Last year when my mother had to check in to the hospital for the second time due to the same fractured toe fractured again, the doctors wrote on her report saying she had osteoporosis. On research, I found out this is a Greek word where the former words ‘osteo’ meant bones with the later ‘porosis’ meaning perforation which when we combine together, it forms porous bones. This is a much dramatic word however the bones do form porous at one point due to prolonged ignorance.

It starts with the bone density lowering more than usual which causes a case of brittle bones where the bones are as easy to crack as a cracker biscuit. Usually bones from any part of the body can suffer this consequence however the limbs are the most common place. It can be the wrist of your hand or your feet, your knee or elbow joint and so on. The bone due to this disease tends to become thinner and more fragile causing the bones to break easily.

If someone with this disease is not careful and falls down, he is sure to break the significant bone cause of its brittle nature. With age this disease expands more and more maybe into your spine or hip joint and more on. It may be just a fact for now but the osteoporosis is mainly known to affect the female section of the society especially women after they have crossed the threshold of mid life. usually from their 50s and above. This is because the menopause happens sometime before you reach your 50s and the bones are supposedly turning less denser once the hormonal changes start after menopause. This might be the reason why most of the osteoporosis patients are females. This disease reaches into the human body and destroys the bone structure.

If you have had fracture cases of more than twice in an year, your doctor will give you a thorough X-ray and then determine your position with the bone mass or density. The more the age the more porous your bones will be. Often the treatment includes the patient consuming vitamin D or calcium in excess level to counteract the perforated bones. Once you pile in to your doctor for advice, you will be handed a strict chart for dietary measures along with proper exercises to counteract the easily breakable bone density. Over the US, survey revealed as much as 40 million people suffering or being a suspect of osteoporosis and having said that, it is of paramount importance that a person should be aware of the causes, that are caused for this condition.

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Osteoporosis Symptoms And Causes:

This smart guide explain the main reasons or causes and symptoms of osteoporosis which are very helpful to diagnose that before attacking and take some precautions without getting that.

Causes Of Osteoporosis:

There are then some reasons or causes of osteoporosis that follow such as:

1. Ethnicity:

It is often an ethnicity biased disease as seen by doctors all over the world. The majority of the patients suffering from osteoporosis blame their ethnicity for being a cause. Usually Asian and Caucasian women are more at a risk for osteoporosis than of colored regions. This is however a simple survey based of floating facts experienced over the years.

2. Eating Disorders:

Eating disorders play an important role in judging the effect of bone mass or density. When we speak of eating disorders it is usually bulimia or anorexia which is to be blamed for. Anorexia nervosa is the disorder where due to excessive dieting and sans eating, the person develops a skeleton figure with the rib cage and bones underneath the frame clearly distinct and showing. Bulimia nervosa is of the same type where the eating disorders compile with the person vomiting or puking just after food or exercises at once. These diseases can be a direct cause to a faulty bone structure.

3. Excessive Smoking And Drinking:

Both excessive tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption leads to a varied amount of bone density loosening or withering away. This is a proven fact as observed by doctors and scientists. The more your age is the more affect will alcohol or tobacco having in your body. This does not restrict itself only to the tobacco smoking but also to the other varied smoking.

4. Low Sex Hormones:

After a certain mark in your life, the sex hormone production is affected, especially for women after their menopause. This sex hormone adequacy in both women, and rarely in men causes osteoporosis. The hormones, estrogen for females and testosterone for men are usually the cases.

5. Inability:

Especially in Indian women, osteoporosis may be the cause of idleness. When the bones go through a long drought of inability to be mobile or is not put to any sort of action for a long while, the bone mass reduces significantly.

6. Menopause:

In women the symptoms of osteoporosis are most common during the age when they become old. There is also another stage, when the symptoms and signs of osteoporosis start appearing. It is the stage of menopause. It gets worse with the fertility issues of a woman’s body. The menopause can be said to be one of the most probable causes of osteoporosis.

7. Pre-Existent Bone Issues:

Sometimes the causes of osteoporosis can be really simple and sometimes they can really complex to figure out. Generally, people suffering from osteoporosis are the victims of the different symptoms of this disease if they have some pre-prevailing bone pains. If a person is suffering from some bone aches currently, then it is obvious that he or she will be seeing and experiencing the different symptoms of this disease at an early age and more effectively. In brief, it can be said that he or she will be suffering from that symptom for quite sometime at a severe rate.

