We all must have heard about the laxative benefits of castor oil from our grandparents, and it has been an essential part of our childhood. But did you know castor oil has beneficial properties for eye health? Yes! The beneficial effects of castor oil for the eyes come from powerful fatty acids and other antioxidants. But it is safer to consult an ophthalmologist to procure sterile and chemical-free castor oil products as per your eye issue.

In this article, the beneficial effects of castor oil on the eyes have been discussed in detail. Read on!

What is Castor Oil?:

Castor oil is commonly grown in Western India, Africa, and South America and is produced from castor beans. In terms of medicinal use, many know castor oil as a laxative taken by the spoonful. However, to deliver medications, pharmaceutical manufacturers use castor oil as a mix-in.

The topical use of castor oil helps treat blepharitis or inflammation of the eyelid has been published in the journal of the Ocular Surface (1).

Benefits of Castor Oil for Eyes:

We have explained in great detail the castor oil benefits for the eyes. Let us go through the following section to know how Castor oil helps tackle several eye conditions.

1. Treating Dry Eyes:

Several over-the-counter eye drops that improve dry eyes have castor oil as the main ingredient. This oil helps provide more comfort and less sensitivity by keeping them lubricated for longer and keeping your tears from getting evaporated.

Several visual complications, redness, eye irritation can result from dry eyes, which can be highly uncomfortable. It is said that castor oil helps improve dry eyes by improving the stability of the tear film and increasing the lipid layer, according to studies (2).

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2. Reduce Irritation and Inflammation of Eyes:

Blepharitis is a condition that leads to eyelid inflammation. According to research, you can treat this disease by using castor oil.In addition, you can reduce inflammation and improve the condition by directly applying castor oil to the eyelid(3).

Applying castor oil around eyes can help reduce redness and irritation around your eyes efficiently when done topically. It can also soothe aching joints and muscles during the massage because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Reduce the Appearance of Dark Circles:

Yet another benefit of castor oil for the eyes is that it helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. Castor oil keeps your skin hydrated by acting as a natural moisturizer as it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

The active agents in castor oil help decrease the appearance of dark circles by protecting and healing the delicate skin under your eyes.

Castor oil has ricinoleic acid that helps improve the way your skin under the eye looks by improving circulation with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (4).

4. Help to Reduce Wrinkles:

Castor oil is good for the eyes and helps deal with the problems associated with it.In addition, the moisturizing, skin health-enhancing, and antioxidant properties of fatty acids present in castor oil help minimize the appearance of wrinkles to a great extent.

Castor oil also improves the healthy appearance and skin’s texture with its emollient properties (5).

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5. Help the Eyelashes Grow:

If you have thin eyelashes and need a natural solution to grow them back, applying castor oil to your eyes can be effective. Though there is no scientific evidence to support the claim, there are a lot of anecdotal reports of castor oil helping eyelashes and hair grow.

In addition, it helps make your lashes less matted, thicker, glossier, thereby improving their appearance. Finally, it helps moisturize your eyelashes to give them more luster as it is high in triglycerides that come from ricinoleic acid present in castor oil (6).

6. Improvement of Cataracts:

Castor oil in the eyes is beneficial for cataracts (mild age-related cataracts). It helps improve blood circulation in your eyes, increases lubrication when used in eye drops, maintains tear film, and enhances meibomian gland function.

If you use Castor oil eye drops, you can improve symptoms and vision-related issues related to cataracts. Though only a surgical procedure will help cure cataracts, castor oil will help reduce its symptoms.

7. It May Help You Get Thicker Eyebrows:

Castor oil can be highly nourishing to the skin and hair follicles that promote eyebrow growth with the help of proteins and fatty acids present in it. As a result, you can get thicker, longer eyebrows and eyelashes by applying castor oil regularly.

It will mostly take 5 to 6 weeks to start to see the growth of eyebrows once you start applying castor oil.

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Castor Oil Side Effects on Eyes:

Though using castor oil for eyes can be very beneficial, it is always best to check with a medical professional. That is because it is not suitable for everyone and can cause side effects. Some of them are:

  • Blurry vision.
  • Itching.
  • Swelling.
  • Blurry vision clears up with the dissipation of castor oil.

You should stop using castor oil immediately if you experience irritation or further issues like trouble breathing, dizziness, or nausea.

Suppose you are looking for an inexpensive and effective way to soothe your eyes and improve visual health. In that case, castor oil can be a perfect solution. Although you can add ingredients like honey or coconut oil for added benefits, it is best to consult your doctor first to avoid any damage. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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Disclaimer: The information we have provided in this article is based on research and not a replacement for professional advice. It is always better to consult a professional before trying anything new. The website is not responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information.


1. Who shouldn’t use castor oil for eyes?

Ans: Castor oil might have several benefits for the eyes; here is the list of some people who shouldn’t use castor oil.

  • If you had a surgical procedure recently.
  • If you are wearing contacts.
  • If you are allergic to castor oil.
  • If you are using ointments or other eye drops.
  • If you have an eye condition severely.

2. Is it safe to use castor oil for the eyes every day?

Ans: You can deal with dry eye symptoms by using artificial tears that contain castor oil about four times a day. Although it is safe to use castor oil for the eyes, it is always recommended to consult your ophthalmologist before applying.

3. Which castor oil is suitable for the eyes?

Ans: Cold-pressed castor oil works best for your eyes, though there are different types of castor oil available in the market. Since eyes are sensitive organs, it is always best to consult your ophthalmologist before trying anything in your eyes.


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