Bracelets are the most stylish and most interesting jewellery accessory these days. It is that ornament that accentuates the look of one wrist and the overall appearance of one’s hands. Bracelets can be of any style, type and design with varied colours and patterns. Here we have a look into the different Chain Bracelet Designs.

Latest and Stylish Chain Bracelets for Gents and Ladies:

Let us have to look at the top models of bracelets with chains with images.

1. Gold Chain Bracelet for Girls:

One of the most stylish accessories for girls is bracelets. They can instantly highlight and change the look of any outfit. Girls love to team up their outfits and dresses with nice chunky and attractive jewellery pieces. Chain bracelets made in silver or gold can really be elegant on their wrists.

2. Golden Chain Bracelets for Women:

The love of gold for women is just not good enough as a reason to buy gold, but gold as an element in jewellery is elegant in any form. Women can accessorize gold for any outfits, be it Indian wear, Western, Indo western, or casuals etc. Women can never make a fashion mistake with golden chain bracelets. They can be for workwear or as party wear.

3. Silver Chain Bracelets:

Silver as an element looks gorgeous in chains, bracelets or earrings. Silver in white form, as well as the oxidized form, looks beautiful in jewellery. Silver chain bracelets look beautiful in Indian wear or western wear. To give that subtle look, one can team up clothes with silver chain bracelets.

4. Chain Bracelets for Men:

Chain bracelets look good in men with elements like gold, silver, platinum etc. Chain bracelets look good on casual wear with silver, and gold looks great for traditional wear or festivals.

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5. Pink Braided Chain Bracelet:

The most favourite colour of any girl or a woman is pink. Pink colour gives that natural blush on one face. Similarly, bracelets in pink can highlight anything worn by women. The braids in pink look lovely in the bracelet, and the pattern are very distinct and beautiful.

6. Beaded Chain Bracelets:

Beads look elegant on everything-dress, ornaments, chains etc. and why not in bracelets. Chain bracelets cannot be left behind in this league. Chain bracelets in gold and silver with beads look beautiful and give the wearer a chic, classy look.

7. Layered Chain Bracelets:

Layering is so common; we find it everywhere, in sarees, bangles, clothes etc., so why not use the layered pattern in a chain bracelet. The layering of chain bracelets looks beautiful and stands out as a distinct hand accessory. Layered chain bracelets are the most appropriate for any casual outfit.

8. Charm Chain Bracelet:

When we talk of bracelets, how can charm bracelets be left behind? Charms are almost common in watches, bracelets, bangles etc. Add interesting charms to a chain bracelet, and there you go, flaunting a new look altogether.

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9. Hand Chain Bracelet:

One of the most in fashion trends is the hand chain bracelets. They are so much in trend these days. Every woman flaunts them, be it at parties, gatherings or weddings. They look beautiful accentuating the hands and have a nice fall on the wrist as they are very light and only have a chain with maybe stones or some small pendant etc.

Chain bracelets in modern times are very much in fashion as it adds a dazzling look to your overall personality. According to one’s choice and style, we can design the jewellery and even style it to your own taste and requirements. Chain bracelet designs are and have always been loved and admired by both men and women.

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