The Bollywood bomb shell Celina is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Hind film industry. This beauty queen and fashion model has got a really alluring face and her facial beauty probably surpasses all the actresses of her time. Now, she is not working on films and is busy having a great time with her family. But she still keeps up the great look. Here are some of the best without makeup pictures of this Indian beauty which will prove how beautiful she is in reality.

Celina Jaitley Without Makeup Pictures:

1. At The Airport:

Celina created a buzz at the airport in Navi Mumbai, while she showed her natural allure. Unlike other actresses, this woman doesn’t need to hide under the beauty products and not revel her flaws in the face. She thinks they are a part of her and is quite confident to display her rarely seen flaws in the skin which is quite natural.

2. With Her Husband:

This one is probably one of the best Celina Jaitley no makeup pictures of all time. She looks awesome here, even without sporting her natural beauty and her face displays a touch of innocence and her inner beauty.

3. The Inner Beauty:

What makes a lady or a woman beautiful? It is her natural beauty and the inner beauty which comes from personality. Celina has both of them. No doubt, she is naturally gorgeous and her personality aware people of her presence. In short, she is beautiful all in all.

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4. Not Afraid:

Celina is obviously not afraid of hesitated to show her natural face in front of people. She does have some facial drawbacks. But she knows the secret, that is she is aware of the fact that people know her because of her work more than her allure.

5. Rare Picture:

This is a rare picture of Celina without any makeup on her face. In this picture, Celina looks extremely gorgeous and her natural beauty is making the actual reasons behind her allure. This is one of the best Celina Jaitley without makeup pictures ever.

6. The Whole Family:

Celina is a mother of two (twins) but she still looks really beautiful. Her natural beauty has stayed with her and even when she has left Bollywood, people still remember her for her unique display of physique and hotness on screen.

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7. Minimal Makeup:

Celina was spotted at an event after her marriage. She displayed her naturally alluring face and her breathtaking smile. She looked so gorgeous that day, that people did fall in love with her post-wedding look. She has maintained her natural beauty and the minimal makeup doesn’t make her look attractive here. Her great personality does.

8. Family Holidays:

This picture dates back to the memorable time, when Celina was spending an awesome time with her family after giving birth to their twins. She looks awesome in this picture and it can be said to be one of the best Celina Jaitley no makeup pictures.

9. The Indian Hotness:

Celina represents the capability of Indian women to look hot without even trying really hard. This is a great picture to reveal the inner and real beauty of Celina. The picture relates to an old photoshoot which Celina conducted for herself before stepping foot in Bollywood.

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10. The Family Picture:

Last but definitely not the least, this is a very good picture of Celina, where she appears to be having a great time with her kids. She looks equally cute as the twins.

Above are some of the best moments of Celina Jaitely without makeup. These pictures are probably some of the best ones out there.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best pictures of Celina without any makeup. She looks awesome in all of them and seems to be really fond of natural beauty. That is why she displays it so frequently. Celina doesn’t require makeup to make herself look interesting.


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