Jaundice is not exactly a disease as per medical facts go. And, Jaundice cannot be classified by the name disease but the proper definition to this word will be visual signs of an underlying disease progressing within. Jaundice itself is a symptom condition where the signs of a disease expanding underneath are announced by a person’s certain appearance. This visual characteristic of the appearance is what has been termed as jaundice. It is usually categorized by the yellow tinge the skin gets on its arrival.

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The bone marrow running down our back is the producer of blood cells where every time it produces a handsome amount of cells known as stem cells which then segregates itself into red and white and plasma cells. The presence of hemoglobin makes the cell red. When this cell energy breaks down the hemoglobin is partly released into blood with a small portion of it undergoing a chemical reaction which gives birth to bilirubin, a byproduct formation.

Usually the bilirubin is passed out of our body in the form of bile excretion by the liver. Before this, the liver metabolizes the bilirubin. It is a hindrance in the normal working of the procedure that causes problems in metabolism or creation of bilirubin which is why the jaundice is known to occur.

Coming from the French word ‘jaune’ meaning yellow, jaundice is a skin discoloration along with the increased mucous levels in the body caused by the increase in the amount of bilirubin. Our eyes, the white fleshy portion just behind the pupil gets affected too. When jaundice occurs in a newborn baby the condition is termed as neonatal jaundice. Then jaundice is also prominent in adults caused by various underlying disease which at times maybe life threateningly distressful.

However in kids, the effect of jaundice is somewhat sated and controlled. Yet another form of jaundice is termed as pre hepatic jaundice which is mainly formed due to infection which causes the red blood cells to disintegrate more rapidly than it should. Intra hepatic jaundice is caused due to malfunction of the liver where production of bilirubin is lessened.

Causes And Symptoms Of Jaundice:

This article will educate you about what are the main and basic reasons and effects of jaundice, that will help to check out yourself whenever.

Causes Of Jaundice:

Below we have list of 10 main causes of jaundice that can be defined as:

1. Blood Disorder:

Certain blood disorder diseases ranging from the softest to the most life threatening disease can be responsible for jaundice. It is noticed often that most of these blood disorders target the red blood cells and their production. Such as leukemia or blood cancer, anemia, sickle cell to be precise, thalassaemia, malaria etc. these are mainly pre hepatic disease caused due to abnormality in red blood cell.

2. Bilirubin:

Often it is either due to the increase in bilirubin in the body or due to lack of appropriate bilirubin. Bilirubin is produced by the hemoglobin breakdown and a chemical reaction. Thus change in bilirubin level affects the blood and vice versa.

3. Bad Liver:

Liver conditions are directly related to jaundice. This is essentially when the liver functions haphazardly or in an unorganized way. This then causes the body’s immune system to focus on the liver cells. While the bilirubin formed from chemical reaction awaits it metabolizing by the liver, the bilirubin production or everyday routine is damaged. This may cause either excess production or lack. Alcoholic disturbance in the liver, hepatitis are some of the example.

4. Blockage In Bile Duct:

The bilirubin after being metabolized and mixed with the intestinal fluids are eventually released from our body through the bile duct. Often there are stones in the bile duct or the acute case of hernia where the organs push through and crowd at the urethra. At such point release of the bilirubin in the form of bile is not possible. Gallstones might also pose a hindrance. The same goes for tumor conditions in the intestinal area or bile ducts. Pregnancy is yet another mature factor that might block or narrow the bile ducts causing passage of bile difficult.

5. Newborn:

Your new born baby boy might also have a risk of getting jaundice but these are healthier and controlled in nature and does not do any harm if proper treatment is done. The new born children have a different blood composition than adults and after birth when they lose their kind to form ours, a lot of bilirubin is formed which may sometimes lead to jaundice.

6. Malaria:

Malaria is one of the most incidental causes of jaundice because of the vector of these similar diseases being the same. The mosquito carries a variety of diseases when travelling from person to person and since jaundice is like a more elaborate version of malaria leading to high fever and discoloration of skin pigments it is directly related to malaria.

7. Gall Stones:

Gall bladder disorders very normally lead to extreme pain, high fever and discoloration in some cases of the hips and body. The gall stones also cause extreme pain which when left alone for a long time is a direct result of jaundice. Gallbladder disorders come and go and if treated properly and in time people can help prevent the latter stages of jaundice which is quite troubling once it sets in.

