Top 9 Celebrity Short Hairstyles

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Keeping the hair short is a popular trend these days. Many celebrities are sporting their short hair in a variety of ways with magnificent wearables. Among all the short hairstyles, the pixie cut is undoubtedly the most popular. Sportswomen, singers, actress, etc all are sporting the pixie. In this article, you will be guided through the hottest short hairstyles worn by celebrities.

Celebrity Short Hairstyles:

1. The Blonde Cropped Cut:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles

This is one of the best short hairstyles ever. In this look, the women sports a magnificent cropped blonde hair which increases her face complexion. Women with round and heart-shaped faces can sport this look as it will adjust the face texture. Cut your hair short and part it asymmetrically. Dry hair will be required for this look.

2. The Chic Pixie:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles2

Anne Hathaway sported the chic pixie look in one of her famous photo shoots. Her hair looked carefree and this look let the photographer capture what he wanted. You can easily sport this look as it does not require much maintenance. Anyone can style their short hair in this way.

3. The Elegant Bob:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles3

Emma Watson sported this beautiful bob in one of her photo shoot campaigns. Though she didn’t make it to the cover page, but she did influence a lot of stylists in adding this look to their bucket list of hairstyles. Here a hair not equally parted which is also the prime reason behind all the fuss about this look.

4. The Grey Pixie:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles4

In this look, the hair is colored grey. This is one of the most flattering short hairstyles ever. Though many women don’t have the audacity to sport this look, some consider this is one of the greatest looks for themselves. Like the tradition pixie cuts, this looks also doesn’t require much styling or maintenance. You can color your hair grey and simply wash it to attain this look.

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5. The Shaved Look:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles5

In this hairstyle, the sides are shaved and the hair lying in the middle is kept standing by using a styling gel. Scarlett Johan son wore this look comfortably in an event. Coloring the hair blonde might enhance the beauty of this look. If your hair is slightly thick then you’ll rock this look.

6. The Punk Quiff:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles6

Scarlett Johansson again came with this amazing look just by locking the hair in the middle portion. The sides were shaved like the previous look. This is one the best looks for women with thin faces.

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7. Victoria Beckham’s Signature Bob Look:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles7

All eyes were on her when the trendsetter, Victoria Beckham went for the magnificent bob. With here thin quality hair, this look suited her, the best. According to stylists if there is someone who can carry this look the best it is Victoria. Hair is asymmetrically parted and kept loose on the sides.

8. The Long Side Fringe:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles8

Bangs on short hair look adorable. This edgy haircut with divine blonde highlights is a show-stopper. This look was also sported by none other than Scarlett Johansson.

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9. The Trendy Pixie:

Celebrity Short Hairstyles9

In short it can be said that this pixie is new in the market. This look will make you look like a child rather an innocent one. If you have wavy hair then cutting your hair short will allow you to be extremely beneficial from this look.

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