Is Cauliflower Good For Pregnant Women?

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It is that time when everyone around you is pampering you owing to your pregnancy. You can get away with idling around all day. However, despite its perks, you need to take good care of your little one’s health. One wrong step and it could affect the growth of your child. This includes your diet and eating habits as well. Talking of which, all this while you’ve considered cauliflower to be a boon, but is the same applicable during pregnancy? This article will answer that for you by the end.

Cauliflower During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Cauliflower In Pregnancy:

While there are innumerable food items that can be included in your ‘must have’ category, cauliflower certainly is an important constituent. A lot of nutrients can be passed down having just a cup of this cooked vegetable. So in case you’re wondering if it’s safe- yes, but with certain limitations of course. This guide should help you get your mind wrapped around all of that.

♦ Let us First Cover the Benefits:

1. Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin C which is an important source to maintaining a healthy body and mind.

2. Folate is another constituent that is necessary for the child’s growth and Cauliflower is abundantly rich in Folate.

3. Being rich in Calcium, cauliflower promotes a healthy growth of the bones of your baby.

4. Cauliflower is rich for your heart since it is rich in fiber and can be taken on a daily basis as your lunch or dinner. This reduces your cholesterol levels, thus keeping your body healthy.

5. Cauliflower is known to improve your body’s immunity power owing to the antioxidants that it has, which in turn helps you keep yourself active and your child healthy during birth.

6. Rich in zinc, selenium and sodium, having cauliflower during pregnancy is most certainly a good idea, since it helps balance the sac nutrients and in turn make sure the baby isn’t born underweight.

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♦ Risks Of Consuming Cauliflower During Pregnancy:

1. Cauliflower despite its benefits should be taken in decent amounts that are nothing over the top. This is because of the minor risks that it poses.

2. Cauliflower is known for the heartburn and constipation troubles that it leaves behind. It isn’t suitable for either you or your baby to suffer from either of the two and hence try to consume within an amount suggested by your doctor.

3. Being a vegetable without an outside covering, it is home to many insects that over time leave behind their residues which might be fatal for you.

There are of course precautions for avoiding these risks and once you do, there is all but good news about having a cauliflower.

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♦ Precautions:

1. Make sure you cook the vegetable even when you’re preparing just salads, because it is laced with worms that can cause troubles for your child if gulped down by mistake.

2. Wash off the cauliflower well to drain it out of all the dirt and pesticides that you bought it with.


3. Be wary of the harmful bacteria and parasites left in the washed water. Don’t use it for any sort of broth making.

Thus to end, despite all the advices, not everything you eat is necessarily the right choice. However, having a cauliflower isn’t a bad thing- but only as long as it is kept within moderation and washed well every single time before consuming and cooking.

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