Ready with shopping for vacations! Have you had a pair of comfortable footwear also! The shoes also play an important role while getting ready for any party, event or merely a picnic. The shoes should also be comfortable enough for your legs so that you can travel with ease.

Just as formal apparels have formal shoes to carry along, the casuals also have their own style of casual shoes. The casual shoes add smartness to your personality when chosen fairly, made in leather, cloth, canvas, suede, rubber etc. with several colors.

Latest and Best Designs of Shoes in Casual Wear for Gents and Ladies:

Here are few amazing designs of casual shoes you would die to have in your collection:

1. Lace-up Casual Mens Shoes:

These shoes by Funeral are the perfect pair of casual shoes for men. The shoes are made with a lace-up design made from leather. The shoes come in various colors to select from. It comes with perfect lines and hand burnished tanning.

2. Opera Deck Casual Shoes for Men:

Want a stylish look for any casual event or say weddings! The opera deck shoes in the category of men’s casual shoes are the best to go with. The shoes in leather come with floral designs upgraded on it. The shoes are given a slight heel with side canvas for comfort. The shoe front is also given a buckle to add to its charm.

3. Sperry Casual Shoe for Womens:

A unique design in the casual shoe for womens is made with fine leather and given a lace work on the front and the sides. The shoes are also given a perfect stitch work in the front while the sides are given a tied boat look.

4. Multi Colored Women’s Casual Shoes:

Love to have that spontaneous look! Here is a sporty design for such girls. The casual shoes are given a dotted design with several colors. Made from canvas, the shoes are easy to clean and use. They are widely carried for beaches and other watery places as they have a tendency to dry soon.

5. Cut-out White Casual Women Shoes:

The women’s casual shoes are given a designer touch with the cut-out designs on it. The white shoes are given tiny cuttings which form floral designs on the synthetic pair. The shoes are made with a cushion texture on the lace to give utmost comfort to the wearer.

6. Floral Print Casual Shoe for Womens:

A casual shoes design widely carried for summers is the floral print casual shoes. The shoes are made with a combination of canvas and leather. They are also given slight heel with a tied-up lace pattern with similar tied sides design.

7. Summer Loafers’ Mens Casual Shoe:

Loafers have been the best casual shoes for men, widely worn in the springs to keep the feet safe from the hot weather. The loafers are made from leather and given a blurry design. The shoes are given red color scrapped design with a hook up design at the back side.

8. Moccasins Casual Shoes for Men:

The leather moccasins have proved to be the jazzy casual men shoes. The shoes in black shoes give a velvet appearance in the front side. There is also a buckle design made with black and white lace in a tucked-up design. The shoes are also given thick leather border to keep your ankle portion in comfort.

9. Espadrille Casual Shoe for Mens:

Looking for some sporty design in the casual shoes range for men! Here is a complacent design in espadrille pattern. The shoes are made from canvas and given a weaving design in the front and lower level.

10. Hudson Belafonte Casual Men’s Shoes:

Hudson casual men shoe has always been the best for every aspect. The canvas shoes are given a covering with net material. The net is given a dual net which gives a circular knitted pattern. With amazing border work, the shoes are comfortable for walking to long distances.

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11. Kid’s Casual Girls Shoes:

A cute design in ladies casual shoes is made with crochet material. The shoes in white are the prime choice for the teens of the colleges or for the beauties in the hospital. The shoes are also decorated with a bow made in white ribbon. The leafy design is suitable for skirts and shorts while traveling or on dates.

12. Casual Sneaker Shoes for Womens:

The Nike sneakers give a new definition to the fashion oriented women. Made from canvas, the shoes are given smooth flurry endings at the ankles which support the wearer. The front portion is also given a lace tie design. the tiny leafy designs on the shoes confronts it for any kind of casual wear.

13. Platform Heel Casual Shoes for Women:

A women’s casual shoe designs which justifies the choice of a women is the platform heel shoes design. Made from leather, the shoes are given a simple lace design which is given a heel from the front to the back. The design is given two color shades that is brown and black to give it a unique touch.

14. Casual Shoes with Zipper for Women:

The casual shoes for women with a zipper opening are quite in trend these days. The canvas shoes are given lace design in the front while the shoes are to be opened with a zip. The sides and the back is given a zip for a comfortable opening. The shoes are also given a black semicircular design which indicates the height of the shoe. It is widely worn on long jeans or skirts for a wow look to grab the vision.

15. Tom’s Checks Casual Men Shoe:

The tom’s casual shoes for men’s are famous for its versatility in the checks design they bring out. The canvas shoes are made with simple height with black and white checks in small, inspired by the chess board. The shoes are also given lace designs. It is the best carried out on black and white outfits for the best combination for vacations.

