How Works Castor Oil During Pregnancy?

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As we know castor oil is a vegetable oil and it is derived from the castor bean. It has been also used for a very long time to help ease in constipation or it even induce vomiting when needed. The theory behind labor induction with castor oil is that castor oil also acts as a stimulant to the bowels, it irritates the uterus and causes contractions.

How Works Castor Oil During Pregnancy?

Castor oil in pregnancy

There are also many side effects from castor oil which can include diarrhea, vomiting, contractions of the uterus, may or may not be labor, nausea. Some women and many practitioners and doctors swear by castor oil as a way to induce labor. Many mothers have tried castor oil and have experienced its side effects but remained pregnant and had not experienced any labour as sometimes castor oil react differently in different bodies.

There are practitioners and doctors especially who do not recommend castor oil because of its potential side effects like dehydration ,fetal distress and also meconium in the baby! Do not take castor oil without doctor’s permission! If castor oil inductions take place without the knowledge of the practitioner in some cases, it is always advisable to talk to your midwife or doctor about how to use castor oil before doing so.

Inducing the castor oil isn’t safe. If once swallowed the castor oil is hydrolyzed by intestinal lipases to recinoleic acid which then stimulates intestinal secretion, decreases glucose absorption and increases intestinal motility.

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Castor oil is also used in lipsticks, too. Many women who can tolerate the oil quite well on their lips get a reaction on their mouths if the oil converts to recinoleic acid. If it is an unplanned Pregnancy! Then induction before your due date is not a good idea without any medical reason. Even then, in case of a medical reason a castor oil induction is not your best option. Or it may not work. Besides any medical induction techniques, there are also many alternative non-medical induction techniques.

You may also try recipes of castor oil if you are using it. Many women have given recipes for castor oil to make its taste more pleasant to be ingested easily. These recipes vary and can be altered as any way you would like. Your practitioner should give you a proper dose of how much castor oil and how often to use it. Generally, the dose is about an ounce repeated at various intervals. Smoothies are a one of a good source of induction recipes of castor oil. You can also blend the castor oil with various fruit juices and ice though canned or homemade. Obviously the higher volume of drink, the more you have to drink. The cold may also help to disguise the oil. Some of you may also prefer just to do shots of castor oil and take it down with juice or another flavored drink. Some can also try to take up a warmer drink to remove the oily film from your mouth. You can choose a hot tea, coffee or you can also wash your mouth either.

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Wondering when does it work?

While some ladies report that they feel the stirring of their intestines within an hour or two! And some others are not affected by a single dose. There are also many reports of having the baby within hours of taking castor oil induction.

How would you know if castor oil will work for you?

If you are 40 weeks and getting signs of labor, castor oil may work for you. You would want your cervix to be soft and thinning. If you have begun to dilate already, this will increase your chances of castor oil being effective at labor induction. You should never try castor oil if you have not reached your due date or have a high risk pregnancy.

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