8. Low Estrogen:

In women low estrogen can be said to one of the most possible causes of osteoporosis. The deficiency of estrogen can cause osteoporosis and this can be claimed to be one of the many osteoporosis causes. According to doctors, when a mature woman has a menopause, bone problems can start emerging as the rate of bone loss increases at a rapid rate. Generally, when these mature woman have a drop in their estrogen levels, they can also can face some bone problems such as complexity or hindrances in movement and may also face bone aches.

9. Low Testosterone:

Low testosterone can be said to be one of the prime causes of osteoporosis in men. Men face the different symptoms of this disease if their testosterone level drops. Generally, men will be facing the different and probably the most harmful symptoms of osteoporosis if they are suffering from from testosterone problems as well.In the male’s body, the testosterone is transferred into bone-preserving estrogen which is related to osteoporosis. If there is low testosterone, then a man will definitely be facing some osteoporosis issues.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Osteoporosis:

There are then some signs and symptoms of osteoporosis that follow such as:

1. Bone Fracture:

The first symptom to osteoporosis is the extreme brittle bone condition where the bones easily are prone to fracture. A simple fall or ankle twist might result in breaking and swelling of the area immediately. The same happens with the foot or wrists where due to a misplaced reaction, the bones break away or fracture. Often at times one does not even need to fall, a simple pressure in the porous region is enough to break the bone.

2. Back Pain:

If the brittle bones are caused in the spine, often a tremendous back pain occurs with no limits. The pain can be so bad that one might have a hard time walking or moving from side to side. The bone becomes extremely stiff and if added pressure trying to bend it, one might end of breaking or fracturing it.

3. Posture Change:

If the brittle bones are formed in the leg or lower limb region, chances are that you will fall prey to shortage of height as the bones wither away slowly, the height also gets affected. This way one can lose inches away from their height. Also at times a stooped hunch back formation happens due to spinal structures. This is called dowager’s hump or Kyphosis.

4. Loss Of Weight:

This is one of the main symptoms of osteoporosis. It can happen to both men and women. Generally, the density of the bones becomes less which results in a shocking loss of weight. Such sudden weight loss can really harmful for someone. Generally, people suffering from osteoporosis have some serious bone related problems, the sudden loss of weigh being one of them. Women will be happy with this, specially, that their weight has been reduced and ignore the other the harmful outcomes of this weight loss.

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5. Frequent Pain In The Limbs:

Generally, people suffering from osteoporosis suffer from limb aches pretty often and this is also common for people who are facing bone-related problems for many years now.

6. Thin Bones:

The density of the bones reduces and this is one of the most seen symptoms of osteoporosis. Thinning of bones might be the right term for this issues. Generally, the density of the bones declines and that is why the bones become thin and weak overtime.

7. Other Symptoms:

There are still some symptoms which are not known to the doctors or experts. People suffering from osteoporosis might have to go through a lot of bone pain and worst part of it is that, there are few symptoms with the help of which people won’t be able to figure out whether they are suffering from osteoporosis or not.

8. Loss Of Height:

There will be a change in posture, which means that one will not be able to walk straight. People generally suffer from lower back issues and one of the prime symptoms off osteoporosis can be said to be the sudden loss height. A woman or a man will appear a lot shorter than they actually are, just because they are suffering from osteoporosis. Many elderly people and adults are common victims of this symptom and he or she suffers from it for a long time. However, there are certain exercises which can assist you to get back your height.

9. Bone Pain:

When the bones grow weak, there is a high chance that they will get injured easily. This can be said to be one of the main symptoms of osteoporosis. Generally, men and women with pre-existent bone problems will be facing severe bone pain due to a little friction to the bones. One can easily recover from this particular symptom but still in some people it lasts for a long time. Such bone-related problems are common and most sighted in elderly women as mature women deal with such bone pains and aches more frequently, since in women the bone formation declines pretty easily as they age.

10. Collapsed Vertebra:

A victim of osteoporosis will be facing some issues with his or her vertebra as this diseases can reduce the strength of the bones and make them weak from the core. The formation of the bone also becomes complex and this results in a bad bone building structure. This can also be said as one of the causes behind the pain in the lower back and in the legs and vertebral column as well. People suffer from it quite frequently and this can be said to be one of the prime symptoms of osteoporosis.