Menstruation is one of the normal functions in each and every woman. It is a 28-day cycle that each one has to go through and it continues for 5-7 days. In a simple definition, it is bleeding and release of hormones once the ovary breaks. In fact, menstruation is the sign that a woman has entered her fertility phase and is that time of her life when she can conceive a baby and become pregnant. However, the fact is true that the majority of women has 28 days cycle that knocks the door each month after this period but then there are women who even crosses a 35 day time frame before they enter the menstruation again. These women experience delayed or irregular periods that needs to be treated and brought to normal again.

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However, before the remedies start, the idea is to know about the underlying causes that actually leads to irregular periods. To give you an idea about this, the guide below has been prepared. It will surely increase your knowledge about the reasons related to irregular or missed periods.

Causes of Irregular Periods:

1. Eating Disorders:

Among the very common causes of irregular periods that needs a mention here, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia is definitely something worth noting down. These are some of the health conditions that actually lead to the crisis as a consequence.

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2. Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is a temporary phase and it is believed and proved by professionals that when a woman is in her lactating period, then the chances of having irregular periods increases threefold. This is one of the cause that you should be aware of.

3. Extreme Diabetes:

High levels of blood sugar also known as diabetes is one reason or cause why a woman can have irregular periods. This means a proper control on the ailment is required for getting freedom from the crisis.

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4. Pregnancy:

More than irregular periods, pregnancy and its 9 months is that phase of life in a woman that leads to missed periods. It is the time when the ovary has used its fertility to conceive a baby.

5. Hormonal Issues:

Any kind of abnormalities in the hormones and its secretion can be another major reason that leads to irregularities in menstruation. Herein, one of the biggest examples comes in the form of thyroid malfunctions.

6. Weight Issues:

Both being overweight and underweight can be an issue that is closely related to irregular menstruation in women. In fact, in a lot of cases, it also makes menstruation disappear completely.

7. Pelvic Organ Problems:

Nowadays a lot of women faces problems with the pelvic organs and some of them are quite common like PCOS, ovarian cyst and more. These are some of the health conditions that leads to irregular periods.

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8. Drugs and Medications:

Starting from contraceptive pills consumption to antipsychotic drugs, there are a lot of medications that leads to irregular periods as one of the results. The intensity along with the frequency can also be affected because of this cause.

9. Emotional Mishaps and Stress:

Too much of emotional pressure and stress on the mind and the body is another of the very prevalent causes nowadays that leads to irregular periods in women. This is something that needs to be managed and kept under control for proper menstruation.

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10. Excessive Physical Activity:

Physical activity and exercise requires a lot of energy and so does menstruation. In this case, if you over-exercise, most of the energy goes in that leaving nothing for a regular menstruation cycle and thus irregularity is experienced.


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