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11 Leading Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes in Women

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You missed one afternoon’s nap and the next thing you see in the evening is a dark patch right underneath your eyes staring stubbornly at you. It all started with the late night phone calls and the movies and the school projects and office works. The small and supple skin we once sported in our childhood turned rough asking help from the many commercials fixtures and somewhere in between there was the birth of dark circles underneath your eyes.

What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles are simple dark patches, round in shape underneath your eyes and it is here that we need to know why exactly do they appear and how well to tackle them.

Causes of Dark circles

Sleep Deprivation:

One of the main causes of dark circles under eye patches is because of all that stress and depression and hard work and office files that you have been burying yourself into. The dark circle underneath the eye has a thing or two to do with this extreme hard work that you put up with. This is not so much the hard work as much as the sleep deprivation that leads to blood accumulation underneath the eyes. Once you have regular sound sleeps, the blood starts to unclog and circulate well leaving the black patches.

Melanin Production:

A lot of times it has nothing to do with blood clotting but mostly to do with irrational melanin production in your system which can be seen on the outer end, right underneath the eyes. This condition is called periorbital hyper pigmentation where melanin production increases underneath the eye region. However, research says it is often the dark or tanned skin peoples that take the fall for this.

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Gene Pool:

Even though you sleep well, the persisting dark circle in your system can be blamed on your family tree and their passing downs. A large part of your stubborn dark circle can be blamed on heredity where people or relations within your family members might sport dark circle the reason why it passes on to you.


Your lifestyle has a big impact on how you look or will look today. A woman working happy in her office and coming home to rest will always be beneficial than a woman who brings home her work and stays up all night trying to finish it. Similarly, a young woman partying or clubbing each day in the night, along with excessive smoking and drinking is bound to have dark circle issues at the end of the all the rubbed make ups.


Dehydration has a major role to play when it causes of dark circles. Water deprivation in our body at times is evident in some parts of the skin than others and the area underneath your eye is one of those regions. This can be due to the thinness of the skin at that part but either way your body will show dark circles in case of dehydration.

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Hormonal Habits:

This part is relevant more for the women folk than the men. Usually we women are ruled by our hormones and sudden hormonal changes or secretions within our body might be a major cause for dark circles. Even though your brain by now knows the need that is your body showing signs that it still needs time to adapt to these changes. This is more evident during early pregnancy months.

Seasonal Allergies:

This is one very common cause which causes dark circles as allergies causes irritation and there is itching in the eyes. Human being immune system produces a substance called antibodies and when someone is affected with allergy, the immune system makes antibodies as harmful allergen . When you are in contact with this allergen the immune system can inflame the skin, digestive system or airways.

Allergies are of various type, some people are allergic with certain type of food, while some are allergic too insect bite, some are with certain drugs. So if you are highly allergic stop consuming that food , beverage , medicine otherwise it could start causing dark circles under the eyes.


Now days everyone loves food which taste good, irrespective it lacks essential nutrients. If this type of food is consumed for longer duration it causes deficiencies of essential nutrients which certainly start reflecting as dark circles around the eyes. Improper or unbalanced diet may lead to deficiency in iron which start reflecting as dark patches and you might also get affected by frequent cold and dizziness. So ensure your diet includes dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, seaweed, eggs, soya products, and kidney beans etc which are high in iron. So consume balanced diet which have all essential nutrients and vitamins and stay away from dark circles around the eyes.

Unavoidable Aging:

As the days are passing all of us are aging and the skin starts to lose its elasticity and its starts becoming thinner. As a person will natural age the dark circles starts getting visible with some wrinkles and bagginess. The skin thinned and translucent and allows the bluish veins to become visible which are the dark patches under the eyes. As a person starts aging the skin loosen the skin under the eyes gets affected very easily and as an impact dark circles starts getting visible. So even if you sleep well when you start aging the dark circles are unavoidable as it’s a natural phenomenon.

Working on Computer:

As its computer era and every one of us spends almost all of the time in front of it might cause fatigue in eyes and in the passage of time dark circles can also start forming. When you spend hours in front of the computer some itches starts occurring in eyes due to which you rub the eyes, which causes damage to blood vessels around the eyes, because of this the skin in and around the eyes starts getting darker and in due course dark patches starts getting visible. So use the technology but with all the prevention.

Excessive Sun Exposure:

Many of you spend hours in travelling and due to which the eyes is exposed to harmful rays of the sun which causes pigmentation on the skin’s surface and dark circles starts getting visible. Exposure to sun increases the natural melanin levels and the skin around the eyes starts getting darker. So in case you spend hours in sun then start using sunscreen with high SPF and protect formation of dark circles.


Dark circles can be stubborn but often there are few tips and tricks to control dark circle.

  • Make sure you allot some good hours in the night to some sound sleep.
  • In case of persisting dark circles, go organic and make yourself a past from cucumber and potato juice. Apply with cotton and wait for it to dry.
  • You can always use yoga for the yes where eye massages can ensure blood circulation which would mean lesser dark circles.
  • Don’t be afraid to go commercial with the roll on tubes or eye creams. Often their advanced formulas mixed in with organics can help you get rid yourself of dark circles.
  • Start drinking lots of fluids and water and keep the skin hydrated as its prevents dark circles formation and even cures the existing one. You should at least consume 12-14 glasses on daily basis.
  • Apart from going organic make some packs which are readily available in home and apply them daily to cure the dark circles. Like mix magical turmeric with pure honey and apply daily and see the changes .

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