What causes black circles under the eyes? This seems to be a common question persistently asked by many youngsters. One night nap is missed out, and the next you see is the severe dark circles under eyes. Be it office works or school/college projects; several reasons keep us awake at night often. Somewhere in between the busy schedules in life for tasks and wanting for more peaceful sleep lies the birth of dark circles underneath your eyes. This issue can affect both men and women. Several reasons are known for causes of dark circles under eyes.

They may range from lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle changes and disturbances, hormonal changes or even hereditary issues. Several health implications may also begin in case you ignore the issue. This article will guide you on what causes dark circles around your eyes so that you can work better on solving them. Read more to find out.

What Causes Dark Circles Around Your Eyes?

Dark circles are simple dark patches, round in shape underneath your eyes. Before one chooses to know the results and remedies for treating these, it is imperative to find out several underlying causes. Hence let us answer, what causes under-eye circles?

The most common causes seem to be the following.

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Melanin production.
  • Gene pool.
  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Dehydration issues.
  • Hormonal concerns.
  • Allergies.
  • Anemia.
  • Aging.
  • Sitting hours before the computer.
  • Sun exposure.
  • Fatigue.
  • Drugs or alcohol habits.
  • Common cold.
  • Medical conditions.

Sleep Deprivation:

One significant and common reason for what can cause dark circles under the eyes is sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep along with stress, hard work and office hours, can make you sacrifice your sleep. We understand how important it is to work well in professional life. But no proper rest can make you put up with several health problems. Dark circles are one.

  • Make sure you sleep well. Get at least seven hours of sleep.
  • It helps blood flow and circulation well.
  • Further, as you sleep well, it helps unclog the pores and work wonders.
  • Good sleep can further reduce puffiness and make you get back to normal.

Melanin Production:

Melanin production may be a massive cause for blood clotting in your system. This condition called periorbital hyperpigmentation can be caused underneath the eye region where there is increased production in a substance called melanin which can darken your eyes. This can be one of the major causes of dark circles under your eyes.

  • Mostly tanned people and those who have the issue of tanning can be affected with this.
  • Consult a doctor for treatment.
  • Do not try out medications on your own.
  • Good lifestyle changes and heavy use of sunscreen can keep a tap on the issue to an extent.

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Gene Pool:

Be it sleeping well or having a standard system in your body. You still can be affected by the issue of dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes causes can be several, and one among them is genetic issues. This can be blamed on heredity nature due to the common problem suffered by your family members. This issue can easily pass on to you.

  • Work well and sleep well. Make sure you control your health to an extent which is in your hands.
  • Have a good diet and a balanced one.
  • Do not stress out.
  • You can choose to consult a doctor for advice or medications.


Lifestyle is a major cause which can have a massive impact on your look. This is one issue faced by several youths under deep circles under the eyes causes. The reason is due to a bad lifestyle and habits one chooses to make in their life. Some of the lifestyle reasons for dark circles include staying up late at night, regular smoking and drinking and makeup. These may cause severe issues.

  • Reduce your late-night hours.
  • Work on a balanced diet. Have good protein-based food.
  • Do not have excessive alcohol.
  • Remove make-up before you sleep.


Another among many reasons for dark circles under the eyes is dehydration. Dehydration has a major role to play when it causes of dark circles. Water deprivation in our body at times is more evident in some parts of the skin than others and the area underneath your eye is one of those regions. This can be due to the thinness of the skin at that part but either way your body will show dark circles in case of dehydration.

  • Make sure you drink six to seven glasses of water every day.
  • Do not expose in the sun without proper hydration.
  • Make sure to have warm water at least once a day.
  • Carry a water bottle everywhere you go.

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Hormonal Habits:

Another reason for dark circles around eyes is hormonal habits and changes. This part is relevant more for the womenfolk than the men. Usually, we women are ruled by our hormones, and sudden hormonal changes or secretions within our body might be a major cause for dark circles. Even though your brain by now knows the need that is your body showing signs that it still needs time to adapt to these changes. This is more evident during early pregnancy months.

  • Make sure you have regular doctor visits when with hormonal issues.
  • Have a good lifestyle and a balanced diet.
  • Do not skip on medication if any.
  • Have a good sleep and no stress for a healthy-looking face.

Seasonal Allergies:

Another common reason for dark circles is allergies. This is one very common cause which causes dark circles as allergies cause irritation, and there is itching in the eyes. Human being immune system produces a substance called antibodies, and when someone is affected with allergy, the immune system makes antibodies as a harmful allergen. When you are in contact with this allergen, the immune system can inflame the skin, digestive system or airways.

  • Allergies are of a various type, some people are allergic to a certain type of food, while some are allergic too insect bite, some are with certain drugs.
  • If you are highly allergic stop consuming that food, beverage, medicine otherwise it could start causing dark circles under the eyes.
  • Do not skip on medication if you are in any.
  • Make sure you test out new foods before you take them.


