Celery is a green leafy vegetable enriched with numerous health benefits. It is a rich source of beneficial enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients including vitamin B6, vitamin C, and vitamin K, along with potassium and folate. It is essential to involve celery during pregnancy, owing to such a high nutritive value, to maintain a proper diet covering all the vital nutrients. Apart from its culinary and folk medicinal applications. It also aids in the protection of the cardiovascular health of a person. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory properties also enrol this vegetable in the diet. Plan for patients suffering from high blood pressure problems and cholesterol levels.

Celery’s Beneficial Fact Sheet:

It also aids in the prevention of liver diseases, improving digestion and treating bloating issues. Moreover, celery also combats infections, including urinary tract infections. Protects from ulcers and aids the weight loss process in the body. As it is a good source of minerals, including iron, magnesium, and sodium, celery during early pregnancy. Also, have a neutralising effect on the acidic food consumed by the body. Regular consumption of celery also restricts the growth of cancer cells in the body. As the presence of polyacetylenes results in immune-boosting effects that stop the production of the mutated cell from reproducing.

How Safe Is Celery During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is safe to eat celery during pregnancy. But do consult a doctor before including this green veggie in your diet, to be safe and protected from any allergy. Once, after the doctor’s or a registered dietician’s confirmation, celery can be enrolled in the diet plan. But, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly before its consumption. As it may contain bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Nutritional Value of Celery During Pregnancy:

Women often have to tackle the craving for celery when pregnant. Which is healthy for regular celery consumers. However, very few pregnant ladies are aware of their nutritional benefits. Celery can be had or consumed in the form of soups and salads, and it enriches the body with the right amount of calories and carbohydrates. Additionally, its nutritive facts also claim to offer 37% DV of vitamin K and 9% DV of folate. One serving of celery also provides 263 mg of potassium, 40.4 mg of calcium, 11.1 mg of magnesium, and 3.1 mg of vitamin C, along with lower amounts of riboflavin, vitamin B6, magnesium, fats, proteins, and fibres.

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Health Benefits of Eating Celery During Pregnancy:

The health benefits make it hard to resist celery for pregnant ladies. The dietary fibres, iron, and antioxidants present in celery prevent constipation, anaemia and other health-related issues and aid the healthy well-being of mothers and babies. It is a multi-purpose vegetable that adds flavour to your food and is equally great for your health.

1. Acts As A Diuretic:

The presence of essential minerals in celery, like sodium and potassium aids in regulating fluid balance during pregnancy. Hence, this veggie serves to be a natural diuretic and prevents the risk of water retention in the body.

2. Controls Blood Pressure:

Phthalides present in celery aid in reducing the hormones responsible for stress improve blood circulation, dilates the blood vessels, and lowers blood pressure in the body. Celery also reduces the risk of strokes, heart-related problems, and atherosclerosis.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

Phthalides in celery trigger the bile secretion process and result in minimising cholesterol levels in the body. It also aids in low plaque deposition on the artery walls. And thus keeps the heart risk-free. Celery also eliminates cholesterol in the blood and smoothens bowel movements.

4. Promotes Healthy Joints:

Your joint movements get a good boost with celery. Its anti-inflammatory properties function in reducing swelling and pain around the joints during pregnancy periods. Also, its natural diuretic property eliminates the crystals of uric acids, around the joints and eliminates the discomfort and pain surrounding joints.

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5. Weight Management:

Regular consumption of celery juice before meals aids in weight loss reduction. It also aids in maintaining appropriate weight during pregnancy. Moreover, the high-fibre content and low-calorie celery diet also prevent overeating, thus regulating the proper body weight of an individual.

6. Boosts Immunity:

Celery is high in vitamin C content, which in turn keeps your immunity improved and manages the risks of fever and cold well. Antioxidants in this vegetable also boost immunity and aid in preventing the baby from numerous health ailments and diseases.

7. Prevents Cancer:

Cancer penetrates due to the presence of carcinogenic agents that reproduces in the body of the host. However, the presence of polyacetylenes, flavonoids, and Phthalides in celery prevents the risk of cancer and detoxifies the carcinogens. Coumarins present in celery enhance the efficiency of white blood cells and eliminates the risk of cancer during pregnancy.

Effects of Celery During Pregnancy:

Celery serves to be a healthy snack, as it’s loaded with the essential and appropriate amount of nutrients. Many women revolve around the same question. “can you eat celery while pregnant?”The answer is “yes, it’s completely safe”. As celery also offers a good source of fibre and thus aids in treating haemorrhoids and constipation throughout the pregnancy period. Celery also assists in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The calcium content of celery soothes the nervous system during pregnancy. And boosts the nervous system. It also helps in managing and maintaining the right weight and reduces cholesterol levels during pregnancy.

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Tips & Precautions While Consuming Celery During Pregnancy:

Pregnant women most often inquire about can pregnant women eat celery. And mostly doctors or registered dieticians acknowledge the facts and health benefits of celery during pregnancy. But, they also inform the mother about the ways of its consumption. Being a green veggie, it is beneficial but comes with numerous hidden microbes. Thus, it’s advised to wash it thoroughly before its consumption.

Usually, celery doesn’t cause allergies. But in some cause, it may cause a severe allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to celery can cause potentially fatal side effects. The consumption of a large amount of celery may contract the uterus and result in miscarriage. However, it is suggested not to consume celery if a person has a bleeding disorder or kidney-related problems. Additionally, patients with low blood pressure levels and those undergone surgeries should also not consume celery. As it may further lower the BP levels and slow down the central nervous system.

How To Include Celery During Pregnancy Diet:

Celery is consumed in numerous ways during pregnancy. One can either eat this veggie in the form of salad, protein enriched snack or even in the form of soup. For protein fortified meal, one can try consuming celery with peanut butter or any other veggie dip to enhance its taste. In the form of salad, celery can be consumed with chopped carrots, olives, kiwi, apples, and other vegetables and fruits. Served with olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and other spices of your choice. Lastly, in the form of soup, celery can be chopped and boiled with other ingredients like yellow onions, minced garlic clove, flour, chicken stock, sugar and salt according to taste.

Celery during pregnancy is one of the best and very healthy food consumed. But with proper instructions and precautions. It not only offers numerous health benefits. But it also aids in maintaining the sound health of the to-be mother and that of the unborn baby. Its anti-inflammatory property, diuretic property and the presence of essential nutrients mark this food product as an elementary part of the pregnancy diet.

Celery aids in maintaining blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and constipation, and boosts immunity, and other functions. Hence, it can be entitled as a ‘versatile veggie’. It can also be consumed raw or can be eaten after cooking. It can also be consumed as smoothies, soups, juices, etc. during pregnancy.

Q1. Is it Okay to Eat an Entire Part of Celery During Pregnancy?

Ans: Yes, the whole part of celery is generally advised and recommended. However, many choose to eat only stalks of celery.

Q2. What is the Right Procedure for Selecting Celery?

Ans: To enjoy your celery meal efficiently, you have to select celery that has sturdy and upright stalks. Also, the leaves of fresh celery should be crisp, clean and should be bright green. Also, the celery should be consumed within five to seven days from the date of purchase to enjoy your full nutritious meal.

Q3. Is there any Specific Dose of Celery Consumption During Pregnancy?

Ans: As such, there is no specific dosage that describes the consumption of celery. But for menstrual discomfort, 500 gm of celery seeds, anise extracts, and saffron can be consumed thrice during the initial days of menstruation. However, for external use, a gel containing 5% to 25% celery extract can be applied to the skin.


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