Casual loafers are a great way to keep your feet happy. These are comfortable and easy going shoes that you can wear any time of the day or night. They are quick to wear and easy to remove as well. The casual shoes can be made in material other than leather. They can be on canvas, suede, etc. These shoes that are listed here are perfect for your casual outings and even parties. You can wear them for the summer and winters. The designs that are available in the casual loafer category are mind-boggling.

Best Casual Loafers for Men and Women with Images:

Here we have listed some of the best casual loafers that are available in the Indian Online market,

1. Slip-On Loafers:

Most youngsters of today love wearing casual wear shoes, and these men’s casual slip-on loafers are one of them. They greatly prefer the sleek look of these beautiful loafers. These men’s casual loafers come in various different gorgeous designs, where some have that distressed and torn look, while others are just simple looking.

2. Casual Driving Loafer:

The ease and comfort that these men’s driving moccasins loafer shoes provide is just the best. Some loafers are great for use when driving long distances. You can get these black casual loafer shoes in simple design and use them while driving. They give you good support as well as comfort while driving the car.

3. Canvas Casual Loafers:

If you want comfortable and breathable shoes for daily wear, you should definitely get these canvas shoes. These shoes are made up of nice canvas material, which is very easy to clean and manage as well. This is the reason why these men’s casual loafer shoes are mostly the favorite among all people.

4. Stitched Grey Loafers:

A cool design in casual loafers is the double stitching technique. This stitching is done in contrast color. The grey and the white combination is a great choice. This men’s casual penny loafer is a casual loafer that is very smart to look at and can be used for simple outings.

5. Stretchable Casual Loafers:

If you want to wear shoes for sporting activities, these stretchable casual loafers are absolutely a great option. They are not only very comfortable but are also very much stretchable in fitting your legs well into them. These loafers can be obtained in various colors and sizes, including men’s brown casual loafers too.

6. Buckle Casual Loafers:

A blue loafer is a stylish pattern that you can wear for your casual outings. The blue casual loafer has a metal buckle in the front that looks quite stunning. The stylish loafer is perfect in color as well so that you can wear it often. This loafer is a great shoe that you can use for your daily wear as such.

7. Lace-up Casual Loafers:

One of the best casual loafers is the lace-up loafer. The loafers come in various styles. They usually have a lace running around the shoe and this is tied up in the front. The contrasting color of the lace and the shoe is also something that adds to the charm.

8. Pigskin Casual Leather Loafers:

A different casual loafer is one that is made in leather with design elements on it. This pig skin black casual loafer is also something that can be worn for casual outings. The design is quite striking and will make heads turn. The addition of tassels gives it some character.

9. Wide Casual Loafers for Women:

These wide fit casual loafers are a great way to look smart and stylish. The wide fit of the loafers makes it easy for you to move around in them for a longer period of time. These comfortable loafers are casual wear that you can wear for outings.

10. Men’s Lined Leather Loafers:

These royal blue casual loafers are made in the UK, and are built from high quality durable suede that will always hold its shape and your feet too as well. The heel is reinforced for more comfortable protection and the loafer has fully natural leather lining, which makes it lightweight and comfortable. Being handcrafted, the quality is very high and it also has a gun metal colored buckle for a smart yet casual finish.

11. Multi-color Casual Loafers Men:

A multi-color driving loafer is a smart way to dress up. These are especially great for youngsters who love to flaunt their style. The multi-color includes white, black and a striking red. This makes the shoe look classy and stunning.

12. Navy Blue Casual Loafers:

If you are looking for a casual easy loafer wear, this is the one to get. These loafers deliver totally un-matched comfort, fantastic quality and gorgeous styling. These are designed mainly for men, which can be easily seen by its red and white threaded accent that adds more extra value to it. Can be worn with both semi-formals and casuals as well – thus expanding your style statement.

13. Espadrille Brown Leather Casual Loafer:

The espadrille casual loafers are another cool choice to make. These are supremely casual shoes that you can wear for any occasion. They are very comfortable and light. The feet feel great in these shoes as well.

14. Backless Casual Loafers:

A great casual loafer is the backless design. This loafer has a very low back support and this is easy to put on and remove. The casual Women loafers can be used for simple outings. The colors that these come in are varied and you can choose your best one.

15. Modern Slip On Suede Loafers:

You can choose this casual suede loafer as your own casual wear. These plain loafers are neat in design and are the slip-on kind. This is great for wearing them and is quite comfortable. The suede loafer is made in suede material with a pattern that is simple and stylish.

Casual loafers come in colour and styles that are great to choose from. The suede, canvas or other material casual penny loafers are perfect for any person. You can wear them are activities as well as for driving. The casual loafers give you the chance to wear your best feet forward. Both men and women wear the casual loafers and they make you look very dapper.

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