What causes dark circles under eyes in adults? This is a common answer. Nowadays everyone loves good food, irrespective it lacks essential nutrients. Reduction in healthy food habits and in the taking of junk foods does no good to the body. There hence exists deficiencies in nutrients which are inputting to the body. These start reflecting as dark circles around the eyes. An improper or unbalanced diet may lead to a deficiency in iron which starts reflecting as dark patches, and you might also get affected by frequent cold and dizziness.

  • Ensure your diet includes dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, seaweed, eggs, soy products, and kidney beans, etc. which are high in iron.
  • Consume a balanced diet which has all essential nutrients and vitamins and stay away from dark circles around the eyes.
  • Have a lot of water every day.
  • Have medication if any prescribed without skipping.

Unavoidable Aging:

The reason which is common for dark circles under eyes men causes is aging. As the days are passing, all of us are aging, and the skin starts to lose its elasticity, and it starts becoming thinner. As a person will naturally age, the dark circles start getting visible with wrinkles and bagginess. The skin is thinned down, and veins start gradually becoming apparent. There exist dark patches under eyes.

  • This is a natural process. Hence most of the times this is unavoidable.
  • However, make sure to continue working on the body and healthy habits for postponing these unavoidable factors
  • Have a healthy diet which is balanced with all nutrients.
  • Do not skip out on good sleep.

Working on Computer:

Prevalent cause again coming to severe dark circles under eyes causes is a long exposure of computer and television. Spending several hours before these can make you eye effect badly, and one can begin to notice dark circles formation. Itchiness may happen to eyes which is not good as they may damage blood vessels too.

  • Prevent more time on technology as much as possible.
  • Make sure to take regular breaks when working.
  • Do not sit near to these computer and television instruments.
  • Make sure to have moist eyes.

Excessive Sun Exposure:

Deep circles under the eyes causes are majorly also due to sun exposure and damage. The present-day works demand us to travel and be more hours with harsh sun rays. There are harmful rays from the sun, which is causing pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes. The natural melanin content is increasing, and the skin is getting darker around the eye region.

  • Do not spend many hours before the sun rays.
  • In case you spend hours in the sun then start using sunscreen with high SPF to protect the formation of dark circles.
  • Cover your face with a shawl or scarf.
  • Reapply lotion regularly, once in four hours.


Extreme fatigue and weakness, along with no sleep, can be a huge reason behind dark circles. It can make your skin look pale. Hence blood vessels beneath your skin start to show up gradually due to this extreme tiredness. Puffy eyelids will begin to form.

  • Do not overwork and overstress. Make sure to plan slowly and accordingly to avoid the rush.
  • Have breaks in between workloads.
  • Do not work for longer hours. Tiredness should be avoided as much as possible.
  • You can choose to use eye cream as per doctor’s recommendation.


This is a common reason again for dark circles and puffy eyes. Severe and strong medications along with bad drugs intake, may cause this to a huge extent. One should avoid these bad habits in life so that healthy life comes on our way. In case of severe medicated things, one should consult a doctor for advice.

  • Have a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.
  • Do not consume life-threatening drugs. One can begin counselling for leaving them behind freely without hesitation.
  • Wear eye protection for further help.
  • Use an eye treatment as per doctor recommendation and suggestion.

Common Cold:

The common cold and high blood pressure may also cause dark circles under eyes. This may be a shocking case, but it does hold for few cases. These medications especially may affect forming dark and black circles under eyes. One needs to, however, go for advice and suggestion of doctor in such cases.

  • If you are in medication, take the suggestion of your health care provider.
  • Make sure you take care of your face by washing it regularly and applying moisturizer. This will help to an extent in blood flow and hydration to the skin.
  • Wear eye protection.

Medical Condition:

Other medical conditions such as contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis may also cause the issue of dark circles under eyes. It is hence necessary to check with a doctor in case this prolongs, or you feel irritation in your eyes. These may be fewer cases than normal, but prevention and safety are better always.

  • Consult a doctor in case you feel redness or irritation in eye areas.
  • Have proper medication if diagnosed without skipping.
  • Have good rest and sleep along with these.


Dark circles can be stubborn, but often there are few tips and tricks to control dark circles.

  • Make sure you allow some good hours in the night to some sound sleep.
  • In case of persisting dark circles, go organic and make yourself a past from cucumber and potato juice. Apply with cotton and wait for it to dry.
  • You can always use yoga for the yes where eye massages can ensure blood circulation, which would mean lesser dark circles.
  • Don’t be afraid to go commercial with the roll-on tubes or eye creams. Often their advanced formulas mixed in with organics can help you get to rid yourself of dark circles.
  • Start drinking lots of fluids and water and keep the skin hydrated a sit prevents dark circles formation and even cures the existing one. You should at least consume 12-14 glasses daily.
  • Apart from going organic make some packs which are readily available at home and apply them daily to cure the dark circles. Like mix magical turmeric with pure honey and use daily and see the changes.

Additional Tips:

Here are a few much-needed tips and tricks which can make your life better through reducing puffiness and dark circles under your eyes.

