Celebrities and their different types of abs shapes! We all are well into checking out our favourite celebrity fashionable looks and attires, but how many of you have checked out their famous abs? We are thrilled and amazed with the abs transformation of these fashionistas! Besides her well-toned physique and incredible looks, the celebrity abs have recently received much attention. Today, we uncover the secrets behind the celebrity ab transformation just for you. Are you thrilled? So are we! Continue reading to know more!

Types of Abs Shapes Female:

Before we get into understanding the different types of abs for women, you must also know and understand that the abs shapes are defined by your abdominal muscles. These muscles include transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, external obliques, and internal obliques. Working and defining those muscles can lead to having particular ab shapes. The common types of abs that can result from rigorous and intense workouts of these muscles are four-pack abs, six-pack abs, eight-pack abs and ten or twelve-pack abs. The ten or twelve-pack abs are highly uncommon; however, the rectus abdominis workout can result in four or six or eight-pack abs. In addition to working, genetics, belly fat, and overall body fat distribution and proportion ratio play crucial roles in the appearance of one’s abs shape.

20 Unique Types of Six-Pack Abs Owned by Female Celebrities in 2024:

Let’s get going and explore the gorgeous and shocking different kinds of abs shapes our celebrity women, models, and actresses flaunt with pride. These perfect ab shapes can let you understand their strict level of fitness too.

1. Ariana Grande ABS:

Ariana Grande is not only the epitome of beauty and charm, but also she is among the Hollywood celebrities with the perfect abs. Her fitness levels are way too inspiring as they give not just the toned physique and fit abs but also a youthful look. Her abs of steel inspire us to go through rigorous workout regimes. Her favourite workouts to maintain abs include pike planks, superman, reverse plunges and crunches.

2. Bella Hadid ABS:

As much as Bella Hadid is a workout maniac, she also is a foodie. From time to time, the diva says that she loves to treat herself to her favourite burgers, cheese and pizzas. But we wonder how she still manages to have among the best abs shapes in Hollywood models and celebrities! We think it is hours of strength training and exercises. She goes through an intense workout regime, including boxing, that helps to redefine and maintain perfect abs shape.

3. Emily Ratajkowski ABS:

We adore Emily’s abs shapes. Did you ever notice her taken-back stunning and strong abs? The truth behind her gorgeous abs is intense gym workouts and a balanced diet. As a result, her abs look super fierce and strong, and we are in awe!

4. Demi Lovato ABS:

Demi’s beauty needs no description. She can nail all the current trends effortlessly. But if you ever check out her abs, you will be thrilled too. The beauty has amazing abs shapes, and they are most well-defined. She gives the credit to crunches and planks to get perfectly toned abs and shape.

5. Lily Collins ABS:

While filming Emily in Paris, Lily Collins surprised her fans with her six pack abs. Well, with her beauty and mesmerizing looks, we hardly even thought she would have that toned abs. But now that we have seen the stunner, we cannot wait to know how she gets those fit abs and toned physiques. The diva said that she spends hours training and exercising during the day and ensures she has a well-balanced meal with high protein content.

6. Miley Cyrus ABS:

The artist has also flaunted six pack abs for a while, and most of the fans were shocked. But then, we are also in awe and inspired to know her workout and diet regime. Miley looks incredible with the well-toned and defined six-pack abs shape. What do you think?

7. Irina Shayk ABS:

The model, Irina Shayk, is always well-appreciated and known for her fit body and charming looks. She often has flaunted her perfect six-pack abs too. While this is not a new or one-off scenario, Irina usually has the shape of lovely abs. She looks incredibly hot with those abs, and all the result is through intense workouts and rigorous diet control.

8. Gwen Stefani ABS:

Most of us know the diva for her voice and beautiful looks, but not many have checked her abs transformation and shape. Did you know Gwen Stefani has turned vegan and maintains her diet only by consuming vegan foods? In addition, Gwen also workouts at least four to five times a week.

