Celery Juice – And Its Benefits

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Celery is one of the good examples from the category of green leafy vegetables and has huge benefits in store. Also known as Apium Graveolens in the scientific way, celery is definitely something that should be a part of the diet for innumerable reasons. You can either include the raw form in the salads or else prepare a glass of fresh celery juice each day for maximum advantage for the body. There are high levels of essential nutrients in celery juice and something that prepares you for keeping it a part of the menu. You can make different types of celery juice recipes. The celery juice recipe has also lot of health benefits.


Not only does it help the body but also the skin and the hair. However, before you can actually indulge in celery juice, you need to know about the top benefits. This list below is a perfect way to gather the information about the same.

Benefits Of Celery Juice:

This article will guide you about what are the celery juice benefits for skin, hair and health.

1. Lowers Levels Of Bad Cholesterol:

There is a chemical in celery known as butylphthalide. This is responsible for lowering the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol accumulated in the body, thus keeping the heart healthy and free from risks of diseases and attacks. It also enhances the bile secretion that well again works really well on the cholesterol levels in the body.

2. The Diuretic Properties:

There is potassium and sodium levels in celery juice that ensures a proper regulation of the urinary tract and helps in the removal of excess fluids from the body along with the dangerous ones. It is one of the top notch benefits you should know about.

3. Helps In Digestion:

There are some nutrients and chemicals in the fiber of celery that is released during the preparation of the juice. This helps in regulating the entire digestive system as well as the bowel movements. It actually works as a laxative for those people who have issues of constipation. This is one of the important benefits of celery juice.

4. For Blood Pressure Control:

Just about 1 glass of freshly prepared celery juice is perfect for keeping the blood pressure levels on a balanced forum. There are some special agents that help in the relaxation of blood vessels and thus improve the blood flow along with relieving the stress on it.

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5. Treats Insomnia:

There are some specific essential oils and minerals in celery juice that useful to provide a calming feeling to the nervous system and help people treat insomnia and get some sound sleep. It is also the magnesium levels in the drink that gives undisturbed sleep to the consumer.

6. For Weight Loss:

Celery juice intake helps in preventing the cravings that we usually have for sweets thus preventing extra calories. This keeps the overweight issues at bay and also helps in weight loss to a good extent.This is another popular benefit of celery juice

7. Serves As An Aphrodisiac:

For those who want to improve their libido also known as sexual desire, there is nothing better and more natural than taking celery juice that has aphrodisiac properties. It helps in balancing the secretion of sexual hormones and thus gives you desired results in sexual performance.

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8. For Treating Stones:

To eliminate the toxins from the body, celery juice is the perfect choice to make. This also helps in breaking and eliminating all stones present in the gall bladder. It is also an ideal choice to prevent the re occurrence of the problem again and again along with treatment. To remove stones in gall bladder you have to drink celery juice daily for better results.

9. Hydration Of Skin:

There is 95 percent water in celery and hence it has great hydrating properties. Having celery juice can help in providing the same benefits to the skin as well. This helps you get skin that is soft and supple. It is a perfect choice to make for ideal skin health and in a simple and safe manner.

10. Skin Damage Prevention And Beneficial Against Other Disorders:

Benefits of celery juice include preventing your skin from damage over time. Water content of the celery juice along with the antioxidant present in it is a good thing and works in purifying your body troubles. It makes your skin clearer. Antioxidants free your body from the harmful toxins and thus overall damage. With that, your chances at flaunting a flawless skin are literally doubled.

11. Alleviates Menopause Issues:

Celery juice for insomnia is something we already covered, so we take to another of the most common symptom that needs to be looked after. Every year, millions approach their menopausal stage. While it might mean the end of your annoying cramps, the other symptoms that advents in place like hot flushes are hard to say goodbye to. So, here is something else, that is equally effective like the over the counter medicine but not half as costly. Yes, we are talking about celery juice. Without side effects, and the benefits it literally blesses you, we hardly doubt there has been a better vegetable on your grocery list.

12. Hair Care At Its Best:

Advantages of celery juice on the next one include hair care routines to brag of. We already spoke about how celery is big on water and the Vitamins, A specifically. Both of these elements are equally great for our hair. The water helps in keeping our scalp better with its hydration, thus bringing the dandruff that we are so prone to. On the other hand, the vitamin A stimulates and nourishes the roots, so that the hair strands are healthier. Celery juice is also known to improve the texture of the hair. So, now you know why you need the vegetable back on your diet.

13. Fights Fungal Infections:

Let’s begin from the very basic with this one. Ever wondered how the shelf life of celery is so long? Well, surprise! It’s not magic. Celery contains a whole lot of different natural fungicides. This in turn is obviously beneficial for your overall health. It is said by doctors that if you have a celery stick everyday as a rock thick part of your diet, it can help keep the bad microbes of your body away. Also, you need to know that these funguses in celery are the good ones only.

14. Used to Treat Gout:

Celery contains an anti-inflammatory component, which is very rare to find, that is known as COX-2 inhibitor. It is in good health, known in the reduction of uric acids overall. As you know, uric acids are the main reason by gout. When you can cook celery juice and consume celery seeds along, it can eventually, naturally is a reason behind the reduction in your gout. Celery juice for arthritis as you should know, usually works the same way on your joints and their issues to give you the desirable pain-free body and life that you have been so longing for.

15. Can Be Used to Treat Vitiligo:

Celery can be used to treat Vitiligo, the skin disease with white spots. Try the juice every time you have a hectic schedule and need to work on your body but you don’t have the time. This is the best natural remedy that will work in your favor for good. So, the side effects are none really in case you were wondering about the same and doubting your idea of taking celery daily.

That was all to the benefits of celery juice. The top ones have been covered here, and if your issue coincides with even one, celery juice will come to your rescue.