16. Foot Locker Men’s Casual Shoes:

A design introduced by Nike is the foot locker shoes design. The men’s shoes casual in black is made with a combination of leather, canvas and stretchable net material. The shoes are also given a dotted design and a lace touch which can be used or also kept as a pattern. The thick borders of the shoes are attached give utmost support to your legs while walking and hence, they are preferred for long distant journeys.

17. Metal Flame Casual Boys Shoes:

The side chain casual shoes are given a designer finishing with the flame design in the metal. The canvas shoes are available in various colors with a lace design which can be used or left tied. The shoes give a perfect contrast over jeans for a social event, party or merely night outs.

18. Party Wear Mens Casual Shoes:

Looking for a party wear casual shoe designs! Here you are with a glittering pair of shoes in golden color. The leather shoes are given golden plating with lace designs on the front. It is also given a mild heel to give comfort to the wearer. With a pointed front, the shoes are surely going to add some style to your casual outfit.

19. The Buckle Casual Men Shoes for Men:

The casual shoes for men are given a wondrous mixture of leather and metal to give it a new design. The shoes are made with leather and given two different buckles at the bottom and at the top to make it more alluring. The height of the shoes is stretched till the ankle with cushion pads for comfort. It also supports the ankles of the legs.

20. The Slim Casual Shoes for Men:

A shining leather shoes design for men with an ideal casual outlook is the slim casuals. The shoes are made with high quality of leather which gives a glamorous look. The shoes are given side openings with a buckled design. With a small heel, it is widely carried over jeans on parties.

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21. Denim Mens Casual Shoe:

Denim with denim is a great combination to wear for any kind of social event, function or merely for an outing. The men’s casual shoes are made with denim and leather to give a stupendous design. The shoes are made with denim material in blue while the locking, front, back and the lace strip is given a leather touch.

22. Strips Casual Shoe for Womens:

Women’s casual shoes have gained a new design for the casuals taking the strips design. The navy blue plain shoes are made from canvas with a velvety touch. The shoes are given a front and back which are covered. The strips form a design of a triangle while the sides are left open. The opening of the shoes is made through a buckle.

23. The Ballerina Casual Womens Shoes:

Loafers for women are given a new casual look with leather and coral charms for a delicate look. The shoes are given an open front with a single strip in cross in leather. The strip is decorated with corals in circular shape. The shoes also have a bow shape design on the front side. It is the best for any kind of casual dress for women.

24. Embroidery Casuals for Women:

The women’s casuals shoe are given an ethnic touch with embroidery work in pink and other bright colors in thread. The design covers the front part of the feet and the back part also. Available in various colors and designs to select from, they give a great view with any kind of casual dress and over traditional dresses too.

25. Tassel Casuals for Women:

Want to give your outfit a funky look giving a fashion statement on any social event or so! Try the tassel design in the casual shoes. The design is made from leather. The basic design is given a common sandal design which is surrounded with leather strips forming like a curtain. They give the casual outfits an adept look.

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26. Floater Casuals for Men:

Floaters have been the best choice by men for monsoon and summers. The casual men’s shoes are made with leather with a layer design. The leather shoes don’t allow water to remain on it and hence it is also an ideal wear for beach vacations. The shoes are also available in various colors.

27. Gladiator Casuals Shoe for Men:

A casual design which leaves your foot fingers free from any holding is quite selective for visits to beaches, long time traveling or for regular wear over jeans and shorts. The shoes are made from leather with two straps at the foot and at the top which are connected with a designing strip.

28. Breathable Casual Shoe for Men:

A waterproof casual shoes design made with leather is quite selective with the range of colors it offers. The shoes are given a net design with several circular holes. The design is well carried on shorts or jeans for summers and winters.

29. Vans Casuals for Men:

Vans have been popular for giving designs that are soft and serene for the casual collection of men. The design of the shoe is made in dual effect. The front part is left plain while the sides are given butterfly designs. The leather shoes are definitely for the jeans.

30. The Kitty High Casual Shoe for Womens:

Love wearing those childish designs still! Here is a similar design for casual women’s shoes. The high shoes in leather are made in pink. The sides and back is also given kitty prints while the front part is plain with a kitty face charm in cotton.

The casual shoes not only give you an opportunity to enjoy the leisure time with comfort, but also give your feet enough air circulation so that they remain hydrated. Priory they were available only in leather for men, but with the change in the fashion trends, they are now even available for women for a unique fashion statement.

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