9. Hailey Baldwin ABS:

Hailey Baldwin is another Hollywood celebrity and diva who has gorgeous abs. The model has repeatedly flaunted her abs and spoken about their maintenance in various interviews. She says she works out regularly with a healthy diet to maintain her abs shape. Hailey is also a fan of not just regular strength training and ab exercises but also boxing.

10. Jennifer Lopez ABS:

Agree or not, this diva is surely ageing like a fine wine! She defies her age whenever she comes with hot and stunning looks in addition to intense hard abs of steel. Jennifer Lopez always maintains her body and abs shape with a strict diet and also viewed that she rarely has a cheat meal. The diva also stopped consuming caffeine and alcohol in her regular life and is sworn to kickboxing, circuit training, lunges, burpees, crunches and ab workouts.

11. Kendall Jenner ABS:

The renowned celebrity model, Kendall Jenner, epitomizes grace and lovely beautiful looks. But she also has a stunning figure with an amazing abs shape. Jennifer’s ab workouts are simple, but she does them every day without fail. The diva even uploaded her regime on social media platforms so her fans could follow. Isn’t it cool?

12. Zendaya ABS:

Did you know that this Spiderman actress has some serious abs? Besides her regular training and workout exercises, she also is active in various sports. Further, Zendaya is also vegetarian for a very long. You will be both shocked and thrilled if you check out her abs.

13. Olivia Culpo ABS:

The former Miss Universe is still very often in the news for her impeccable looks, gorgeous fit, and toned physique. You must if you haven’t checked out Olivia Culpo’s abs lately. The diva looks stunning whenever she wears a bikini or crop top, flaunting her toned abs. In addition, she loves running, stretching and regular strength training.

14. Serena Williams ABS:

Most of you might not have anticipated seeing this sports star’s name in the celebrity list with the best abs. However, this Tennis pro often takes to social media to flaunt her killer abs shape. Her muscular body and toned abs look amazing and inspire a lot of us. Serena believes she keeps her workout regime mixed with biking, sports, running, yoga and others to maintain her body and energy equally.

15. Kylie Jenner ABS:

Another Jenner we should not miss out on with amazing abs is Kylie. Many of us were shocked to see Kylie’s transformation, particularly after giving birth to her daughter. However, the diva maintained that she managed it all with a healthy exercise regime and diet. Kylie is a fan of squats, pushups, cardio, weight training and running.

16. Kaley Cuoco ABS:

The Big Bang Theory star had quite a shocking transformation after the show ended. While most of us recognize her from the hit show, she has a lot of weight and gained good muscles recently. She swore by high-intensity training with exercises such as squats, and planks, along with other ab workouts. The diet is also super strict for this celebrity.

17. Karlie Kloss ABS:

You must check out the YouTube channel of Karlie Kloss. While she often appears on the runways and fashion shows, we are in awe of her abs and impressively toned physique blended with gorgeous looks all the time! She shared her workout and diet regime with strict workouts to keep her abs looking like a rock always!

18. Paris Hilton ABS:

Paris Hilton is a big-time foodie; however, it often led to her having amazing abs. In a recent interview, she spoke about altogether ditching junk food and going much stricter for a body transformation. Well, as we see, it has paid off very well. Paris now swears by Pilates and a much healthier diet.

19. Gabrielle Union ABS:

We are in love with Gabrielle Union’s core. She has mesmerizing curves and a perfect body, but we do recognize that she works super hard to have her abs of steel. Gabrielle swears by twists, planks, and core and oblique exercises to maintain her physique.

20. Sarah Hyland ABS:

The Modern Family star started gaining success and recognition from a young age, but as she grew older, she also transformed into having an amazing body in addition to gorgeous looks. Unfortunately, she often had health issues and went through several hospitalization episodes, but as we see now, we love her worked-out body and abs. She stresses maintaining exercises and workouts for good strength that will translate into fantastic killer looks.

Well, we are definitely in awe of these fantastic celebrity abs shapes. These different types of abs flaunted by our favourite Hollywood actresses and models inspire us to work for a better shape too. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts!


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