What was your favourite cartoon in your childhood? Tom and Jerry, Batman, Mickey and Donald, etc., are famous characters who still love to be watched during leisure time. However, you can still be in touch with the cartoons through a new trend widely followed in the fashion market, the cartoon t shirts. They have been widely picked up for routine wear, picnics, and theme parties with age no bar.

Latest and Fashionable Cartoon T-Shirt Designs for Gents and Ladies:

Here are some amazing designs of cartoon-printed t shirts you might get confused about while selecting.

1. Rick and Morty Cartoon T-Shirt for Men:

Rick and Morty cartoon t shirts for adults have grabbed a good market with a plain background. The t-shirt’s slogan below indicates that peace should remain among the countries.

2. Disney Princess Cartoon T-Shirt for Women:

Want to gift your princess a real gift? Here are the Disney princess cartoon t shirts for ladies that carry the prints of all the princesses. The pink background of the t-shirt adds to its charm with curvy frames.

3. Simpsons Cartoon T-Shirt for Men:

Men’s cartoon t shirts with prints of the Simpsons and the bunny in the ring give a perfect look to the wrestling era. It gives a colourful look over jeans or even shorts for vacation.

4. Tweety Sleeveless T-Shirt for Women:

Tweety has been the prime choice for teen girls in college. The sleeveless cartoon tee shirts come in a plain background, mostly in white, decorated with the face of the naughty tweety made with shining charms.

5. Hooded Pokemon T-Shirt for Men:

Pikachu cartoon t shirts for men, when given short sleeves and hooded head design, give a stunning look for winters. The t-shirt is popular over skinny jeans or even sweaters among college teens.

6. Teddy Cartoon Print T-Shirt for Women:

Long and loose cartoon t shirts with Indian designs made from prints of teddy bears have attracted women’s eyes. The t-shirt comes with a loose and comfortable fitting that can be carried over Capri.

7. Guitar Cartoon T-Shirts for Men:

The collection of funny cartoon t shirts that are also known as the father-son guitar t-shirt, gives an awkward-looking quote. The t-shirt carries two guitars, one big and one small, on a plain white t-shirt.

8. Scoop Neck Cartoon T Shirts for Women:

Women have quite loved scoop neck cartoon character t shirts. The t-shirt in white gives you a glance at all your favourite cartoons printed on the centre with short sleeves.

9. Tom and Jerry Sleeveless T-Shirt for Women:

Sleeveless t-shirts with cartoons on them give a classy look to your basketball appearance. The top contains a stripe sleeve design with the famous cartoons printed on it with loose-fitting. College girls, for their best friends, prefer this one.

The cartoon t shirts are made from cotton material as they are worn for routine wear on a large basis. They give utmost comfort with various fittings and styles worn in picnics, outings, theme parties, etc. Try this little different type of cartoon character t-shirt for your casual days or party days. Get a fresh look and fresh feeling instead of heavy t-shirts. You will surely get good comments on this type of selection in t-shirt collections.

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