Cat eye glasses are a shape of women’s and men’s eye wear. They are extremely popular when it comes to sunglasses. These cat eye sunglasses or eye wear have a up sweep at the outer edges where the arms of the glasses join the frame in the front. They were a very common sunglasses shape in 1950s and 1960s and now are back in the fashion circuit. They were part of the retro style fashion and look really cool and fashionable.

Stylish and Beautiful Cat Eye Sunglass Designs for Men and Women in Trend:

Here we will have a look into the top 10 amazing designs of sunglasses with cat eye shape.

1. Thin Frame Cat Eye Sunglass:

This is a basic cat eye frame for both men as well as women. This is a thin wild cat that means a leopard print cat eye frame. Well pointed frame which is broad that perfectly fits the face is what makes this frame easy to carry.

2. White Cat Eye Sunglasses:

White is a classic colour and can never go wrong with a woman for her favourite accessory being sunglasses. This was the famous retro eye wear. These are pointed at the temple and have a broad frame with black lens.

3. Oversized Cat Eye Sunglass:

These oversized cat eye sunglasses are the newest fashion accessory for women. They look sexy and are a must have in a woman’s accessory list. The classic black colour lens and the black stylish oversized cat eye is a lovely combination.

4. Black Cat Eye Sunglasses:

Another classic and never out of fashion colour combination is black frame with light violet shades. They are just lovely and don’t need a specific occasion for it to flaunt. They are the best cat eye sunglasses for women to wear it for outdoor activities and for daily wear too.

5. Curved Cat Eye Mens Sunglasses:

This is a unique style of sunglasses for men. The frame is cat eye but is curved at the top too. The frame is held with metal at the centre. The frame has a bold yet cool look which can be sported by men for any occasion. This cat eye frame looks amazing in shades of brown for men.

6. Designer Cat Eye Sunglass:

These lovely dark designer sunglasses are for both men as well as women. This designer cat eye glasses are jet black framed with dark black lens. This is a unique vintage half metal framed cat eye sunglass. This one being high on fashion is elegance personified.

7. Branded Golden Cat Eye Sunglasses:

This is the TOM FORD branded golden Nastasya Cat eye sunglass. As the name is Nastasya, women who like to be secretive, reserved and keep a cool head can sport this just like their character. Mirrored lens and in gold is just the required one for that quintessential modern woman.

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8. Pink Designer Cat Eye Sunglass:

Women and pink are like bread and butter, always together. These pink designer cat eye sunglasses are perfect for a lunch out or for a day outing to a beach etc. The shape is so unique with that lovely pink and that black designer element at the temples, that it is a super hit among women.

9. Vintage Indie Round Cat Eye Sunglass:

This is one classic vintage sunglass for women. Indie fashion is very much in with people opting for unique and different stuff. This is a round frame with high pointed temples creating the elegant cat eye frame. The frame is fully made of metal wire lining. The colour is brown which is perfect for any season.

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10. Best Cat Eye Sunglass:

One look at this sunglass and this spells the magic with the name and the frame. Truly cat eye sunglass as the lens is cut out in the shape of a cat’s face. The lens is brown and the frame has a golden dangling chain with it which is attached to a floral metal piece.

Perfect cat eye shape, unique, designer, vintage, classy colours are some of the characteristics which make any cat eye framed sunglasses stand out. The numerous shades in the lens also make it a must have with most of the lens having the required amount of UV protection as desired. There should be a one cat eyed glasses in everyone’s closet be it men or women!!

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