Many a loud wailing has been subdued even before the light of the world was seen. Many a times, life has been abruptly put to an end without thinking about consequences. Healthy pregnancy is when that little baby inside you is allowed to grow and when we talk about abortion, it means an abrupt ending to the little life growing in you which is deliberate in action for self benefit or societal pressure.

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Abortion Symptoms And Causes:

Even though abortion is strongly discouraged the graphs has still shown their existence in heavy amounts in all over the world and therefore today we discuss the causes and symptoms of abortion.

Causes of Abortion:

Here we have given some main reasons or causes of abortion.

1. Medical History:

Often at times it would be very much possible that a mother or father’s faulty gene passes on to the child. At this point of time, the child still growing in the mother’s ovary is not strong enough to fight this illness. As a result, a lot many time the baby might be suffering inside and at times like this the mother or the family may opt for an abortion just to put the baby out of his misery. This is why in the early fetus stage, the family is asked to give a detailed document of all the running medical history of the family.

2. Societal Pressure:

This is one of the leading causes for abortion where a recent study conducted has targeted the teenage group, the late teens to be one of the most fertile times for a girl to conceive. Youth and fun frolic goes hand in hand and thus, another study supporting the former said a huge number of pregnancy cases are teen related. Now society plays a huge role in determining the baby’s fate. In western countries, this even though is frowned upon by some, is now slowly accepted this reason but some of the developing countries still is dealing with this issue. Many times fear of the society may lead to the parent’s taking such a dire decision.

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3. Female Genocide:

Mostly prevalent in the non-western countries, in a huge rate is the deliberate ending of a child’s life simply based on the baby’s gender. Girl child is still a strong issue mostly in the rather orthodox corners where bearing of a girl child is not appreciated. As a result, many times the family members themselves force the mother to take this path.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Abortion:

Abortion is mainly going under the knife to destroy the little life growing in you. This is primarily an operation that a mother has to undergo, however there are often some preparations required for this. Here we gave 10 main signs and symptoms of abortion that will helpful to you.

1. Physical Strength:

Much like the baby’s strength is needed, the mother before performing a surgery needs to have a certain amount of physical strength otherwise in dire cases, and the operation might lead to the death of not only the child but the mother too.

2. Bleeding:

Often you would notice yourself bleeding which grows from light to heavy with the passing days. At this time, you may either be experiencing a miscarriage or about to. This situation calls for an abortion if conditions are too dire.

3. Weakness:

A baby in you will take up your entire space. It will feed from you, share from you and live in you and in the process slowly drain you of the energy. Much like that a normal operation to abort the child would also have an effect on your health. For the first few days, usually the mother feels weak and sickly.

4. Pain:

Often when the natural process is harmed, the baby is taken out abruptly and thus a pain may reside in your abdomen for about a week. This ranges from a mild stinging to a soft but relevant pain usually when you abdomen area experiences pressure.

5. Back Pain:

One of the most seen symptoms of abortion is the back pain (mild or severe). It is one of the prime symptoms of women who go through abortion and this can be easily detected by both men as well as women, since sometimes the pain will be intolerable and people will have a hard time dealing with it. People who already have back issues can figure out the amount of pain they will be facing after going through this point. The back pain is one of the most seen symptoms in young women as well. There is no way you can avoid this.

6. Cramps:

Cramps are also common after abortions. People will be facing leg cramps or back cramps after they go through the process of abortion. It is one of the most common symptoms in women who is having an abortion at an age which is comparatively more than what happens normally. Cramps are really a pain the rear and can ruin your day. There are obviously certain remedies that can provide a physical relief from the cramps (that lasts for a long time and reduces the pain effectively). Women who are dealing with cramps after abortion are recommended to consult the doctors (physicians).

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7. Abdominal Pain:

A person will be facing severe pain in the abdominal portion if she has gone through the stage of abortion. We all might know that how painful the process is. But the pain doesn’t just go away. It seems as if the whole body is aching after you have gone through the process. The abdominal portion can be said to be one of the most affected portions of a woman who has faced abortion. The pain is sever and the symptom is common in women (irrespective of their age).

8. Vaginal Bleeding:

The symptoms of abortion don’t just end. Among all the abortion symptoms, this one f the most irritating one, according to women. Women often face this symptom and sometimes the bleeding issue gets sever. There will be times, when you there will blood flow along with your urine as well. Women will have to deal with a lo after they undertake the abortion procedure.

9. Spotting:

Spotting can be said to be one of the most seen symptoms of abortion. After abortion women face symptoms such as spotting which generally takes place on the skin surrounding the vagina. A lot of women show a common tendency of confusing it with the left over blood spots from mensuration.

10. Fatigue:

Fatigue can be said to be one of the most probable symptoms of abortion. A lot of woman face it and it can be said to be one of the frequently occurring abortion symptoms. Fatigue will stick to the body like gum and paper.


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