Among the very common issues of the body, one of the known ones that a lot of people have to go through on a daily basis is that of constipation. The inability to excrete the stools properly and cleanse the system is what constipation can be defined as. It leads to a lot of associated issues and should be treated instantly for comfort and smooth lifestyle. Before you can actually work towards getting the right results for the body of keeping constipation at bay, it is significant to know the two main aspects related to it. One should always be aware of the causes that lead to the crisis as well as the symptoms that come along.

This list below will give you a detailed idea about both the causes and signs of constipation that you should definitely know about:

Causes of Constipation:

Lack of Water:

Usually the lack of water tends to dehydrate the body including the intestines. This leads to hard stools free from water and causes difficulty in excretion leading to constipation. It is one of the very common causes that you should know about.

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A medical problem in the form of hypothyroidism is quite a frequent aspect in many people. As a side effect these people experience constipation problems. This health condition is known to be a main cause for the inability to excrete. It happens because thyroid affects the metabolism in a negative manner.

Certain Medications:

Among the medications that have constipation as side effects, painkillers and antibiotics are some of the most prevalent ones. These affect the digestive system and cause it to slow down thus leading to the feelings of constipation.

Over Consumption of Chocolate:

A lot of professionals have proven that there are enzymes in chocolate that can lead to constipation if eaten on an excessive and regular basis. This however, it quite a difficult task to control.

Calcium/Iron Supplements:

In a lot of cases, calcium and iron supplements are one of the major causes that lead to situations of constipation and inability to pass the stools. One can consult a professional and get a change in the supplements if possible. This is also valid for some forms of vitamin supplements.

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Laxatives are good to be taken for treatment of constipation only under controlled circumstances. For those who adhere to excessive consumption of the same can have a negative impact that only aggravates the constipation further and make it a long term problem.

Lack of Fiber in the Diet:

Fiber is one of the essential nutrients that adds bulk to the stools and makes it easy to pass. However, those who do not include this in the daily diet will surely have to face constipation issues at some point.


Stress and mental pressures affect the body functions negatively and also the digestive system and metabolism. This makes stress as one of the significant causes that leads to constipation without any doubts.

Apart from these, certain medical conditions, depression, dairy products, antidepressants and many other causes of constipation also exists.

How To Overcome Constipation Problem

Symptoms of Constipation:

Stomach Aches:

Cramps and pain in the stomach because of the lack of stool passing is a common sign of constipation.

Hard Stools:

One of the first signs that can be directly associated with constipation is that of extremely hard stools that are too difficult to excrete. In most of the cases, it is also painful to pass the stools.

Lack of Bowel Movements:

If there are no bowel movements for 2-3 days at a stretch then it is a symptom that constipation is knocking at the door. It is one common sign that you have to be aware about.

Feelings of Nausea and Vomiting:

Another of the frequent occurring symptoms of constipation is a sick feeling that causes nausea as well as vomiting tendencies.

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