The flu has become as natural today as any other disease such as the common cold. The flu is usually oriented to allergies as it causes the person to retain the flu from the weather or by inhaling any substance that they are allergic to. It creates a very sick and nauseating atmosphere for the patient. The flu is generally transferred from direct physical contact or due to certain atmospheric conditions which are suitable for the multiplication of the virus. The flu is primarily a virus which is not very different from viral fever. The most relevant difference between the flu and viral fever is that the variety of medicine needing to be consumed may differ greatly,. But otherwise certain causes and symptoms match that of a fever or viral fever.

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The flu in earlier times used to add to the death toll in cities around the world as the treatment was highly experimental or not available entirely. The flu was treated like cancer in earlier times and people suffering with the flu were kept quarantined for days at a time, but after an understanding set in of the similarities of this virus with the virus of viral fever treatment started on a wider scale giving the people hope and a fighting chance.

Symptoms And Causes Of Flu (Influenza):

This article will guide you about what are main causes (reasons) and signs or symptoms of the flu in men and women that make you aware about this problem.

Causes of Flue (Influenza):

There are several causes of the flu some of which are given below to maintain a better understanding of this disease:

1. Contact:

Normally flu spreads through contact with another person. flu is viral in nature, that means it can be transferred from one person to another through immediate physical contact. flu can spread like wildfire and is normally confused with viral fever which also gives you fever and has similar symptoms to flu fever. flu patients can suffer with symptoms such as cold shivers, temperature spikes of as high as 105 degrees Celsius, inability to move. All these symptoms are consistent with viral fever. Sometimes people require hospitalization when they are having fever spikes of 104 to 105 degrees Celsius. The flu gives you a hard time for the first few days but with the administering of daily medication and care this flu will slowly dissipate, it is a guarantee that the medical companies and doctors alike can now provide.

2. Cold And Cough:

There is a point in the day that you will come across or be in contact with a person suffering with a cold. It may be possible that this person has the flu and you are unaware of this fact. If you are in contact with this person with a cold it is likely you will get the flu too. If you have a cold there is a great chance that you will get a fever. It is actually medically proven that during a cold having a fever is a mandatory feature. A cold drastically drops your blood pressure causing a feeling of weakness and spiking temperatures in the body due to constant body temperature changes from low to high. The flu is the cause of radical changes in body temperature and a constant cough which is not only painful for a congested chest but also causes a safety alert for your family members and friends who may also catch the sickness when in contact with you.

3. Loss Of Energy:

Normally any sickness like a flu will drain you of all the energy you have. With a good rest you will still feel too weak to get up and go about with your daily work. It gets very difficult to stay awake even with a good nights sleep. A person is extremely likely to feel lethargic, dispirited and nauseated. The reason for the nausea is allergies, allergies are a unique concept in regards to the flu, allergies spike a fever which in turn reduces your energy levels drastically. This weakness can be evaluated on two concepts, one is that you need necessary nourishment that is vitamins and minerals that your body is not getting and second is that you are getting a fever most likely the flu. Therefore visit the doctor for a general checkup and get the necessary medication that the body needs to function and fight the flu effectively.

4. Weak Immune System:

It has been seen that people with weak immune system are more likely to get infected with flu. As they inhale the droplets in the air containing the virus, they allow the entry of the virus into their body and because of their weak immunity system, they get easily infectious to the flu. This is one of the most prominent causes of the flu.

5. Different Types Of Viruses:

There is more than one type of influenza virus which is responsible for the flu. The three different types of influenza viruses are type A, type B, type C. The viruses have one thing in common that they spread in the similar manner that is through contact. One can easily come in contact with the touch of a person carrying this virus and the former might get infected with the harmful influenza viruses.

6. Improper Hygiene:

This is yet another important causes of flu. It can be said to be one of the most known flu causes. If someone doesn’t maintain a proper hygiene routine or resides in a dirty environment, he or she is more likely to get infected with the flu. One of the best ways to stop this is to live a clean and decorated life and avoid unhygienic environments.

7. Winter Seasons:

It is pretty common to get infected with flu viruses during the winters. The different viruses of flu live and grow stronger and faster during the winter times due to lack of sunlight. People also become lazy during winters and avoid going out of their houses. In short it can be said that they stay indoors most of the time with the viruses. This is how they get infected with the flu.

8. Bacteria Containing Liquid:

It has been proved that in certain places, the liquid contains harmful bacteria which causes the flu. Most people don’t know about this which is a shame. Washing your hands with or applying bacteria-containing water on your face or on your body might get you infected with flu.

