A lot of celebrities these days are seen sporting this very trendy Bob cut hairstyle. Be it a short bob or long bob, or bob with medium length hair, these are much-loved and hot-picked hairstyles of this day. Many celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson, Leighton Meester etc, have been spotted sporting bob-cut hairstyles on various occasions. One can style it in curly hair or even straight or wavy hair, and it looks just as glamorous as it does on celebrities. A little finish and drama will give an extra edge to complete the celebrity look. Bob haircuts are very easy to maintain and are also easy to pull off. Celebrity bob haircuts take less effort to style and yet look nothing less than perfect and beautiful.

Best Inspirational Celebrity Bob Haircuts Ever:

We give all your favourite celebrity bob haircut looks just for you. check out.

1. Celebrity Curly Hair Bob Cut:

This is a perfect choice if you love to get inspired by a curly hair bob haircut. We see this lovely and stunning grey silver bob haircut with curly hair on Amandla Stenberg. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Women who have curly or frizzy hair texture can try this look to appear seamless and modern. The haircut suits women with oval, diamond and heart face shapes. If you have an elongated face or forehead, you can even try this celebrity bob inspired haircut with bangs. Isn’t it cool? This is among the latest and best choices in the fashion world today with a stylish look.

2. Bob Braids Celebrity Look:

Have you ever come across the unique bob braids look? If not, this will impress you undoubtedly. This haircut is perfect for both long and short bobs and will instantly accentuate your appearance seamlessly. If you love simple yet elegant and good timeless choices, there is nothing better than this style statement. Women with any face shape can give this look a try.

3. Sienna Miller Wavy Bob Haircut:

This celebrity bob haircut has been sported by Sienna Miller and loved in this look by all her fans. You can choose to keep a blonde wavy side fringe haircut like her and look really simple and stylish at the same time.

Different Ways to Style this Hairdo:

  1. Sober hair colour with bold highlights will give this hairdo a bold look.
  2. Fashioning a side that would look classy on this hairstyle.
  3. Another way to style this hairdo is to add light layers on the sides.
  • Occasion – Party, Special Events
  • Face Shape – Long, Square
  • Hair Type – Ideally Wavy
  • Age group – Young adults and women of 20-40 age group
  • Season – Best suited for autumn, winters

4. Kim Kardashian Lob Haircut:

Kim Kardashian kept a long bob cut when she attended the Grammy awards in 2015. She looked stunning with her black dense hair kept untidily to give a sexy look. You can think of copying her if you think this hairstyle will suit your personality.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. French braiding from the side to the back will look cool on any occasion
  2. A half knot on the top is perfect for a casual chilled out look.
  3. Neatly combing to a full low pony with a dash of shiny gel will look graceful
  • Occasion – Casual, Party, Special events
  • Face Shape – Long, Oval, Heart shape
  • Hair Type – Preferably wavy and curly hair
  • Age group – Suits any age group between 15-45
  • Season – Winter, Autumn ideally

5. Short Dakota Johnson Bob with Fringes:

Dakota Johnson the actor in The Fifty Shades of Grey is having a bob cut as her latest hairstyle. She is looking sweet and ready to be on the move. Her choice to keep her tresses short has gained many compliments. You too should experiment with your hair and try being different.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. You can look chic with this hairstyle by placing a satin hairband of soft colour.
  2. Braiding small portions of the hair and placing a colourful bead would give a fresh teen appearance.
  3. Fashion a brooch or a fancy clip on top of the head for a gorgeous party favourite.
  • Occasion – Casual
  • Face Shape – Round, Oval, Long
  • Hair Type – Suitable for any hair type
  • Age group – Suitable for all age group
  • Season – Perfect summer-spring look

6. Jennifer Lopez Curly Short Bob:

Do you want to keep curly bob like your favourite actor Jennifer Lopez? Go to a good hairdresser and he will help you get the perfect look. She is one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood and being like her would be like the cherry on the cake for you.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. Some bold highlights in blonde or vibrant red would give a trendy edge to the bob hairstyle Jennifer Lopez is graciously sporting here.
  2. A thin chained headband in silver or gold colour would also add grace and elegance to the hairstyle
  3. Soft waves to the hairstyle would give a retro style appearance.
  • Occasion – Special Event, Party, Casual
  • Face Shape – Long, Oval
  • Hair Type – Curly, Wavy
  • Age group – Suitable to any age group, pre-teens to the middle aged woman
  • Season – perfect Summer-Spring look

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7. Rosamund Pike Side Swept Bob:

Rosamund Pike’s new look in 2015 is the variation of the side-swept bang Hairstyle. She is carrying the hairstyle very well in Golden Globes and looks stunning. If, you want to wear the same style because you feel it will suit you, do not waste time and try it now.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. Braiding a small portion of the hair from the centre of the side sweep and finishing it with silver bead pins would add to the glam.
  2. Adding highlights to soft brown coloured hair is definitely a must-try.
  3. Texturing the sides with razor-sharp layers would look very classy
  • Occasion – Special Events, Party
  • Face Shape – Round, Oval, Square, Heart shape
  • Hair Type – preferably Straight
  • Age group – Best suited for the age group 20-40
  • Season – Autumn, winter look

