Cave diving is not your ordinary recreational sport. Lots of training and a technical skill set goes into this form of diving which involves underwater diving inside caves that are filled with water. Sea Caves have their own mystery about them which attracts divers to explore the secrets within. It is call of nature for which one must be properly geared and fully prepared as it is can prove most and challenging and even hazardous at times.

The world’s first scuba cave diver, Jacques-Yves Cousteau was the co-inventor of the successfully commercial scuba diving equipment. In the UK cave diving is seen as a more common sport of caving whereas in the US it is an extension of the more common sport of scuba diving. While cave diving offers a unique experience of discovering the undiscovered, it has also been found to provide an insight into the study of rare organisms as well as offering cures to life-threatening diseases like leukemia through scientific research.

Top Cave Diving Places:

Precious Equipment:

A dry-suit made of latex material is what cave divers usually don that is suited for long dives or in cold water. Compact masks are preferred to avoid unwanted reflections as well as short stiff fins for proper control. Cave divers generally carry an extra mask to avoid taking chances along with at least one depth gauge and timer. The most essential of all are the twin cylindrical tanks with two independent air regulator systems, side mount harnesses, re breather and back plate and wing harnesses.

A Challenge:

One of the most challenging and dangerous activities in the world, cave diving involves paddling through uncharted territory and confined spaces with darkness engulfing you. To be up for this challenge one must be an experienced diver with plenty of practice of cave diving.

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Ice Cave Dive:

A more advanced type of diving is ice diving where the dive takes place under ice. It is a kind of penetration diving that is marked by a single entry and exit point. Not in the least easy and looming with danger, it requires special training with added safety gear for the diver.

Famous Cave Diving around the World:-

Cave Diving in Florida:

With plenty of underwater caves to choose from, Florida is the hub for cave divers. It has some of the most challenging underwater cave systems and provides a rare view of fish and other aquatic species making it the most sought after cave diving destination.

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Bahamas Cave Dive:

Cave diving in the Bahamas offers a unique opportunity to view marine life in its entirety. The ocean caves here are also diverse varying from deep fractured caves and sinkholes to shallower passages full of fresh translucent water. The underwater caves in the Bahamas are sure to leave you with a dive to remember.

Cave Diving in Russia:

Russia Orda Cave, the world’s greatest and most extended underwater gypsum cave is the place to be for cave divers looking for a thrilling experience. Divers who have been to this maze and back tell of snow-white plaster walls with absolutely clear and transparent water to open up the view ahead. Some even call it a miracle.

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Cenotes Cave Diving:

Travel to Mexico for another cave diving adventure at Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Cenotes full of underground caves and tunnels came into being 6,500 years ago. For the past 20 years divers have been exploring the ancient passageways of these caverns covering more than 300 miles.

Cave Diving in Cyprus:

Cyprus, noted for its beauty and beaches is also an exciting cave diving destination. The Amphorae Caves is Cyprus’ famous cave diving site noted for its top-encrusted amphorae. A dive in this cavern will take you up to 12 meters deep with visibility between 10 to 30 meters.

Cave Diving in Egypt:

The land of pyramids also has a lot to offer for cave divers. Southern Egypt is home to coral caverns that have lured cave divers to explore its many gulleys and canyons while marveling at the scenic beauty of its coral reefs.

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