9. Animals:

The type A influenza viruses are found in many animals such as pigs, horses, ducks, etc. These animals are often infected with the flu virus and coming in contact with them might insert the influenza virus inside you. Stay safe and try to maintain distance from these animals especially during the flu seasons.

10. Weak Lungs:

Want to know about the flu symptoms? If you have weak lungs, then there is a 60% chance that you will get infected with flu. Whenever we catch a cold our body tries to defend itself with the help of secretion of a gland. Weak lungs, however, is a disadvantage if you catch a cold. This means that the symptoms of cold will last for a long period which will lead to a flu. A lot of people are not really aware of this particular cause of flu.

Symptoms Of Flu:

There are several symptoms of the flu some of which are mentioned below for a wider understanding on the subject so that at the end of the day necessary precautions can be made.

1. Temperature Spikes:

Another symptom of a fever and flu are radical temperature spikes. The normal temperature of an average person is 99.8 degrees Celsius and the temperature of a person suffering with the flu is above a hundred degrees but not more than a hundred and three  degrees and higher. There is non fooling around with this sickness as it can make you feel extremely uncomfortable. Nausea causes you to vomit out all the food that you eat depriving your body of nourishment making you further sick. Flu causes the body temperature to rise above a natural fever making it a little more deadly than viral fever.

2. Headaches:

Headaches are also a symptom of flu. These are generally caused when there is just too much exertion in regards to the brain. Too much mucus build up due to a flu induced cold leads to low energy levels which in turn may cause a fever. Headaches are a prime symptom of flu and people are generally more prone to headaches because of the pressure the brain and body is put under.

3. Energy Loss:

Energy loss is generally caused due to a nauseated feeling in the body. The head will swing making you feel that you need to lie down and get some rest. Congested nose and chest due to the cold and the fever to add to the problems is a complete concoction of discomfort and sickness.

4. Sore Throat:

If you have a sore throat for quite some time then it might mean that you are infected with the flu. You will feel thirsty most of the time and this one of the worst symptoms of a flu. A sore throat can be really difficult to manage. The inflammation is mainly caused by the flu viruses and the pain in the throat will get severe if you don’t take proper measures.

5. Stuffy Nose:

A blocked or stuffy nose is one of the most common flu symptoms. Along with a stuffy nose, a running nose is also one of the most common symptoms of influenza. Managing such a nose condition is a pain in the rear and this might stand up to be one of the worst symptoms ever if you don’t fix it within time.

6. Body Aches:

Headaches (already discussed) are just a start. Body ache is the real deal. When your head pains it is really difficult. Combine that feeling with a body ache, where the arms, back, chest, waist, etc are also aching. You won’t be able to work properly, sit properly, etc. One cannot even sleep properly. Such a mental condition is hard to control.

7. Diarrhea:

Stomach issues are also really common during the flu. Diarrhea is one of the most familiar flu symptoms. Such increased frequency of bowel movements is will be hard to control and can break down anyone mentally and physically. Chronic pains may be also associated with such bowel conditions.

8. Vomiting:

Another symptom of influenza is vomiting. If you vomit a lot, then you should consider seeing a doctor. You might be infected with flu. Vomiting is basically the forceful exclusion of food contents in the stomach. Since you can catch the flu from eating food which might have been infected with germs and bacteria, vomiting is pretty common during such a physical condition. One can easily get infected with the flu by eating food materials from an unhygienic environment. This may also lead to other stomach issues such as gastric, acidity, etc.

9. Chills And Sweats:

One will experience sudden chills when they are infected with flu. Sweating a lot might also mean that you’re infected with the flu virus. One of the most common symptoms of flu is the random sweating. One will sweat pretty frequently irrespective of the weather. For example – you will sweat while you’re sleeping and might even sweat while taking a shower. This will be accompanied by body aches and random headaches. It is time that you go and see a doctor.

10. High Fever:

High fever is one of the most familiar flu symptoms. If you have a body temperature above 100F which is equals 38C then you should consider yourself a victim of the flu. The fever will last for more than two days and this is the peak time for getting severely sick. One cannot just neglect this symptom of the flu. Almost all men and women have been infected with the flu in their life and will know what is being discussed here.

Flu is one of the most common diseases that we often experience and above are the top10 causes and symptoms of this infection. It is recommended that you go through them once so that you can figure out what you’re dealing with and what to do if you are the victim of this viral infection.


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