Cashmere is great wool that comes from the Kashmir state of India. It is from the Kashmir goats that you get such wonderfully soft wool. Different type of varieties and styles we get in a cashmere patterns in sweater category.

Best Cashmere Sweaters With Images:

Here we have listed the various types of cashmere sweaters that are available,

1. Polo Neck Cashmere Sweaters:

Here is a wonderfully soft cashmere sweater in a polo neck style. The full sleeves sweater is great for the winters to keep you warm. The polo neck gives you full coverage around your neck. This rolled neck style can be opened up to protect you up to the chin. This is a really great option to choose for the cold days.

2. Tie up Cashmere Sweater:

A stylish sweater pattern is this tie-up sweater. Women’s cashmere sweater is made trendy and fashionable with the use of a sash at the waist. This sweater is slit at the sides and also adds to the glamour of this sweater. It’s perfect for the winters because of the wool. The long sleeves keep you warm and cozy.

3. Cable Cashmere Sweater:

Here is a cashmere sweater men can wear that makes them look handsome. The cable stitch used in this sweater is classic and most sweaters for men and women as well use it. It is a chunky stitch and this gives the sweater a bulky look. The cashmere wool is the perfect wool for this sweater.

4. Waffle Knit Sweater:

A chunky black cashmere sweater is what you need to keep you warm. This waffle knit stitch sweater is perfect and stylish. The waffle pattern looks just like a waffle with the dents. Black is a wonderful colour for men’s sweater and a little grey edge makes all the difference.

5. Quarter Zip Sweater:

Try out this trendy white cashmere sweater that is stylish and chic. The quarter zip at the top of the sweater can be opened or kept closed. Full sleeves of the sweater are perfect to make you comfortable in the cold days. The zip pattern is always great as it makes it easy to put on the sweater.

6. V Neck Sweater:

Red cashmere sweater is always a powerful colour for a sweater. The V neck sweater is another classic that most people prefer. It works great on plus size women and men as well. The V neck is comfortable around the neck too. Try out these classic sweater patterns in colours that make you stand out.

7. Cashmere Cardigan:

A cardigan works best for most people who do not like the pullover version. These can be slipped on or taken off any time without any hitch. This cashmere cardigan sweater is front open and has front pockets too. This makes it quite a practical sweater in terms of keeping your belongings safe. The cardigan can be slipped on top of any blouse of innerwear.

8. Bell Sleeve Sweater:

Try out this stylish grey cashmere sweater with bell sleeves. The sleeves make this sweater a glamorous one as it quite trendy. You can pair the sweater with any kind of bottom wear like jeans, pants, etc. The grey colour used here in the sweater is a dark grey. You can also select light grey and any other colour choice that you like.

9. Cross Back Cashmere Sweater:

This striking cross back detail cashmere sweater is perfect for women who are trendy and chic. This little detail makes all the difference in this sweater. The colours that you can choose are varied. A navy cashmere sweater or a pink cashmere sweater will look great in this pattern too.

Cashmere as a material is perfect for sweaters. This wonderful soft wool makes a cardigan or sweater warm and cozy. You can choose from styles like a cowl neck, polo neck, V neck, etc.