8. Rachel Wood Cropped Bob:

Wow, Evan Rachael Wood is looking beautiful in this cropped bob cut. If, you like short hair this one can make you look good too with the shine effect. Like her, if you have the guts to experiment with extreme hairstyles then you should go with this short bob haircut before the fashion dies.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. For a perfect wedding look place, aside from short wail hat and everyone will be spellbound.
  2. Curl the hair and sport a short bob appearance.
  3. Few twists to a few portions of hair and setting it with a dash of hair spray will give it the same glam and can also be worn to a casual occasion.
  • Occasion – Casual, Party, Special event, Wedding
  • Face Shape – Suits any face type
  • Hair Type – Ideally straight
  • Age group – Versatile hairstyle suits any age group
  • Season – suitable for every season

9. Emma Stone Red Bob Hair:

Emma Stone had a rusty red shade of hair and bob haircut when she walked the red carpet in Venice Film Festival in 2014. If you liked her look you can decide on this rare shade of hair colour, which will look better on shorter hair as compared to long hair. This hairstyle will suit women with round and square face only.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. Half updo with the front bangs would transform the look to casual and chic.
  2. Soft braids will look similar but will also look stunning on the red carpet.
  3. A high pony also will give a cute and chic appearance well suited to a younger girl.
  • Occasion – Casual, Special Events, Wedding
  • Face Shape – Suits any face shape
  • Hair Type – Wavy, Curly
  • Age group – Suitable to any age group
  • Season – Vibrant winter-autumn look

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10. Wavy Long Bob with Highlights:

Lilly Collins is an actor who loves changing her hairstyle frequently as per her mood. She sported a long bob hairstyle with waves recently and she looked great. It is one of the most convenient and safe bob hairstyles, which you can choose to have if you do not want too short hair. You can side part your hair for extra smartness.

Different Ways to Style this Hairdo:

  1. Side parting the hair for an extra boost is a must-try.
  2. Braid some small portions of hair and add small colorful beads to give you little girl a beautiful hairdo.
  3. A half up-do is another gorgeous way to style this hair-do.
  • Occasion – Casual, School events
  • Face Shape – Suits any face shape
  • Hair Type – Wavy
  • Age group – suits any age group
  • Season – ideally Summer-spring look

11. Blunt Medium Length Bob:

Leighton Meester who is a famous actor and singer had this blunt bob cut for a long time. She especially made it a point to sweep back her tresses so that she could make her own style and now many women are ready to keep this blunt hairstyle on the go.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. Add colour clip-on to give it a trendy look
  2. Sport curly locks at the end for some drama
  3. A cute shiny headband will appeal the young
  • Occasion – Classy Special event
  • Face Shape – Long, oval
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Age group – Ideal teen look and also for the age group 20-30
  • Season – Winter-Autumn

12. Curly Short Bob:

Prachi Desai is a famous Indian actress who has acted in many movies. She has rocked this curly short celebrity bob hairstyle admiringly. This is one of the best celebrity bob haircuts with side bangs and she looks stunning in them.

Different ways to style this hairdo:

  1. Try front asymmetrical bangs
  2. Add highlights in a bold colour to add to the glam quotient
  3. A messy center partition would look good too
  • Occasion – Classy Special event
  • Face Shape – Long, oval
  • Hair Type – curly, wavy
  • Age group – Teenagers, Young women, Adults
  • Season – Winter-Autumn

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Additional Tips:

  1. The best way to add glam to your hairstyle is by finishing your style with hair spray or styling gel. This will help maintain the hairstyle for a longer time.
  2. Focus on the right way to partition the hair as per the shape of the face. Every style is different so pick your style wisely.
  3. Since these hairstyles often require the use of styling gels and hair spray, it is important to protect the natural texture of the hair by regular wash and moisturizing.
  4. Choosing the right accessory to suit the hairstyle adds charm and glamour to the overall appearance.
  5. Keep the braids in place with a dash of hair spray, it looks neat and finished.

Celebrities love to fashion their hair in different ways each time for various occasions. They have to be up-to-date with fashion with every change in season. Bob cut hairstyles are the newest and trendiest hairstyles that have emerged from classic bob to the number of different styles to choose from. Be it for a school event or a fashion show or even a wedding, a bod cut hairstyle can be fashioned in many ways to match your face cut and hair type. What is more interesting is that most of the styles suit almost all occasions and also look fabulous on anyone.

Did you find your pick yet? If yes, which is your favourite style and why?? Drop-in your comments here or post your question!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How To Get Celebrity Style Bob Haircut With Short Length Hair?
  1. Add a dash of hair spray or hair gel to keep the strands in place. This will also help to maintain the hairstyle for a long time.
  2. Add a few drops of shiny get to add glam to the hairstyle. This look is the most popular in the fashion industry.
  3. Strategically placed brooches and a very thin silver tiara give a gorgeous glam. Another way to style is by adding a thin sparkly headband to look glitzy.
Q2. What Is The Best Hair Color To Use To Get A Celebrity Glam?
  1. Hair colors are a completely personal choice.
  2. Pick a color that matches your skin tone and hair texture.
  3. Bold colors are a bit riskier to pull off so be cautious to finish the look with good styling products for the hair to look and feel healthy.
Q3. How To Style Limp Hair Glamorously?
  1. Best haircut for limp hair is short bob or pixie bob. This way it stays in place and can be easily styled.
  2. A dash of colour spray on the scalp will give the hair a fuller look. Also running the comb from the front to the back, giving it a slight puff and finishing it off with a little hair spray also looks stunning.
  3. Blonde color and bold highlights will focus attention on the colour and portray a trendy look.

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