8. Inflammation of The Bile Duct:

The bile duct is a very important part of the body as it helps to break down excess fat and protein to help your body grow but when inflamed there can be a massive build up of bile in your body leading to visible discoloration of skin, high fever and constant vomiting which is more commonly known as jaundice. The bile duct can be soothed with the right medication but it needs to be done on time so as to not allow the jaundice causes to take root and build in your body.

9. Thalassaemia:

Also very commonly known as sickle cell anemia, is a disease which causes malnutrition and discoloration of skin pigments for people of all ages. This can be treated but the treatment is a long process both medically and home remedy wise. Malnutrition can cause many after affects like bile build up, gallstones and so on which are all causes of jaundice.

10. Pancreatic Cancer:

Cancer is a very dangerous disease which eats at your body the longer you deal with it. The pancreas is an important source for bile in your body which helps to break down food for energy but when suffering with pancreatic cancer the pancreas obviously malfunctions causing a severe reaction of bile build up that very efficiently leads to jaundice most of the time. It is best to deal with the cancer as fast as possible to help avoid such an issue.

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Symptoms Of Jaundice:

Some of the common signs and symptoms of jaundice are give below for you:

1. Skin Discoloration:

A major factor that determines jaundice is the pale yellow skin tone that forms immediately after one is affected with jaundice. This is essentially all a symptom someone needs to detect jaundice. The white fleshy part of our eyes and mucous distribution in our body reacts badly too alongside the skin damages. The whites of the eyes turn a slight yellow tint too.

2. Abdominal Pain:

While the bile and bilirubin along with it tries to escape through the bile duct, the gall stones or hernia might be keeping it from exiting the body. The body at such a point has no use of this processed left over bile so it rejects the bile and thus the bile has nowhere to go other than try to escape. This might at time cause abdominal pain suggesting bile duct blockage. The same goes for change in color or consistency of stool such as clay colored or white excreta might suggest the presence of gall stones.

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3. Fever And Chills:

Jaundice brings with itself a huge fever with burning hot body temperature and shivering bone cutting chills. As one lays bed ridden and helpless, this usually signifies the presence of hepatitis. Sweating may follow and then there is the constant vomiting of almost everything one has had in the past few hours. This makes the body all the more tired and exhausted.

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4. Itching:

Jaundice also causes skin itching for an abnormal kind. There is a persistent itch that follows.

5. Sudden Weight Loss:

As mentioned above in the causes, symptoms of jaundice cause severe malnutrition at times due to malfunctions in the pancreas and bile duct. If you see that you suddenly have lost a whole lot of weight in a matter of just a few days chances are that you are suffering with jaundice and need medical help immediately.

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6. Excretion For The Babies:

Excretion is something that only happens to children and since babies are quite prone to jaundice it is a very common matter. Jaundice must be treated immediately when it comes to babies making it your first priority when you see your baby facing any symptoms related to jaundice.

7. Tiredness:

Lethargy or tiredness comes from your body not being able to process the right amounts of energy for your body properly and regularly. This could mean an issue of either your stomach or your pancreas which is the main organ for energy distribution in your body. If suffering from extreme lethargy and weight loss it is necessary to get help immediately in regards to curing jaundice.

8. Loss Of Appetite:

If your body is unable to process the energy required from food in an appropriate manner then a person would suffer with something called loss of appetite which implies that your body is not being able to process any edible substance easily causing you to feel not only lethargic but weak as well.

9. Rectal Bleeding:

This is a more elaborate symptom of jaundice and is a direct sign to show you that you need to treat the problem immediately. It is direct results of prolonged fever along with severe bile build up in the body causing a rupture in the pancreas, stomach or rectal tract causing bleeding. Rectal issues can be dealt with by soothing the area with medication so that the main issue which is jaundice can then be dealt with.

10. Nausea And Vomiting:

The buildup of bile in the bile duct can cause extreme nausea and vomiting to help gets rid of this build up. If you see that you are suffering with vomiting and nausea for more than four days then it is highly likely that you are suffering with jaundice. Nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of an early stage of jaundice and can be treated in the appropriate manner. Taking medical advice in this situation is the best way to get about curing any jaundice symptoms.


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