15 Stylish Cargo Jeans For Men And Women In India 2018

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The Cargo Jeans also commonly called as the Cargo trousers or Combat pants which were commonly worn by military people in the year 1938 by the British army later this comfortable pant were also used as the outdoor pant, heavy work outdoor pant as well as a hiking pant. These cargo pants can be made from the Cotton material, linen, Denim jean material or combination of cotton and synthetic material. The highlight of cargo pants is the snap closing wide square pockets which is seen all around the Pant especially on the front leg region. For summers this comfortable loose fitting or knee length can be one of the best options, for those curious people who are interested in gaining knowledge on the type of Cargo jeans.

Best Cargo Jeans For Men and Women:

Here are the top 15 Cargo Jean.

1. Low Waist Women Cargo Jean:

Low Waist Women Cargo Jean

Women Like to wear their figure complementing clothes one such clothing design is the Low waist cargo pants, which is first in the list when it comes to summer pants. This low waist cotton or synthetic combination material pant is best suited with a tank top and a sun glass. The wait region is highlighted with a contrast colored belt. Since the material falls down around the ankle region in a loose fitting design, combining with a contrast sneaker is the best choice.

2. Biker Skinny Zipper Men Cargo Jean:

Biker Skinny Zipper Men Cargo Jean

Biker pant and jackets have gained its utmost popularity due to the body fit outlook. This skinny cargo jean for men is one of the most comfortable clothing styles when it comes to Men clothing. To make it funkier and bikers style the front upper side pockets are designed using Zip closure. This front pocket zip designed pockets is different from the usual cargo pant, in this, the pocket depth is comparatively less but has a wide opening which closes with the help of bright color zip.

3. Skinny Punk Men Cargo Jean:

Skinny Punk Men Cargo Jean

Skinny Punk Men cargo jean is the most stylish and simple Cargo pant for men. This type of pant suits well for gym trained body due its tight fit design. To make it more attractive the front upper side pockets is designed with line pattern giving a punk design. The punk type of cargo pant is considered as the casual outfit which matches well with a t shirt and a pair of boots.

4. 6 Pocket Unisex Cargo Jean:

6 Pocket Unisex Cargo Jean

Cargo pants are definitely famous for its wide pockets which help in storing things during a long outdoor journey or playing an outdoor game. This unisex pant is very comfortable pant is designed using six pockets three to four pockets in the front and back two pockets. Due to its numerous pockets designed pant which makes as the best outdoor pant but loading all the pockets will make the pant to slip down from the waist.

5. Red Army Cargo Jean for Men:

Red Army Cargo Jean for Men

To make a difference from the usual stereotype of green army camo pants, this red colored camo print definitely brings in a different dimension to the cargo pants. This eye catchy cargo jeans for mens suits well with a white or black t shirt. The waist region is highlighted with a bright and contrast colored belt which is quite wide which also gives a cool outlook. Red military style design is definitely a must have cargo pant type by the young boys and middle age men.

6. Loose Cargo Boyfriend Women Cargo Jean:

Loose Cargo Boyfriend Women Cargo Jean

This loose cargo jeans womens pant is best-suited clothing type during a casual clothing day at the workplace or during a bright sunny outdoor event. The loose fit curls around the ankle with a thread tightening or elastic band feature or the jean material can be folded. This casual boyfriend cargo jean suits well with a sleeveless casual top or a winter pullover.

7. Knee Length Men Baggy Cargo Jean:

Knee Length Men Baggy Cargo Jean

Capri design mens cargo jeans pant designed with baggy outlook is one of the most recommended summer beach wear or casual wear outfit by designers. This type of jean cargo pants have a loose fit around the thigh region which curls down around the knee area with an elastic or buckle feature. The waist region is fastened with thread pattern which is seen on either side of the waist region to tie together which makes it easy to fit around the waist region.

8. Hiking Wide Leg Cargo Women Jean:

Hiking Wide Leg Cargo Women Jean

This type of cargo design for women is most comfortable and pleasant to wear outdoor cargo pant which is designed with loose fitting feature around the thigh and lower leg region. It is the best hiking pant with many pockets. Combining a tank sleeveless top with this hiking cargo pant is the best outlook.

9. Jogger Women Cargo Pant:

Jogger Women Cargo Pant

This casual jogger cargo pant is considered as the best ever design in the clothing industry due to its simple and comfortable design made from cotton. The lower end of the cargo pant is made using elastic material which gives the tapering look. In jogger women, cargo pant comes without the belt holding design which makes it more easy to wear it without the risk of slipping down from the waist. The waist region is fastened by buckle system. This type of cargo pant comes in different color.

10. Women Harem Cargo Pant:

Women Harem Cargo Pant

Harem pants design influenced from the middle east countries has stricken the worldwide clothing market in a positive way. This designer outfit which has loose fitting design only around the thigh region and tapers below the knee region. Many dancers wear this pattern of cargo pant due to its loose fit around the thigh region. Since the material is loose around the high region gives room for good air circulation, which makes it easier to carry the paint throughout the day.

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11. Knee Length Women Cargo Pant:

Knee Length Women Cargo Pant

Cargo pants not only comes as a full length but also as a Capri style jeans too. This type of jeans cargo design is highly comfortable as an outdoor activity pant as well as outdoor party pant. The material used in creating such type of cargo pant can vary from cotton to synthetic mix. For girls who are planning for the party and want to wear a Capri pant then try for a shiny designer cargo pant. The shiny material can be used with a cotton lining, which helps in absorbing sweat.

12. Military Design Inspired Women Cargo Jean:

Military Design Inspired Women Cargo Jean

The green and black striped design which falls under the army clothing pattern, which is not only worn by army soldiers, which was indeed the main reason why cargo pant came into limelight. These designer cargo pant matches well with a plain white or black t shirt. This military style cargo jeans mens pant is designed with the basic cargo pant design which makes people realize about the history too.

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13. Denim Cargo Style Jeans for Men:

Denim Cargo Style Jeans for Men

Jean material can also be customized into different outlook, one such comfortable pant is for the mens denim cargo jeans which is designed for men. The jean material used is a faded jean material with criss cross line pattern. The line pattern has an alternative threaded line and faded line pattern. This type of cargo denim jeans design is one of the best outfits for any outdoor parties or as an indoor club party too.

14. Ripped Cargo Pant for Men:

Ripped Cargo Pant for Men

Ripped Jeans have been the talk of the town almost throughout the world. This ripped pattern is a casual clothing design, which is not only used in creating simple straight skinny jean but also in creating cargo type pant which has a loose fit with six to seven pockets. Ripped jean with cargo pant design is considered as one of the best party wear outfits for men.

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15. Linen Women Cargo Pant:

Linen Women Cargo Pant

Linen pant is simply a most and comfortable pant which is highly suited as the summer wear pant. The material helps in absorbing sweat which makes it more useful clothing during a hot sunny day. The cargo pant with the snap closing pocket system which when combined with comfortable clothing material which is indeed the best clothing accessory for women.

Cargo pant without any further thinking it is the one of the best discovery when it comes to clothing types. This type of pant which was initially used during the war time which is now become as the important clothing accessory which is seen in men and women wardrobe which definitely makes us think about the history too. Spread the olden time struggle through cargo pant through its different types and design. Let’s make a change from the usual stereotype of wearing straight fit denim jean to cargo pant which has demanding types and design creating the best-modernized outfit for both Men and Women.

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