Preparing for a corporate event or a casual party! Want to have a change in your look! Gone are the days when the formal look contained those heavy long coats. The new-look in trend is the casual vest designs. The sleeveless vests have given a judgmental look either on casual wear or formal wear. A well-fitted vest would add magnetism to your outlook with chinos or jeans for casual wear. You can also accompany it with a shirt or t-shirt.

Latest and Fashionable Designs of Casual Vests for Guys in Style:

Here are some designs of men’s casual vests for your wardrobe.

1. Sports Casual Vest:

A casual men’s vest design which is adorable to carry while travelling on vacations is the sports casual vest pattern. The black best is given broad sleeveless shoulders with four pockets and a zip to open wide. It gives a fashion stand to the men over shorts or jeans.

2. Dual Design Casual Vest:

A popular design among the teens is the dual design casual vests for men. The design carries a pattern with two vests inters stitched with each other. The inner vest in grey is given normal design while the outer brown vest is given two side pockets with a single button.

3. Denim Casual Vest:

A design prevalent for summer vacations is made from denim material. The design is given a shirt type look with a collar and sleeveless design. The vest is also given side pockets with complete buttons. The sleeves are also given a rough design to add some fashion.

4. Plaid Casual Vest:

A widespread design in grey which has stolen the hearts of many is given a plaid pattern embossed on it in dark. The casual design can be carried on jeans with a plain or printed shirt. It is also given three pockets and skin fit design, suitable to the bodybuilders.

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5. Hooded Type Casual Vest:

A funky design in men’s vests in casual is made using the hooded design. The vest design is carried out widely on springs or winters over jeans. The vest is given a zip opening with a cap design. There are also two slant pockets on the waist while two design pockets are given on the chest for patterns.

6. Open Casual Vest:

Floral men’s casual vest styles are quite widely held for casual parties, occasions or outings. The navy-blue vest is decorated with cream colour floral prints with an opening look. The vest is given narrow sleeve design with a single decorative button.

7. Layered Casual Vest:

Casual vests for guys made in woolen material are given several layered flaws which increase its look. It is inspired by the loose t-shirt designs with a deep neck from the front. It is carried over jeans and shorts for a stunning look for picnics or parties.

8. Tank Casual Vest:

The casual vest men’s design greatly comfortable for workouts and inspired by the tank top design. The vest is made with cotton material which soaks the sweat. It is widely carried out by bodybuilders to give their body a perfect outlook. It is also suitable for summers.

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9. Long Casual Vest:

A casual vest for men giving a hip look to the street boys is made with cotton silk material. The vest is inspired by the tank vests but given a long length till the knees with a very loose fitting. The design is the best seen on street dancers, music band players etc.

Men Casual Vest patterns is a form of jackets which come with a sleeveless design. They are available in cotton, silk, woolen like material which gives stays firm and doesn’t get messed. The designs not only complete the look of men but also add some striking guise to the wearer.

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