1. Use of Proper Makeup:

An appropriately applied to makeup can help conceal the dark circles until the time they heal. A green-toned concealer will reduce redness while the yellow one hides the dark bluish circles. Applying it in the right place and the right way is as important as selecting the makeup as well. If you are applying it to the whole area under your eyes, then you need to stop. You need to put them only in places having a dark circle. Use a soft brush or your little finger to dab upon the area having dark circles and then use sponge or cotton to spread it around.

2. Under Eye Creams

Under-eye, creams contain barrier repairing oil like jojoba oil or sunflower oil.

The cream leads to the prevention of trans-epidermal water loss and helps to repair the skin.

3. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are known to be in rich in methanol. Methanol improves blood circulation and soothes and rejuvenates the skin. You can make your mask at home by blending mint leaves and applying them on the affected area.

4. Cold Cucumber Slices

Cucumber has an antioxidant property which reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Place finely cut slices of cucumber on each eyelid for around 5 minutes a day.

5. Tomato

Tomatoes possess natural bleaching properties. The antioxidant property of the tomatoes prevents the discoloration around the eyes.

The skin around the eye is very delicate as compared to other parts of the body, and extremely delicate. Changes of any sort happening in the deeper layers of your skin will be easily visible on the surface. None of us would like to look like in our 60s when in a mere age of 16 and dark circles are the sole reasons for it. Various reasons for dark circles are stress, genetic attributes, hormonal changes, over the use of computer and TV screens, hormonal changes, etc. To have a glowing, nourished, and rich skin getting rid of these dark circles is a priority.

There are various tips and remedies mentioned in the article about the same. Following those remedies while taking into consideration all the ill and side effects of those remedies will provide a permanent and long-lasting solution to dark circles. This would help you get back your natural, glowing and young skin as you deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers:

Q. Dark Circles Under The Eyes Have a Genetic Pool. True or False?

A. The appearance of the dark circles under the eyes many reasons ranging from stress, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, overuse of computer, TV and mobile screens. Genetic pool or the genes offspring possess from their ancestors is also one of the very common reasons for dark circles. However, not all the reasons for dark circles are due to genetic and hereditary issues. One should further check with a dermatologist for better details.

Q. Are There any Medication and Treatments for Dark Circles?

A. Anti-oxidant property and Vitamin C are effective in dealing with wrinkles and eye bags. These ingredients are used in the making in collagen, which improves skin elasticity, and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Treatment and medication for the dark circles should be based upon the causes and factors which lead to dark circles. If this is due to allergies, then anti-allergy medicines should be consumed. If the factor for dark circles is a genetic pool, then treatment like under-eye fillers could be used. For various other factors, a specifically targeted approach is required for curing the dark circles.

There are various chemical solutions to dark circles available in the market. The chemical solutions will not provide a permanent cure to dark circles though it could be a go-to answer when it comes to dark circles. To obtain a permanent and natural solution to it, home remedies are the best solution for it.

Q. What is The Duration to Reduce Dark Circles?

A. The duration itself is dependent on various factors such as the cause of the dark circle and as well as the severity of the dark circle. If they are due to lack of sleep or fatigue, then they will be cured naturally with some adequate required amount of sleep and freshness. If the underlying principle behind dark circles is stress, then a proper break from the hectic and stressful events of life are a go-to solution to get rid of those dreading dark circles.

The duration will take to get rid of those dark circles also depends on the kind of medications being taken. The chemical solutions are a go-to solution for getting rid of dark circles temporarily through the home, and natural remedies provide a permanent solution to this issue.

Q. What is a Good Eye Care Routine?

A. Keeping your eyes clean and moisturized is the prime ambition in taking care of your eyes. Despite the claims being there about SPF containing moisturizers, it is always better to opt for a separate sunscreen. The skin surrounding your eyes are more sensitive than any other part of your body. Avoid using excess makeup, no matter the amount of beauty it adds to your skin, the chemical composition of the same makes it more harmful than good. Proper removal of the makeup after the usage is essential to prevent the harm caused by it.

Various another thing that needs to be kept in mind while solving the issue of the dark circle is taking proper recommended hours of sleep, maintaining the stress and also avoid fatigue. Better quality of sleep should be preferred, along with less fatigue. Staying hydrated and proper regulation of salts in your diet is also very important when it comes to removing dark circles permanently.

Q. Can Cold Tea Bags be Used for Resolving The Issue of Dark Circles?

A Caffeine present in the tea bags shrink blood vessels and as well reduce the fluid retention in tissues. This, in turn, helps in making your skin more glowing and vibrant around the skin of your eyes. It causes the skin tissues to shrink, which in turn leave your eyes looking less puffy. Take already soaked tea bags and refrigerate them for around 10-15 minutes. Place them for around 5-10 minutes on both the eyelids of eyes individually taking chances. Use it for 1- 3 days for obtaining some significant results.

Q. How Much of Sleep is Required in General to Reduce Dark Circles?

A. The amount of sleep depends on various factors including your diet, your scheduled, the number of physical activities your body engages to and various other factors as well. The lack of sleep is commonly observed via missing qualitative sleep rather than the quantity of it. From various researches and reports, the proper amount of sleep required for an adult is around 7-9 hours a day.


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