When your grandmother talks about her childhood days, she might have mentioned some common diseases, their source and cure, at that point in time, unknown and mystical. You must have noticed her speak about diarrhoea among the various diseases narrated by your grandmother.

What was once considered mystical and deadly now has a proper ailment, but such was not the case during those times. The people ignorant of the causes were hopeless. In a desperate attempt to find a treatment for it, the doctors lost lives in experiments. With the days rolling by, new studies were conducted, new stories were scrutinized, and now diarrhoea can easily be curable with proper treatment at the proper time.

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Before we go into diarrhea causes, let us know what it is. Often, we have one of those days a year when your bathroom is your only friend. The frequent runs to the bathroom combined with flowing water like bowel is what, in medical terms, we call diarrhea. Often forcing their visit for a week or so, this is usually not at all the serious kind. However, its presence will mock your everyday routine since all that happens is the constant need to pass out the bowel, which is extremely watery in consistency.

The word ‘diarrhea’ has been taken from the Late Latin word ‘diarrhoea’, which meant through for ‘dia’ and flow for ‘rheo’. Like many other diseases, these can be of two separate natures. Acute diarrhea is a fast-action condition where the consequences are felt immediately, which can be as deadly as death due to improper care or treatment.

They stay for a week or so and are mostly common in developing countries as they claim to affect the children, mostly depriving them of their lives. The chronic kind is more long-lasting and slowly progressing. Their actions are revealed at a much later stage.

Doctors categorize diarrhoea into three sections. Osmotic diarrhoea is where it has been noticed that a substance, instead of gelling in with our body, draws water from our body and adds it to our bowel. The substance is described as a white sugary substitute, sorbitol, adding water to the faeces.

The next kind is exudative diarrhea, which is mainly caused due to colitis or bowel inflammation where blood and pus release themselves through the liquefied stool. Secretory diarrhea is the third kind, where the body itself flushes the water from our body through the bowels even though it is not supposed to. Some of the common causes and symptoms relating to diarrhea disease can be enlisted below:

Causes And Symptoms Of Diarrhea:

Causes Of Diarrhea:

1. Strong Medications:

Constant use of medications, especially antibiotics, can be why your body is strongly malfunctioning and rejecting constant medical assistance. Prescribed antibiotics, if needed, are necessary for better health, but too many of them might cause reverse reactions.

2. Lifestyle:

Alcohol is a spirit form of liquid incompatible with our body. However, our body has a strong immunity and strength to withstand irregularities often. Once already exposed to irregularity, one needs to give the body some time to regenerate itself. Consumption of too much alcohol in every single day’s notice might be why your body is flushing them out through your bowel canal.

3. Bacterial:

These are the kinds of bacteria most common in characteristic and probably the most common cause of its occurrence. The main sources for this are the bacteria present in soiled or contaminated food and water, which the body might consume due to ignorance. The usual bacteria responsible for this are salmonella, campylobacter, shigella, etc.

4. Viral:

Like bacterial, viral causes may also lead to the occurrence of diarrhea. The virus types responsible are mainly norovirus or rotavirus. This condition is known and prone to spread easily.

5. Excessive Caffeine:

This is probably a cause that is under your control. Usually, the consumption of too much caffeine in a day might be the source of your diarrhea every once a month. This stirs up the harmless diarrhea symptoms, but even then, with too much caffeine in your system, you might be edging towards a serious one after all.

6. Pre-existent Bowel Infection:

Sometimes diarrhea occurs due to a pre-existing bowel infection. Sometimes, a person will be infected with some of the most common bowel infection symptoms, which might further lead to diarrhea. So, if you have a bowel infection, it is recommended to get rid of that first, or it might be one of the causes of diarrhea.

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7. Alcohol:

Too much alcohol has been said to be one of the prime causes of diarrhea caused by experts doctors. A person who is addicted to alcohol has a higher chance of going down the symptoms of diarrhea compared to a person who takes a few drinks every month. One will not have to stop drinking permanently, but one will surely have to reduce the amount or number of daily drinks.

8. Food Allergy:

If you’re allergic to food or some fruits, then there is a chance that you will be infected or affected by the different diarrhea symptoms. Sometimes, one cannot identify or figure out which food will be harmful to them. These are the times when the person will be going down with diarrhea. Food allergy is thus one of the most common diarrhea causes.

9. Appendicitis:

Appendicitis is the pain in the appendix caused due to some internal problem. One will face appendix pains if they have a weak appendix or some infection in the appendix that might have been transmitted during birth.

10. Intestine Issues:

One will suffer from diarrhea if they have some intestine problems. Suppose that person has some damage caused to the lining of the intestines; then there is a chance they will suffer from diarrhea. Diarrhea is just a step away if any damage is caused to the intestine line.

The Usual Symptoms Of Diarrhea:

1. Dehydration:

With the body water flowing out of your body faster than it should, the water content in your body drops to levels below its original. Our body requires sufficient water, and dehydration sets in when it feels the water shortage. Drying the mouth and throat is a common example. Once we drink water, the water excuses itself through the bowel movements, which again causes dehydration.

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2. Fever and Fatigue:

Along with the gushing out of the water through your bowels, another main symptom of diarrhea is fever and illness. This may be mild if the condition is common and not severe. With the severity of the condition increasing, the fever might take an ugly turn with chills and a red-hot temperature. With fever, the body loses its ability to function as hard as it should, and this is where the fatigue sets in.

3. Appetite Loss:

The main reason why one might want to avoid food right now is because of their decreasing appetite. The bowel inside the body right now has no barring, which means the body completely empties itself of the remnants of the food and water. The fever and the tiredness make us lose our appetite.

4. Abdomen Pain:

This, however, is a soft, mild pain in the edges of the lower abdomen, suggesting that there is something wrong with the bowel movements. This might even, at times, be showcased in the form of abdomen bloating.

5. Headache:

Don’t know about it? Don’t worry; a lot of people don’t. This is one of the unknown symptoms of diarrhea. One can suffer from severe headaches during the phase of diarrhea. It is pretty natural and can happen to almost anyone.

6. Vomiting:

Another group of popular symptoms of diarrhea includes vomiting. One will face vomiting problems during the time they are suffering from diarrhea. Vomiting during diarrhea is common, and a person will have to face nausea and vomiting. This is one of the most sighted symptoms of diarrhea.

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7. Improper Urination:

There will be an improper flow of urine when a person suffers from diarrhea. Urination problems are one of the most natural diarrhea symptoms. There are times when one will stop to urinate infrequently.

8. Bad Looks:

This means that one will look extremely sick and unwell. If a person suffers from diarrhoea, they will look unwell and sick. This is one of the most sighted symptoms of diarrhea.

9. Cold Feet and Hands:

Your hands and feet will go cold if there is improper functioning of the immunity system. A person’s hands and feet will be cold throughout the day and can continue for more than a day. This is a probable sign of diarrhea.

10. Mottled Skin:

Mottled or pale skin is a symptom of diarrhea. Rather, it can be said to be one of the most sighted diarrhea symptoms. No beauty product can fix this issue. One will still have to trust doctors and medication for this process. It is pretty common and can happen to both women and men.


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