One of the most crucial factors for a smooth and healthy pregnancy journey is the pregnancy diet. Eating healthy and nutritious food is very important for a healthy baby. Gaajar is one of the most nutritious vegetables to be eaten during pregnancy. But over-consumption of the same can be equally harmful. Follow the article to know the benefits and side effects of the consumption of carrots during pregnancy along with the various ways in which they can be consumed and the safe quantity for consumption.

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Is Carrot Safe During Pregnancy?

Excessive consumption of anything can be harmful, and the same goes for carrots as well. A balanced diet is absolutely necessary during pregnancy. Thus carrots during pregnancy should be eaten as required, and after proper consultation with the doctor.

Nutritional facts of Carrots in Pregnancy:

The following are the nutrients received in consuming 100g of carrots:

Nutrient Quantity:

  • Calories 41Kcal
  • Carbohydrates 9.58g
  • Protein 0.93g
  • Fibre 2.8g
  • Fat 0.24g
  • Sugars 4.5g
  • A Vitamin  5mg
  • C Vitamin 6mg
  • B Vitamin 6 0.135g
  • K Vitamin  13.2mg
  • Selenium .1mg
  • Manganese 0.143mg
  • Copper 0.045mg
  • Potassium 320mg
  • Sodium 69mg
  • Calcium 33mg
  • Iron 0.3mg
  • Magnesium 12mg
  • Zinc 0.24mg
  • Phosphorous 35mg

Where g=grams, mg=milligrams, mcg=micrograms

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Benefits of Carrots During Pregnancy:

Carrots are essential for pregnant women. The period is quite stressful for both the mother and the child, and a pregnant woman requires an abundance of proteins, vitamins, and mineral supplements. Carrots during pregnancy satisfy all the needs mentioned above. It is loaded with cellulose and other useful plant compounds and is very low-calorie as well. This helps pregnant women from gaining weight, which is a necessity during pregnancy.

Consumption of Gaajar during pregnancy can provide you with a lot of essential nutrients and many other benefits. Some of them are-

1. Good for Eyesight:

Vitamin A is present in abundance, which is converted into carotene– a substance which improves eyesight and regulates the haemoglobin level.

2. Strengthens Teeth and Bone:

Calcium is necessary for teeth and bones. Since pregnant women often suffer from tooth problems, carrots are important for them. Also calcium in carrots aid in the effective growth and development of the foetus.

3. Good for the Heart:

Potassium which is contained in carrots is crucial for the good health of the heart.

4. Liver Cleanser:

Carrot helps in cleansing the liver.

5. Strengthens the Immune System:

The mother`s immune system becomes weak in childbearing to support the growth of the foetus. The vitamin C present in carrots help in boosting pregnant woman’s immunity.

6. Carrots help fight various lung diseases like bronchitis.

7. Carrots keep the cell membranes in proper shape.

8. Healthy Skin:

These help in improving the skin, flesh and muscles of the unborn baby inside you. Moreover, carrots are an excellent solution for dermatological problems. Thus it can be used to get rid of black spots and skin rash during pregnancy.

9. Prevents Gestational Diabetes:

Carrots regulate blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

10. Helps in Relieving Constipation:

In cases of constipation, it provides the necessary dietary fibre to get relief from illness.

11. Prevents Anaemia:

The vitamin C in carrots aids in proper iron absorption in the body and thus prevents the mother from getting anaemic.

12. Carrots are extremely helpful in toxaemia and in swelling.

13. Prevents Cramping:

Cramping is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy. The phosphorous contained in carrots helps in the proper functioning of the muscles and thereby preventing cramping.

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Side Effects of Carrot and Carrot Juice During Pregnancy:

Excessive consumption of anything can be harmful, and the same goes for carrots as well. A balanced diet is necessary during pregnancy. Thus carrots during pregnancy should be eaten as required, and after proper consultation with the doctor.

Moreover, there are some side effects if too much of carrots are eaten-

  • Beta-Carotene in excessive quantity can damage the kidney due to excess stress on the kidneys during pregnancy. Besides it also puts at risk of encountering cancer if consumed in excess. Keep your carrot consumption to one fresh carrot a day, and you will be completely fine!
  • Some people might be allergic to carrots as well, with symptoms like headache, nausea and weakness. Such women should be extra careful while eating carrots. It’s best for them to avoid carrots while pregnant.
  • Excess amount of Vitamin A is known to interfere with the growth of the foetus. Its excess quantity is not suitable for the health of the baby.
  • Pregnant women suffering from biliary tract disease should avoid excessive consumption of carrots.
  • Spicy and fried carrots are highly discouraged by people during pregnancy. It`s better to refrain from eating it while you are expecting a baby.
  • Excess quantity of carrot juice is also not good as it causes headaches and makes a person lethargic.

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Tips to consume Carrots During Pregnancy:

Can we eat carrots during pregnancy? Yes, it is good for your health. But before consuming anything during pregnancy, it is important to check whether it is fresh or not. The following are the various tips for the proper selection of carrots in pregnancy:

  • You may choose the shorter orange-coloured carrots as they are very sweet or even the longer red-coloured ones.
  • Consume only fresh carrots. The ones crunchier are fresh and very tasty. To check whether the carrot is fresh or not simply break the tip of the carrot and if it breaks easily with noise, then it’s fresh.
  • A carrot is a root vegetable make sure it is washed properly to remove any soil particles from it.
    You might even peel its top skin but be sure not to peel too much as most of its vital nutrients are present in the skin.
  • Carrots can be eaten raw as a salad, chopped to be made into a vegetable, pureed to make juice or even shredded to make a famous sweet called ‘gajar ka halwa.’

In whichever way you consume, be sure not to overeat it and consume only in moderation.

Carrot Juice During Pregnancy:

Some people prefer carrot juice during pregnancy as well. This can easily be prepared at home by following the given recipe-

  • Clean carrots, scrub them thoroughly and cut them into small chunks before making juice out of them.
  • Puree the carrots using a blender. Mix water with the juice, to enhance its taste and serve it for everyone to enjoy.

No one can deny the fact that carrots are extremely nutritious and a must-have in pregnancy to reap their maximum benefits. However, do make sure that you don’t overconsume it to avoid the possible side effects and stay healthy during pregnancy.

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Q1. Is it safe to eat raw carrots during pregnancy?

Ans: Consuming raw carrot is absolutely safe during pregnancy and do not possess any threat to the mother or the child. However, while consuming raw carrots care must be taken that it is properly cleaned and no soil particles are remaining on them to avoid probable infection.

Q2. Is drinking carrot juice during pregnancy healthy?

Ans: Drinking carrot juice is very healthy for a pregnant woman. However, drinking too much carrot juice can load the body with excessive vitamin A which might hamper the growth of the foetus. Hence a maximum of one glass of carrot should be consumed each day to reap its maximum benefits.

Q3. How many carrots can be considered safe during pregnancy?

Ans: Consuming Gaajar is very healthy, and a must-have in the pregnant diet. However, eating too many carrots during pregnancy can do more harm than good. A glass of carrot juice or a couple of carrots per day can be considered a safe quantity for consumption. However, consult your doctor for the safe quantity if you intend to eat Gaajar on a daily basis during pregnancy.


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