Among the muscular problems, one that is quite common nowadays especially among people entering their middle age is that of knee pain. Knee pains are also frequently seen in women who are in the age group of 40-55. No matter what, knee pain is definitely one of the discomforting and uneasy problems that you can go through. However, to actually adhere to effective and visible treatments one needs to know well about not only the signs and symptoms but also the basic causes. A good knowledge about causes of knee pain can also help in preventing the situation to a great extent.

For all those who want to gain ideas about knee pain, this guide below has some of the top and the guaranteed causes associated with the ailment. Check them out well to know more.

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Causes of Knee Pain:

1. Tendonitis:

The swelling in the tendon of the legs also known as tendonitis is one of the top notch causes that is directly associated with the problems of knee pain on a regular basis. Usually this soreness and inflammation happens because of overuse of tendons.

2. Acute Injuries:

Torn ligaments and broken bones are some of the many examples of acute injuries in the knee area that can easily result in the problems of knee pain. It is something that causes the ailment in an extreme manner.

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3. Dislocation:

A common scene seen in a lot of people is that of bone dislocation. It can happen in any part of the body including the knee. In the case of the knee, when patella which is the triangular bone that covers the area slips the dislocation is caused and therefore it leads to pain in the knee.

4. Pain in Hip or Foot:

Any of the lower body areas like the hip or the foot can be under constant pressure and pain. According to professionals, pain in these areas can also lead to the same in the knee. This is solely because you walk in a different style to avoid pain in hip and foot that leads to stress on the knee.

5. Bursitis:

Bursa is a medical term that is used for the sac of fluid that acts more like a cushion to the joints to protect them from any damage or accidents. This is also present in the knee. Overuse, falls and bends can lead to irritation of the bursa as well as swelling and pain. This results in knee pain as well.

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6. Medial Plica Syndrome Issues:

The fold of the tissues also known as plica in the joints can a lot of times face irritation because of overuse of the knees and excessive pressure which causes swelling as well as pain.

7. Certain Medical Conditions:

Arthritis for example is one of the most prevalent problems nowadays especially among women that causes knee pain. It is solely because of the gap between the bones that lessens due to constant pressure and causes friction. Infections of certain kinds can also lead to the same problem of knee pain due to inflammation and soreness that infections brings along.

8. Illiotbial Band Syndrome:

A tough tissue, the illiotbial band starts from the hip and runs till the shin. Well again, overuse of the area can lead to irritation, swelling and inflammation in the area thus leading to a lot of problems including knee pain. It is one of the known causes of knee problems according to known professionals.

9. Chipped Bones:

A lot of times it so happens that any kind of injury can lead to chipping of bones or else that of the cartilage. These can again get stuck in the joints and lead to bone freezing. It causes swelling as well as pains in the knee.

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