Is It Safe To Eat Celery During Pregnancy?

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Celery is a used far and wide in everything as a supplement- from soups to salads. If you are wondering how safe your craving for celery might be in your pregnancy, this article leads on to all of that. With health benefits, disadvantages and precautions all weighed together, you can easily make your decision and come out of your dilemma.


In the big picture, Yes! But there are a certain things that you ought to keep in mind. Getting to those precautions later, do make sure you have a word with your doctor when you are expecting and fix up your diet charts.

Health Benefits Of Eating Celery While Pregnant:

The benefits of celery are hard to miss. It is a multi-purpose vegetable that adds flavour to your food and is equally great for your health.

1. Acts As A Diuretic:

Fluid balance is an important aspect during pregnancy and celery acts like a natural diuretic, helping you retain water as much as needed, thus keeping you hydrated on the go.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure:

Celery is known for its proteins that improve blood circulation, thereby minimizing risks of strokes and blood pressure appropriately.

3. Lowers Cholesterol Levels:

Phthalides that is abundantly present in celery triggers the bile secretion process, thereby minimizing cholesterol and thus keeping your bowel movements and heart risk-free.

4. Promotes Healthy Joints:

Your joint movements get a good boost with celery, so you have a happy pregnancy.

5. Weight Management:

Grinding the celery and having a juice out of it might keep you full for long, thus helping you balance the extra weight you might gain otherwise. Celery being low on calorie is another positive advantage.

6. Boosts Immunity:

Celery is high on vitamin C content, which in turn keeps your immunity improved and manages the risks of fever and cold well.

7. Prevents Cancer:

Celery is known to be rich in coumarins, which is a key to improving the WBC (White Blood Cells) count. Flavonoids and antioxidants on the other hand safeguard your organs from the harm of excessive growth and damage, thus reducing the risks of cancer.

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♦ Wash your vegetables properly before you eat them. That includes celery. Unwashed celery might be home to a number of parasites and bacteria, which might prove to be fatal for your kid with diseases like listerosis and toxoplasmosis.

♦ Always go the organic way over canned food, however make sure pesticides aren’t a reason for concern. Wash your celery well and get rid of all those sprayed liquids before consumption. Washing with warm water and residual vinegar is a good practice.

♦ Celery seeds are often laced with farm chemicals that aren’t easily washable. You should entirely stay away from seeds and stick to the stalk since otherwise you might find yourself ravishing one day and taking a trip to the doctor the next.

♦ Drink celery juice as and when you can but only in usual amounts.

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To end with, the most important time for a mother-to-be is when her child is still developing. Food safety in this time is the most important ground to cover and it is a good practice to stay from food that poses threats to either of you. However, skipping everything will leave out nothing good to eat. Celery is one of those fresh foods that will come to your rescue and is just as safe and beneficial as it gets.