Celine Vipiana founded her French Celine ready-made leather handbag Company in 1945. Bags are made of skins of water, crocodiles, lizards, calves, lamb, etc. These bags make you look elegant and sophisticated, a good reason to stand out in a crowd. Hence, everyone, including celebrities, wants to possess Celine bags.

Stylish and Trending Celine Handbag Designs:

Let us look into having some of women’s best Celine bag collections for shopping in India.

1. Black Bucket Biker Shoulder Bag by Celine:

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The bucket-shaped bag is spacious enough for carrying your things. This accessory colour is black outside and natural sunflowers inside. The material used is natural calfskin and the inner lining of split calfskin. The inside zipper pocket and outside flat zipper pocket present are for organizing your things.

2. Celine Tote Black Croco Bags:

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This accessory made of black coloured crocodile skin looks expensive and stylish. It can be used for several occasions like parties, shopping or travelling. The bag is 30 x 30 x 18cm, so it is spacious for carrying what you require. A couple of handles help you carry it.

3. Small Trotteur Shoulder Bag in Carmin Lizard:

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This attractive, fashionable Celine bag is made of lizard and lambskin lining. The bright red colour is complimentary with any lady dressed in red. The bag is small, 7” X 7” X 2”. The adjustable strap can be changed to suitable lengths for carrying it. The external pocket on the reverse side and inside flat pocket are there for you to organise your things.

4. Mini Celine Bags:

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Celine mini bags are available in dark brown, beige, tan, orange and more colours. You can always keep one or more in your wardrobe. Mix and match your outfit with these colours, and carry the bag with style. The bag is big enough to carry all that you require.

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5. Micro Luggage Handbag by Celine:

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This item is very small, made of black and brown coloured smooth calfskin with piping. There are studs at the base for protection. Two handles are present for holding the bag. There is a zipper closure on top for easy access. Inside, zipper and double flat pockets are provided to organize things.

6. Large Size Celine Slouchy Tote Handbag:

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This item is made of shiny natural calfskin, and the split calfskin lining is black to match your hair or eye colour, black shoes and clothes. An internal wide pocket is there for carrying belongings, which is then fastened with the knot or buckles on side laces.

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7. Medium Luggage Phantom Handbag:

Celine baby powder-coloured bag goes with any outfit. It is made with a calfskin and split calfskin lining. There are studs at the base for protection. The bag can be fastened by using leather laces on the two sides. Pockets on the front panel and zipper pocket are present for your things

8. Small Cabas Phantom with Tassels:

This bag’s unusual deep blue colour adds to the special style. It is made of calfskin and lambskin lining. The adjustable belt is there for you to tighten around the bag. Inside, one zipper pocket and two flat pockets organise your things.

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9. Burnt Red and White Smooth Calfskin Bag:

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This fashionable Celine bag has burnt red and white colours. It is made of smooth calfskin. You will look wonderful while carrying the bag and wearing white, burnt red, or both. This item is fashionable and practical for a formal meeting or informal gathering. The bag has a zipper and a flat pocket for organizing and carrying your things. Celine handbags are available in many hues, shapes, materials and sizes. For the past 71 years, Celine has manufactured a diverse variety of these trendy handbags.

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