breaks. Unlike the yoga, this is fast stepped and easy to perform. Not only will it help your cardio but also will provide flexibility to the abdominal muscles. Start with the downward dog position where your feet and arms are touching the ground with your body arched up. Now go in for a dive and swoop up your head. When you end the routine, your chest should be jutted out and your head tilted slightly to the back.

14. Aerobic Workout:

Aerobic workout is a fast beat intense few minutes of workout which is supposed to be done with a certain rhythm or beat. This is a fun approach to working out where you move along with a beat and perform a two or three minute intense physical workout which would have you panting and gasping for air. Relax and repeat.

15. Cycling:

Riding a bike down the country lane at a hyper speed for a few good minute is a good cardiovascular workout. Make sure you go on a hyper speed for a few minute to get your heart racing. Slow down eventually and continue.

16. Rowing:

Not many people are aware of the fact that rowing is a good cardio. Rowing properly can help you deal with cardio better. Start by small time rowing and then take part in rowing competitions to enhance your workout. You can even go on a rafting spree with friends too.

17. Staircase Run:

Simply stand on the top of the stairs or below it and then simply start running up and down in a fast motion. Take a break and continue but make sure you are aware of the false footsteps.

18. Skipping:

Skipping with a rope takes you back to the childhood when you used to have fun and frolic. You can still do that and this time for a better purpose. Skipping keeps your heart racing as you exercise your cardio levels.

19. Gym Breeze Through:

To perform a good set of cardio, one doesn’t need heavy equipments and a good body. All you need is a simple treadmill or a cycle where you can practice your cardio. You can even use a proper space to practice pushups and free hand dips.

20. Squat Jump:

Start by standing straight on the ground with your spine straight and your neck aligned to the spine. Start by standing erect and then bend down all the way and pretend as if you are sitting on a chair. You should bend down enough so that you can’t see your own toes. This is proper squatting where your buttock is jutting out. Now comes the fun part where you end the workout with a jump and then go back to original position.

21. Leg Scissors:

Start by lying on the back and then resting your arms behind your neck so that your head is resting on your arm. Now lift up both of your legs and then start pushing them towards a scissor motion where one leg goes up and the other goes down and so on.

Remember that cardiovascular exercise is any activity that gets your heart rate up and keeps it elevated for an extended period. The key is to find an activity that you enjoy and can do regularly to improve your cardiovascular health.


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